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BHO – A Basic Guide to Butane Hash Oil Concentrates


BHO – A Basic Guide to Butane Hash Oil Concentrates Do you get confused with initials like BHO used around cannabis products? Well, we feel your pain, which is why we are here to provide a thorough guide to just what BHO is. Cannabis concentrates are some of the most popular products currently available on […]

Rosin – A Potent DIY Cannabis Concentrate

what is rosin

We know that keeping up with all the different types of cannabis extracts and concentrates, from hash to shatter to rosin, can be tricky.  With so much variety to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which product suits your particular weed needs. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. If you like the potency […]

THC Diamonds – Where Potency Meets Purity

THC diamonds

So you’ve likely heard of THC before, but what about THCA diamonds?  Thanks to new advancements in the production and research of cannabis products, producers have refined and heightened certain aspects of the cannabis plant to suit consumers’ needs.  These new technologies have paved the way for the vast assortment of cannabis extracts you see […]

How to Make Hash – 3 Tried and True Methods

how to make hash

Hash remains one of the most popular types of cannabis products on the market today, and learning how to make hash is a common lesson that many tokers choose to learn.  When you step into the world of cannabis, there is absolutely no shortage of options. Sure, smoking a joint or eating an edible is […]

Terp Sauce – Full Flavour & Full Spectrum

terp sauce

Thanks to advancements in cannabis medicine and technology, the wonderful world of cannabis has been blessed with a vast array of different cannabis extracts, with terp sauce quickly becoming one of the favourites.  Starting their journey off as simple man-made concentrates, these products have come a long way in just a short amount of time.  […]

How to Smoke Shatter – Best Ways Quick Guide

How to Smoke Shatter

If you haven’t come across shatter yet, there’s still a chance for you to have your redemption story, my friend. First things first. Let’s get some theory straight: among other cannabis extracts, shatter is the purest one – you can buy it from our online dispensary. Its glass-like transparency and amber hue combine with the […]

The Best Temperature For Vaping Weed

Best Temperature For Vaping Weed

It’s become a well-known fact that vaping weed is by far the healthiest way to consume cannabis. The vaporized herb comes without the toxic smoke and carcinogens and the high you get is much clearer than the one you may anticipate from smoking or ingesting marijuana. However, there is one aspect of vaping cannabis that […]

5 Best Vaporizers For Weed Concentrates

Vaporizers For Weed Concentrates

As much as lighting up a joint has this significant and almost ritualistic meaning, it’s not the best way to keep your lungs healthy. In fact, your body might prefer you forgo lighting stuff on fire and inhaling it into your lungs. Ingesting weed, on the other hand, seems like a quasi-Perpetuum mobile mechanism – […]

How to Make Cannabis Budder

How to Make Cannabis Budder

If you’ve ever encountered wax in your live, you should remember the experience very well. Wax, also known as cannabis budder, is a developing segment of the marijuana industry that will make you want to produce your own DIY dabs. Or, save yourself time from making your own budder, just buy weed in Canada from […]

What is Dabbing & How to Use a Dab Rig? The Complete Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Various Dab Rigs

Dabbing is a textbook example of evolution. Once upon a time, there was nothing but BHO cannabis extracts, titanium nails, and torches. Now we have rosin concentrates, quartz bangers, and even e-nails. The rapid evolution of dabbing can be challenging to keep up with. So if you’re a dabbing enthusiast, you choose which dab rig […]

How to Make Shatter Out of Your Trim

How to Make Shatter Out of Your Trim

Skip the Process: Check Out Our Shatter! Growing your own cannabis plants provides you with plenty of opportunities to use every bit of the harvested material. Yep, it’s true, buds are not the only part of cannabis that can be turned into weed-infused products. In fact, you may use different parts of the marijuana plant […]

Yocan Wax Pen Review – Magneto, Evolve Plus XL

wax pen

Yocan is known for its high quality products so today, I will offer wax pen reviews on the vaporizers they carry. Today, I’ll also share my experience with the latest product from the brand, the Yocan Evolve Plus XL. This vaporizer offers big hits and is equipped with quad quartz coils. Yocan Evolve Plus is […]

What is a THC Distillate?

THC Distillates

With the legalization of cannabis, the race is on to create a product that will give you the most intense and cleanest high possible. There are many different types of cannabis extracts and concentrates on the market, ranging from tinctures, to shatter, and other dabs. But if you’re looking for something that is pure THC […]

Live Resin Explained

live resin

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate like no other. In this article, we discuss the differences between live resin and dabs, discover how live resin is made, and learn whether or not they are for the amateur pot smoker. If you’ve been dabbling in weed for a while, the chances are you’ve heard of “dabs.” […]

Phoenix Tears – What You Need to Know

phoenix tears

If you’ve been surfing around on cannabis dispensaries, you may have come across a product called Phoenix Tears. There is some controversy around Phoenix Tears and the claims made around its medicinal properties. If you’re interested in finding more about this product, hopefully, our guide will help you get a better understanding of Phoenix Tears. […]

How to Make THC Distillates – What You Need to Know

how to make thc distillate

THC distillates are a form of cannabis concentrates that are becoming increasingly popular at our Canada weed dispensary, as they offer a way to get the maximum amount of THC for your money. In particular, THC distillates are leading the pack as the most versatile option of them all. Because not only can you use it […]