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May the 4th Be With You – Celebrating Star Wars Day With Cannabis

may the fourth

May the 4th was officially named the international Star Wars Day in 2007. Why this date? Well, try to say “may the Force be with you” as if you were lisping and you’ll understand the linguistic pun right away. Celebrate May the 4th with Cannabismo! Last year, we put together a great Star Wars-themed pack […]

Can Canada Meet The High Demand of Legal Marijuana?

Can Canada Meet The High Demand of Legal Marijuana

Canada is now just less than a year away from making marijuana a legal drug for recreational consumption. It is really important for the Canadian Government at this point is to ensure that come July 1st 2018, there will be a sufficient supply of weed on the legal market to meet the sudden rush of […]

Tousaw Says Licensed Producer Tilray Putting Down Home Growers

home growers

In a Facebook post, cannabis activist and lawyer Kirk Tousaw linked to a page from licensed producer Tilray that he said is another example of the medical grower insulting home growers. The page, entitled Tilray Extracts vs Homemade, contains a list of reasons why Tilray extracts are different from those made at home. “While making extracts at home […]

Is Weed Legal in Canada Yet? Find out!

weed legal

Making weed legal in Canada is a dream of the vast majority of pot-friendly Canadians. Fortunately, we can already see it coming. The main question is: when will the legalization of cannabis in Canada take place? [Main image source: Weed News]   UPDATE: Cannabis is now legal in Canada! Buy weed online now today with […]

Active Duty Police Officer Owns Dispensary

police officer owns dispensary

Phil Edgar is a 22-year veteran of the Durham, Ontario police department. He has an excellent reputation and is known for always following procedures. Once, Edgar received a commendation for numerous marijuana busts. He is well liked and well respected. Today, we’ll cover how this police officer also owns a marijuana dispensary!

Cannabis Laws Around The World

Cannabis Laws Around The World

There are few worldwide phenomena that match the scale and size of cannabis. Although cannabis laws differ depending on a continent, you’ll hardly find a country without a cannabis community. In fact, every country on every continent on this planet has a history with the cannabis plant and the many pot strains. It’s no wonder […]

Can Marijuana Treat Anxiety? How does it work?

Lindsay OG

The attention that medical cannabis has received in mainstream press outlets of late points to a growing trend. As such, many people are looking at their various illnesses in a different light. Could marijuana help them? One debilitating mental challenge that a staggering number of Canadians face is anxiety. Naturally, medical providers and sufferers alike […]

Driving Under the Influence: Cannabis Edition

driving under the influence

Canada has approximately 34 million registered motor vehicles, with drivers on the road as young as 14 years old. Now, the country must now act to address the enigma and the potential public health hazard regarding driving under the influence of cannabis. As cannabis prohibition continues to die out, a growing number of countries around […]

Cannabis Profits in Canada Expected to Grow Massively

cannabis profits

The marijuana business has become one of most booming industries in the United States. Opportunities for cannabis profits have only just started to be realized since the 2014 legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado and Washington. Now, Canadian marijuana enthusiasts are trying to keep up in the wake of national legalization. More and more states […]

Health Canada’s Cannabis Testing Problem

Canada’s Cannabis Testing Regulations and Practices

In recent news, Health Canada had to release new regulations allowing patients to grow their own cannabis. However, one of the major services that Health Canada provides licensed cannabis producers is not yet available to patients. Health Canada routinely performs cannabis testing of legally grown cannabis for potency and contaminants such as pesticides and heavy […]

The Complete Guide To Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Recreational Weed Now Legalized in Canada After years of steady progress towards the liberation of Canadian and US recreational pot laws, Canada has become the first major global economy to institute marijuana legalization. It became official on October 17, 2018, with jubilant celebrations breaking out across the country. In what some are calling the biggest […]

What Will Legal Cannabis Look Like in Canada

What Will Legal Cannabis Look Like in Canada

In 1923, Canadian citizens fell victim to the worldwide slander of cannabis, deeming the plant an illegal substance. Since this time, people from all over the world have awoken to the pretension and insincerity involved in cannabis illegality. After thorough debate and in response to popular demand by the majority of Canadian citizens, in July […]