THC Pills – A Discreet Way to Get Your Daily Dose of THC

thc pills

Not so long ago, there weren’t many choices for getting high, and alternative items, such as THC pills, were a distant pipe dream, literally. Back then, you essentially had your pick of either smoking bud or eating a pot brownie, and that was pretty much it.  However, as the rules surrounding legalization keep expanding, so […]

Landrace Strains – A Guide to Heirloom Strains

landrace strains

Elements such as growing conditions, environment, and geographic location have significant impacts on the overall characteristics of specific strains, contributing to creating some of the most well-known, widely-appreciated landrace strains in existence.  These strains come from specific areas of the world, just like how certain wines are specific to certain regions. Luckily, landrace strains often […]

Purple Weed – Expanding on the Prettiness of Purps

purple weed

Many factors contribute to the appeal of the beautiful substance that is cannabis, including flavour, effects, and, of course, aesthetics, with purple weed quickly rising in popularity due to its stunning appearance. Weed comes in all sorts of colours, shapes and smells. Each strain contains its unique combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, including CBD vs […]

Curing Cannabis – The Best Way to Cure Weed

Curing cannabis is a complex process requiring some time and energy to produce a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience. Knowing how to dry and cure weed properly is a valuable skill that every cannabis enthusiast should learn in order to reap the maximum benefits from their weed. There are many techniques for curing cannabis to choose […]

What Is Shatter? – Shatter vs Weed

what is shatter

Shatter sure is an awesome name, but do you know what it means exactly?  For a start, shatter is a relatively new category of cannabis concentrates gaining popularity in recent years for their great potency and flavour. They are the miracles of the cannabis world, and today we will be focusing on one of them […]

Hemp Milk – The Potential of Plant-Based Beverages

hemp milk

These days, plant-based milk alternatives are all the rage, with some of the most popular options being almond milk, soy milk, and hemp milk. These non-dairy alternatives can double as a superfood, providing a source of high-quality amino acids and a wide variety of other trace minerals needed to support optimal health.  That said, of […]

THCV – A Can’t-Miss Cannabinoid


Marijuana’s link with humanity was established centuries ago, with people taking advantage of beneficial cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, as well as the less familiar THCV for many purposes.  The entire cannabis plant has been used by humans as a steady food source through its seeds, a reliable crafting material through its hemp fibres, and, […]

Mazar-I-Sharif – An Elusive & Effective Strain


When discussing the best Indica strains, a couple instantly comes to mind, including Death Bubba, Purple Kush, and Nuken are household names at this point, but what about Mazar-I-Sharif?  Haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Mazar-I-Sharif isn’t your typical run of the mill strain. However, after reading why it’s emerging as a […]

Weed Gifts Holiday Gift Guide

weed gifts

Season weedings, friends!  If you haven’t already, it’s time to get serious about considering what gifts to get your friends and loved ones as the holidays are fast approaching.  Gift-giving can be a stressful and uncertain process. What better way to alleviate the pressure and promote feelings of relaxation and tranquillity than to provide a […]

BHO – A Basic Guide to Butane Hash Oil Concentrates


BHO – A Basic Guide to Butane Hash Oil Concentrates Do you get confused with initials like BHO used around cannabis products? Well, we feel your pain, which is why we are here to provide a thorough guide to just what BHO is. Cannabis concentrates are some of the most popular products currently available on […]

Moldy Weed – How to Preserve & Protect Your Weed

moldy weed

Depending on the situation — mold can be a good and bad thing, with moldy weed being the latter. Trust us, moldy cannabis is no fun. Mold is present in virtually every environment humans have occupied, indoors, outdoors, food, beverages, bathrooms, clothing, and even plants.  Biologically, mold is essential for the decomposition of organic materials, […]

Smoke Weed Everyday – Benefits & Drawbacks

Smoke weed everyday

Cannabis hosts an abundance of healing benefits and righteous effects, but should you smoke weed everyday? Weed can help alleviate symptoms of many conditions, including chronic pain and inflammation, as well as ward off symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can even help with issues surrounding sleep.  That said, it should come as no surprise […]

Rosin – A Potent DIY Cannabis Concentrate

what is rosin

We know that keeping up with all the different types of cannabis extracts and concentrates, from hash to shatter to rosin, can be tricky.  With so much variety to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which product suits your particular weed needs. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. If you like the potency […]

THC Diamonds – Where Potency Meets Purity

THC diamonds

So you’ve likely heard of THC before, but what about THCA diamonds?  Thanks to new advancements in the production and research of cannabis products, producers have refined and heightened certain aspects of the cannabis plant to suit consumers’ needs.  These new technologies have paved the way for the vast assortment of cannabis extracts you see […]

How to Make Hash – 3 Tried and True Methods

how to make hash

Hash remains one of the most popular types of cannabis products on the market today, and learning how to make hash is a common lesson that many tokers choose to learn.  When you step into the world of cannabis, there is absolutely no shortage of options. Sure, smoking a joint or eating an edible is […]

Terp Sauce – Full Flavour & Full Spectrum

terp sauce

Thanks to advancements in cannabis medicine and technology, the wonderful world of cannabis has been blessed with a vast array of different cannabis extracts, with terp sauce quickly becoming one of the favourites.  Starting their journey off as simple man-made concentrates, these products have come a long way in just a short amount of time.  […]

How to Smoke a Joint – A Beginner’s Guide

how to smoke a joint

For generations, smoking a joint with cannabis has been one of the main pillars of consumption, learning how to smoke a joint as the starting point for many beginners.  For many people, the smoke sesh ritual is an essential part of cannabis culture and a large part of the process of maximizing the enjoyment of […]

How to Use a Bong – A Step by Step Guide

how to use a bong

Bongs are some of the most famous gadgets in a tokers arsenal of tools, which is why learning how to use a bong is a rite of passage for many novice cannabis users.  They’re an iconic staple in cannabis culture and have provided many weed enthusiasts with buttery smooth smoking experiences and unrivalled highs. For […]

Cannabis Trichomes – Why Are They Important?

Cannabis Trichomes

While many of us have an excellent time enjoying the benefits of our favourite icky sticky, we may not be entirely familiar with its various components, such as cannabis trichomes, and how they play into the overall weed experience. Don’t worry. We aren’t going to get too technical with our explanation, but it’s important to […]

Twax Joint – The Joint That Packs A Punch

twax joint

There’s a ton of ultra-hip lingo these days to refer to everyone’s favourite bud and the copious ways to consume it, with the twax joint being a somewhat new name to emerge on the market. While it may not be an entirely new, revolutionary concept, the twax joint is continuing to gain popularity amongst the […]

Sploof – How To Reduce The Smell When Smoking Weed


Why do you need a sploof? Smoking weed isn’t the only way to trigger paranoia.  Often, the fear of getting caught is enough to make consumers feel uncomfortable — and nothing highlights the fact that you’re toking up better than the smell of marijuana smoke.  It’s easy to recognize, and it seemingly wafts from miles […]