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Curing Cannabis – The Best Way to Cure Weed

Curing cannabis is a complex process requiring some time and energy to produce a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience. Knowing how to dry and cure weed properly is a valuable skill that every cannabis enthusiast should learn in order to reap the maximum benefits from their weed. There are many techniques for curing cannabis to choose […]

Weed Gifts Holiday Gift Guide

weed gifts

Season weedings, friends!  If you haven’t already, it’s time to get serious about considering what gifts to get your friends and loved ones as the holidays are fast approaching.  Gift-giving can be a stressful and uncertain process. What better way to alleviate the pressure and promote feelings of relaxation and tranquillity than to provide a […]

How to Smoke a Joint – A Beginner’s Guide

how to smoke a joint

For generations, smoking a joint with cannabis has been one of the main pillars of consumption, learning how to smoke a joint as the starting point for many beginners.  For many people, the smoke sesh ritual is an essential part of cannabis culture and a large part of the process of maximizing the enjoyment of […]

How to Use a Bong – A Step by Step Guide

how to use a bong

Bongs are some of the most famous gadgets in a tokers arsenal of tools, which is why learning how to use a bong is a rite of passage for many novice cannabis users.  They’re an iconic staple in cannabis culture and have provided many weed enthusiasts with buttery smooth smoking experiences and unrivalled highs. For […]

Twax Joint – The Joint That Packs A Punch

twax joint

There’s a ton of ultra-hip lingo these days to refer to everyone’s favourite bud and the copious ways to consume it, with the twax joint being a somewhat new name to emerge on the market. While it may not be an entirely new, revolutionary concept, the twax joint is continuing to gain popularity amongst the […]

Sploof – How To Reduce The Smell When Smoking Weed


Why do you need a sploof? Smoking weed isn’t the only way to trigger paranoia.  Often, the fear of getting caught is enough to make consumers feel uncomfortable — and nothing highlights the fact that you’re toking up better than the smell of marijuana smoke.  It’s easy to recognize, and it seemingly wafts from miles […]

Top 5 Places to Hotbox with Marijuana


As anyone who is familiar with Cannabis knows, one of the most effective ways to smoke Marijuana is via a “hotbox”. The act of hotboxing is smoking Marijuana in a small, enclosed space with little, to no ventilation. Hotboxing can be enjoyed via joints, bongs, pipes, etc. The method is not important, but what happens […]

Cannabis and Sleep : Making the Most of Your Herbal Nightcap

cannabis and sleep

How to cannabis and sleep relate to each other? Well, there are some things we now. For instance, people have been smoking weed for centuries, and they have been doing it for several reasons. Pain management, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, skin care, nausea relief, sleep deprivation – you name it.  The very fact that cannabis pollen […]

10-Must have Weed Accessories for Stoners

weed accessories

If you’re a real stoner, you probably know that being ready is important when it comes to when you buy weed. No matter if you’re at home or with your friends at the park, you always want to be prepared. To this end, it’s important to make sure you have your weed accessories ready anytime […]

How To Store Weed

How To Store Weed

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, asking ourselves this existential question: “How long will my weed retain its potency?” There are many situations where the above question might suddenly crop up. Maybe you’ve come across a slightly used and forgotten bud in your winter jacket. Or, you’ve been performing spring duties […]

Should You Be Using Hot Water To Get Better Bong Hits

bong hits

If you’re a weed lover, chances are you have tried smoking with a bong before. There are three things you need to get good bong hits: a bong, your bud, and the water. Many people still wonder what  the perfect temperature of water is and some of them tried using ice cold water in their […]

Your Introvert’s Guide to Celebrating 420

Guide to Celebrating 420

Each year as April 20th draws near, otherwise known as 420, cannabis advocates all over the world look forward to lighting up on this special day. Some partake to celebrate their freedom of using weed while others want to show their support to marijuana lovers who live in countries with strict laws on the herb. […]

How to Smoke Shatter – Best Ways Quick Guide

How to Smoke Shatter

If you haven’t come across shatter yet, there’s still a chance for you to have your redemption story, my friend. First things first. Let’s get some theory straight: among other cannabis extracts, shatter is the purest one – you can buy it from our online dispensary. Its glass-like transparency and amber hue combine with the […]

The Best Temperature For Vaping Weed

Best Temperature For Vaping Weed

It’s become a well-known fact that vaping weed is by far the healthiest way to consume cannabis. The vaporized herb comes without the toxic smoke and carcinogens and the high you get is much clearer than the one you may anticipate from smoking or ingesting marijuana. However, there is one aspect of vaping cannabis that […]

How to Smoke Hash – Best Way Quick Guide

How to Smoke Hash

Much has been said about smoking weed, but there are few guides on how to smoke hash. Although both hashish and weed are parts of the cannabis Sativa plant, the latter is much more popular in the western culture. On the other hand, hashish is more recognized in Africa and Asia. Given this, when a […]

How To Tell The Difference Between Good and Bad Weed

How To Tell The Difference Between Good and Bad Weed

The reality of purchasing online weed is not always bright and the worst thing that can happen is spending your hard-earned money on some bud that turns out to be worse than you could ever imagine. If you want to avoid buying bad pot, it’s important to become an expert at telling the difference between […]

What To Put In A Spliff Instead of Tobacco


So you want to buy weed online in Canada, but want to mix your buds with something. There are certain reasons why some people prefer not to smoke a purely cannabis joint. Instead of rolling a joint, they roll a spliff, which is basically a mix of marijuana and tobacco. While some people are happy […]

How To Make Weed Tea

How To Make Weed Tea

Whether you’re a medical marijuana user or you simply enjoy the herb recreationally, I bet you can’t resist exploring new ways of consuming cannabis. Many people give up smoking marijuana in favor of other different options, namely edibles, tinctures, or concentrates. This time, however, we’re going to talk about something that hasn’t been so popular among […]

5 Awesome Ways To Smoke Weed

Ways To Smoke Weed

We know that a lot of you are weed connoisseurs and have many different ways of smoking your ganja. Some people have never even branched out of their smoking methods and that’s okay. In-fact, some people can’t even tell the difference between bad and good weed. We just wanted to go a bit in depth […]

How to Make Cannabis Budder

How to Make Cannabis Budder

If you’ve ever encountered wax in your live, you should remember the experience very well. Wax, also known as cannabis budder, is a developing segment of the marijuana industry that will make you want to produce your own DIY dabs. Or, save yourself time from making your own budder, just buy weed in Canada from […]

What is Dabbing & How to Use a Dab Rig? The Complete Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Various Dab Rigs

Dabbing is a textbook example of evolution. Once upon a time, there was nothing but BHO cannabis extracts, titanium nails, and torches. Now we have rosin concentrates, quartz bangers, and even e-nails. The rapid evolution of dabbing can be challenging to keep up with. So if you’re a dabbing enthusiast, you choose which dab rig […]

Microdosing Cannabis – Is it for you?

Microdosing Cannabis

If you’ve ever wondered how you can tell if the times of wild youth are gone for good, ask yourself one question: do you still feel the need to get super-stoned? Or do you prefer a nice clear-headed vibe during the day? If it’s the latter, you may very well be entering a new stage […]

How To Hack Your Weed Tolerance

Smoking weed

“I don’t get as high as I did back then…” “Weed was more potent when I was younger…” “Why on earth is the buzz so short now?!” Sounds familiar? Well, then you’re probably yet another victim of high weed tolerance. Let’s face it, as with any substance that delivers certain chemical compounds to your body, […]