Your Introvert’s Guide to Celebrating 420

11 Apr 2024
Guide To Celebrating 420

Each year as April 20th draws near, otherwise known as 420, cannabis advocates all over the world look forward to lighting up on this special day. Some partake to celebrate their freedom of using weed while others want to show their support to marijuana lovers who live in countries with strict laws on the herb.

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There’s plenty to do on 4/20 as you’ll find many people going out to smoke weed, enjoying the bounty of nature and enjoying a little socializing. Others take time to simply cherish the beautiful moment with their loved ones. After all, cannabis boosts social interactions, so if you can light up in a good company, ask no questions – just do it.

But hey, it may happen that you don’t give a dime about going out that day and that’s perfectly understandable. Although cannabis is a great tool to spice up friendly meetups, having some only-me time on 4/20 instead of hitting one of those green parties is all good, too. It may even help you look a bit deeper into yourself and your cannabis experience. That is, of course, once you’re done with ravaging the contents of your fridge!

So, if you don’t feel like going out on 420, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this day in the comfort of your home.

We have some tips for you; they’re not groundbreakers by any means. They are just practical and will give you lots of fun ideas to choose when your ready to indulge in cannabis alone or in a small group of friends.

1. Do Yourself a Great ‘Wake & Bake’ Ritual

Wake &Amp; Bake Ritual To Start 420

How about rolling a fat joint to welcome 420 like a true cannabis lover? I know, I know… There is nothing special about rolling a joint on this day; some might say it’s a dead giveaway.

With that said, don’t roll just another joint. Roll THE best joint in your life. Do it precisely, with passion, and pack that paper construct with your favorite strain.

Since you want your joint to be flawless, start with the basics. When it comes to rolling top-notch quality joints, wrapping papers are of the essence. Truth to be said, there is no better way to experience your freshly ground buds than to wrap them into a natural paper.

The best pick for the ultimate wake & bake? Zig-zag,my friends. They burn slowly, and thus evenly, not to mention that they make the whole rolling process easy. If you want to go all-natural on 420, add some RAW tips and a hemp wick to the rolling kit.

Now, the second activity will actually include going outdoors for a while. But let’s be honest, putting a joint in your pocket might make your perfect blunt a little frayed around the edges. So make sure there’s a container for your pre-rolls at hand.

2. Go And Buy A Weed Flag

Buy A Weed Flag For 420

When you go out on 420, you will see a lot of weed lovers marching with cannabis-themed flags. People have been expressing their love for certain things with the use of such symbols for centuries, so why not cultivate this beautiful tradition around this cannabis based holiday?

You don’t have to join the weed marches that take place on April 20th to buy a flag. In fact, if you visit your local head shop, chances are that you will find an abundance of marijuana-themed flags. Plus, it’s an extra opportunity to roll one up for the walk to your favorite shop, isn’t it?

Or, if you don’t feel like going anywhere, you may purchase a flag online while shopping for your greens.

3. Indulge Yourself In Different Forms of Weed

Different Forms Of Weed To Try On 420

Remember how you’ve been talking about trying wax, shatter, or hash but never had the time to actually allow yourself for a true quality test? This may be the perfect day to fulfill your dreams.

The beautiful thing about cannabis is that you can use the plant as the mood hits. For instance, when you’re in need of motivation and a burst of creativity – a good sativa flower will come in handy. Don’t feel like even thinking of moving from the couch? Grab a nice, brown cube of hash and vape it/smoke it/make edibles – it’s up to you.

Looking for a true testament to your strain’s potency? Why don’t you try dabbing concentrates for the first time? I mean, is there a better date to go all-green than April 20th?

Cannabis is a great plant and whenever you get the chance to enjoy the whole spectrum of its therapeutic and recreational benefits, enjoy it to the fullest.

4. 420 is for Munchies

Celebrate The Munchies

Now, you can celebrate the munchies in two ways:

  1. Keep smoking cannabis to get high and then eat some delicious, sultry food. Repeat this process until your tummy is happy.
  2. This is what I like to call “weedception”. You buy (or make) cannabis-infused edibles, eat, get high, buy/make some more edibles, repeat.

However, keep in mind that the high from edibles kicks in with a slight delay. In fact, it may take as long as 60 minutes for you to experience the effects. In addition, edibles give you more of a full body-high that can keep you couch-locked for hours. But hey, there’s always Netflix and I bet you’re behind with at least one TV series you wished you had time to watch on a regular basis.

As for store-bought edibles, people have already got accustomed to various cakes and cookies with weed; this has given rise to the development of a myriad of cannabis-infused edibles. You will find them in different forms, from lollipops and candies to even gummies, such as Medi-Teddies.

Let your inner child reign free on April 20th!

Oh, and when the cottonmouth becomes unbearable, get yourself one of those natural, weed-infused lip-balms; they do wonders for dry lips.

5. Call Your Best Friends And Do These Things Together on 420

Smoke With Your Best Friends

Trust me, each hit tastes better when you have someone to share your unstoppable laughter with.

Are you going introvert for this year’s 4/20? Want to know How and Where to celebrate 420 in Canada?

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