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THC Pills – A Discreet Way to Get Your Daily Dose of THC

thc pills

Not so long ago, there weren’t many choices for getting high, and alternative items, such as THC pills, were a distant pipe dream, literally. Back then, you essentially had your pick of either smoking bud or eating a pot brownie, and that was pretty much it.  However, as the rules surrounding legalization keep expanding, so […]

Hemp Milk – The Potential of Plant-Based Beverages

hemp milk

These days, plant-based milk alternatives are all the rage, with some of the most popular options being almond milk, soy milk, and hemp milk. These non-dairy alternatives can double as a superfood, providing a source of high-quality amino acids and a wide variety of other trace minerals needed to support optimal health.  That said, of […]

11-Hydroxy-THC – How Edibles Hit Harder

11-Hydroxy-THC and edibles

Even if you haven’t heard of 11-Hydroxy-THC, chances are you’ve experienced its effects. Have you ever noticed how edibles seem to hit differently than smoking or vaping cannabis? Well, you may not realize it, but you were on to something! Researchers and consumers of weed have noticed this difference as well. Due to this, many […]

How to Ensure Your First Edibles Experience is Great

Preparing for your first edibles experience

We all remember the first time we did many things. The first time we drove a car, the first time we drank a beer, the first time we fell in love, and for many of us, the very first edibles experience. Read on to find out what the first weed edibles experience is like from […]

How To Make Your Own Weed Edibles

How to make weed edibles

Although you may not be aware of your superpowers yet as a stoner, you are certainly capable of creating your own ‘circle of life’ which may be perceived as a sort of perpetual ‘weed’ of motion. Basically, you get blazed, you get munchies, then you cook some delicious meals, smoke some more weed, and get […]

Cannabis Infused Mac and Cheeseburger

Cannabis Infused Mac and Cheeseburger

Source: Delish Cooking with cannabis is yet another argument in favor of marijuana advocates who aim at fighting the stoner stigma. Contrary to what the stoner stereotype says, people who smoke weed are damn creative, and the recipe I’m going to show you today is going to lay a rock-solid ground for my thesis. Frankly […]

7 Steps to Making a Vegan Edible in Minutes

vegan edible

Are you ready to create a vegan edible right in your own kitchen? Using your favorite ingredients, you can now create scrumptious treats for a cannabis experience like no other. Delicious, nutritious, vegan and providing a full body high, you’ll have the perfect dessert for your next celebration. Best of all, they’re quick and easy to […]

How to Make Adult S’mores Edibles with THC

Adult S'mores Recipe

If you’ve ever been camping, you’ve most likely had a couple of s’mores, those delicious mixtures of melted marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers. But while normal s’mores are fine for kids, you probably want something a bit more grown-up. Thanks to the huge amount of cannabis edible ideas available online, you can easily convert your […]