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Purple Weed – Expanding on the Prettiness of Purps

purple weed

Many factors contribute to the appeal of the beautiful substance that is cannabis, including flavour, effects, and, of course, aesthetics, with purple weed quickly rising in popularity due to its stunning appearance. Weed comes in all sorts of colours, shapes and smells. Each strain contains its unique combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, including CBD vs […]

Cannabis Trichomes – Why Are They Important?

Cannabis Trichomes

While many of us have an excellent time enjoying the benefits of our favourite icky sticky, we may not be entirely familiar with its various components, such as cannabis trichomes, and how they play into the overall weed experience. Don’t worry. We aren’t going to get too technical with our explanation, but it’s important to […]

Cannabis 101 – What Is Dank Weed?

Dank weed

When you hear someone drop the term “dank weed,” you should immediately expect to see some high-quality bud. In fact, the word dank in itself is synonymous with cannabis culture and marijuana in general, being the de-facto phrase used to describe the very best of cannabis. Dank weed could be anything from medical-grade cannabis to […]

CBG – The Science Behind Phytocannabinoids


What is CBG?  The cannabis industry is a fast-paced and fast-growing market where consumers are getting more and more curious by the minute. Companies are trying to keep up with that curiosity by innovating and understanding all potential uses of cannabis.  The reality of the cannabis industry is that if you’re a brand that isn’t […]

Cannabis Compounds: What are Terpenes?


What are terpenes? They’re an essential part of the cannabis smoking experience, but you’ll be forgiven if you’re unaware of what they are.  With the advent of legal cannabis, we are uncovering a slew of different types of compounds within the plant. As a matter of fact, there have been over 400 unique chemicals ranging […]

Cancer and Cannabis

Cancer and Cannabis

Statistically, two in five Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime. Cancer is an illness with no discrimination as to who it affects. Most Canadian oncologists support the choice of recommending cannabis as a part of a treatment program for patients affected by cancer. In our pursuit of effective cancer treatments, the science community has documented […]

The Science Behind Wake and Bake

Tips For The Best Wake And Bake

Many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy consuming weed in the morning, and for many people smoking weed right after rolling out of bed is one of the best moments of the day. This cannabis ritual is fondly called ‘wake and bake’. I mean, can you imagine a better morning than tasting that first, amazing smoke of the day? […]

5 Cannabis Documentaries Every Weed Lover Must Watch

weed lover documentaries

The legalization of cannabis has become an unstoppable machine. A train fueled by a power so strong that it finally has managed to shatter the shackles imposed on it almost a century ago. A power called “freedom”. You must’ve wondered countless times, “How, on earth can a plant that bears so many health benefits and […]

Can I Be Allergic to Weed?

allergic to weed

“I’m allergic to weed!,” said no one ever. Alas, the above sentence is far from being true. As weird as it may sound, being allergic to weed is not yet another creation of some anti-cannabis crusader’s twisted mind. With a constantly increasing number of cannabis users, some individuals appear to experience an allergic reaction when […]

Marijuana and Depression

Marijuana and Depression

Among multiple medical conditions in which marijuana can be helpful, physical illnesses are most often in the spotlight. We hear a lot of stories from people who have suffered from a wide range of physical diseases, from cancer to diabetes and AIDS. However, psychological disorders are a much less common topic in the medical community. […]

Cannabis vs Opioids

Cannabis vs Opioids

Can Cannabis Save American Lives? Pain. Universally a part of the human experience and a serious threat to Americans’ quality of life.  Over 100 million Americans’ suffer from chronic pain, costing American consumers around $600 billion a year. Undeterred by the staggering monetary resources spent on pain management, pain continues to take a toll on […]

Cannabis Studies and the Science Behind Them

Understand Cannabis Studies and what they mean for cannabis users

The cannabis plant has been growing in the wild all over the world for nearly 37 million years. Records of its cultivation go back 8000 years into hisotry. It’s sad and at the same time shocking that only 100 years of dark propaganda erase the rich historical use of cannabis. But with countrywide legalization in […]

What’s the Difference Between Indica and Sativa Strains

Whats the Difference Between Indica and Sativa Strains

Marijuana plants have a rich history of breeding, thanks to which you can experience different types of high. The way your body reacts to cannabis depends on the strain you smoke, vaporize, or ingest. if you ever come across this kind of person who says “weed is just weed”, you’ll already know how wrong they […]

Common Cannabis Pests and How to Deal With Them

Fungus gnats are an example of cannabis pests

Beginning your adventure with growing marijuana plants at home may not be that easy a task. Especially when it comes to fighting common cannabis pests. For the record, pests are like cops; the moment they get their hands on your plants, you’re screwed – and that’s a beautiful yet sad metaphor, isn’t it? Source: 420 […]

Marijuana and ADHD

The Effects of Marijuana on ADHD

Society does not necessarily see cannabis enthusiasts as people who know the answer to every question in this world. That being said, a stoner is not a textbook model of cognitive performance, least to say. So when a humble group of scientists decided to take the bull by the horns and explore the relationship between […]

This Is Why You Get Red Eyes After Smoking Weed

Red eye because of smoking marijuana

Aside from a goofy smile, red eyes may be the only outward indicator that you’re high from weed. It’s one of the most common physical symptoms of smoking cannabis. Some people are less sensitive to this effect, while for others, it’s a guaranteed occurrence. How red your eyes get can depend on the quantity of […]


Short History of Cannabis Use

What’s the difference between THC and CBD? Photo Credit: HERB   In order to decide between THC and CBD, you must first understand what these two are and how they relate to cannabis. THC and CBD are the two main ingredients in the marijuana plant. Both belong to a unique class of compounds known as […]

Health Canada’s Cannabis Testing Problem

Canada’s Cannabis Testing Regulations and Practices

In recent news, Health Canada had to release new regulations allowing patients to grow their own cannabis. However, one of the major services that Health Canada provides licensed cannabis producers is not yet available to patients. Health Canada routinely performs cannabis testing of legally grown cannabis for potency and contaminants such as pesticides and heavy […]

Why Government Run Liquor Stores Are Horrible Places to Sell Legal Weed

sell legal weed

A recent opinion poll by Nanos about marijuana legalization is starting to get some attention. One of the stranger findings was that 41% of those surveyed think that legal cannabis should only be sold by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO). What makes the finding so strange is that very few of the participants […]

Can You Overdose on Pot? What you Need to Know

overdoes on pot

In many countries, marijuana is still a Schedule I drug. This means that it is lumped in with the most dangerous substances, right along with heroin. What is the main argument of cannabis adversaries? They say that ordering marijuana online is really dangerous and it should be banned. Now, we should think about what it […]

Greening Out – What Is Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome?

What Is Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

Would you ever think that cannabis, a plant that is used for treating nausea and related conditions, could actually cause it? Neither would I. However, there actually IS a possibility that marijuana can make you experience gastrointestinal discomfort – it’s called Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome, also known as Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, or CHS. This recently and […]

Cannabis Entourage Effect – Everything you need to know

Entourage Effect

If you take a closer look at your cannabis plant to see the buds from a detailed perspective, you will see a sticky layer of crystal resin on the very top. This layer consists of hundreds of natural compounds referred to as terpenes and cannabinoids. Find out what this is and what is has to […]

What is Cottonmouth And How to Mitigate Its Effects

Chewing gum

Cottonmouth, dry mouth, the pasties – call it whatever you like. But you can’t deny that this side effect of smoking marijuana – although that’s the worst thing that may happen to you when you consume weed – can become particularly itchy for some people. Why and how is marijuana responsible for causing the cottonmouth […]