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Cannabismo’s weed strain index tells you all you need to know about your favourite flower strains, what to smoke, and our top fire picks!

landrace strains

Landrace Strains – A Guide to Heirloom Strains

Elements such as growing conditions, environment, and geographic location have significant impacts on the overall characteristics of specific strains, contributing to creating some of the most well-known, widely-appreciated landrace strains…

Most Common Indica Strains

The Top 5 Most Common Indica Strains

There’s nothing like hitting a good indica from Cannabismo after an exhausting day at work to drift away from the ordinary struggles. Descended from the Hindukush mountains, cannabis indica strains…

best strains

10 Best Strains for De-Stressing

For millennia, our species has used Marijuana for an almost unbelievably wide range of medical conditions and ailments. This use has been coupled, of course, with recreational and even spiritual…

Acapulco Gold

Top 5 Rarest Marijuana Strains

Top Picks There are thousands of strains of cannabis available out there in the wild today. Some are thousands of years old, and others brand new. Some strains are easy…