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Weed Gifts Holiday Gift Guide

weed gifts

Season weedings, friends!  If you haven’t already, it’s time to get serious about considering what gifts to get your friends and loved ones as the holidays are fast approaching.  Gift-giving can be a stressful and uncertain process. What better way to alleviate the pressure and promote feelings of relaxation and tranquillity than to provide a […]

Smoke Weed Everyday – Benefits & Drawbacks

Smoke weed everyday

Cannabis hosts an abundance of healing benefits and righteous effects, but should you smoke weed everyday? Weed can help alleviate symptoms of many conditions, including chronic pain and inflammation, as well as ward off symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can even help with issues surrounding sleep.  That said, it should come as no surprise […]

10 Worst Places in the World to be Caught with Weed

Worst Places to be Caught with Weed

Cannabis use for both medical and recreational purposes is slowly being legalized in many places. Yet there are still many countries where the plant remains very illegal. When you visit these regions you do not want to be caught with weed. The penalties for trafficking or even just possessing weed in some regions can be […]

Top 5 Places to Hotbox with Marijuana


As anyone who is familiar with Cannabis knows, one of the most effective ways to smoke Marijuana is via a “hotbox”. The act of hotboxing is smoking Marijuana in a small, enclosed space with little, to no ventilation. Hotboxing can be enjoyed via joints, bongs, pipes, etc. The method is not important, but what happens […]

May the 4th Be With You – Celebrating Star Wars Day With Cannabis

may the fourth

May the 4th was officially named the international Star Wars Day in 2007. Why this date? Well, try to say “may the Force be with you” as if you were lisping and you’ll understand the linguistic pun right away. Celebrate May the 4th with Cannabismo! Last year, we put together a great Star Wars-themed pack […]

8 Best Holiday Destinations for Weed Enthusiasts

weed destinations

As you probably know, weed has many medical and casual benefits. Fortunately, many countries are beginning to decriminalize laws against cannabis. Moreover, recreational use of marijuana is becoming more popular and people are more open about their love for weed. If you’re looking for some amusing weed destinations, definitely take our list into consideration. When […]

Can Canada Meet The High Demand of Legal Marijuana?

Can Canada Meet The High Demand of Legal Marijuana

Canada is now just less than a year away from making marijuana a legal drug for recreational consumption. It is really important for the Canadian Government at this point is to ensure that come July 1st 2018, there will be a sufficient supply of weed on the legal market to meet the sudden rush of […]

Is Weed Legal in Canada Yet? Find out!

weed legal

Making weed legal in Canada is a dream of the vast majority of pot-friendly Canadians. Fortunately, we can already see it coming. The main question is: when will the legalization of cannabis in Canada take place? [Main image source: Weed News]   UPDATE: Cannabis is now legal in Canada! Buy weed online now today with […]

Cannabis Laws Around The World

Cannabis Laws Around The World

There are few worldwide phenomena that match the scale and size of cannabis. Although cannabis laws differ depending on a continent, you’ll hardly find a country without a cannabis community. In fact, every country on every continent on this planet has a history with the cannabis plant and the many pot strains. It’s no wonder […]

Top 3 TV Series With Best Weed Strains for a Netflix & Chill Session

TV Series And Weed Strains For Your Next Netflix & Chill Session

The practice of watching trendy TV Series, aka “Netflix and Chill” has become extremely popular recently, especially among millennials. Actually, the phrase has got so much of the spotlight that it now can be translated a little bit differently, depending on the context. Of course, originally, Netflix and Chill referred to sitting in front of […]

Top 5 Stoner Movie Characters of All Time

stoner movie stars

Sometimes it can just be fun to chill out with some nice weed, light up and watch a film with some good munchie food. The following are 5 fictional characters from the movies who also happen to enjoy getting high. These stoner movie characters are from different genres including classic stoner favorites, comedies and even […]

10 Top Talk Show Hosts That Have Smoked Weed

smoked weed

Artists of all kinds have either tried smoking marijuana or have worked with people that do. So, it’s not that surprising to find lists of top 50 or 100 celebrities that have smoked weed. Here’s a slightly different stoner list of famous talk show hosts that smoked weed on a regular basis or at least […]

Your Introvert’s Guide to Celebrating 420

Guide to Celebrating 420

Each year as April 20th draws near, otherwise known as 420, cannabis advocates all over the world look forward to lighting up on this special day. Some partake to celebrate their freedom of using weed while others want to show their support to marijuana lovers who live in countries with strict laws on the herb. […]

8 Common Myths About Marijuana

marijuana myths

Weed has been demonized for years and there are many myths floating around our beloved plant. Although many people know that cannabis is way healthier than alcohol or serious pharmaceutical drugs, marijuana myths are still repeated. Marijuana is probably the most misunderstood plant on our planet, so let me finally clear the air and tell […]

Where And How to Celebrate 420 in Canada

How to Celebrate 420 in Canada?

April 20th draws near and with this particular date comes a celebration day that is of paramount importance for every cannabis enthusiast in the world. In countries where the use of marijuana is already legal, people treat 420 as an occasion to celebrate this important moment in our history. Throughout Canada, where cannabis is now […]

5 Cannabis Documentaries Every Weed Lover Must Watch

weed lover documentaries

The legalization of cannabis has become an unstoppable machine. A train fueled by a power so strong that it finally has managed to shatter the shackles imposed on it almost a century ago. A power called “freedom”. You must’ve wondered countless times, “How, on earth can a plant that bears so many health benefits and […]

5 Great Writers Wrote Stoned – Find out Who!

Writers Who Wrote Stoned

The written word has always held a certain sense of power and magic for its ability to engage the reader’s imagination for the purpose of entertainment and education. Historically, many famous writers wrote stoned, adding an interesting way to be creative to the mix. Why Would Writers Write While Stoned? Be it an epic novel, […]

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Weed

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Weed

People have different takes on St. Patrick’s Day. For some folks, it’s a Christian holiday and the symbol of luck, while others see it as an opportunity to learn about the beautiful Irish culture. Then there’s the third group – namely people for whom St. Patty’s Day is just another perfect excuse to get wasted […]

Driving Under the Influence: Cannabis Edition

driving under the influence

Canada has approximately 34 million registered motor vehicles, with drivers on the road as young as 14 years old. Now, the country must now act to address the enigma and the potential public health hazard regarding driving under the influence of cannabis. As cannabis prohibition continues to die out, a growing number of countries around […]

Top 7 Books on Cannabis

best cannabis books

Knowledge is power, and when talking about cannabis to your friends or in public, being informed is of the essence. That’s where cannabis books come in. Because even though marijuana is now globally recognized as a powerful medicinal, there is still a lot of work ahead of us. It’s important to help people shift their […]

The Top 9 Stoner Valentine’s Day Gifts

stoner gifts

We’ve all been there – the mad rush for Valentine’s gifts. We sprint down crowded, glittery aisles for the perfect romantic gift that will hopefully woo our lover. Then we agonize over the usual suspects like cheesy cards, crimson red roses, chocolates, balloons – you name it. Isn’t it time you checked out the hottest […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Get Yourself A Stoner Girlfriend

Why You Should Get Yourself A Stoner Girlfriend

Now, we aren’t saying that there is anything wrong with girls that don’t smoke. But we wanted to shed some light on girls that do! Not all girls that smoke weed are daft and ditsy. In fact, there are many women in the cannabis industry who are killing it, like @WolfieMemes, the stoned-up comedian and cannactivist! […]

Cannabis and the LGBTQ Community – A Meaningful Connection

LGBTQ Community and Cannabis

Some communities live in a constant symbiosis as they help one another achieve mutual goals. But did you know that the fact we’re free to use weed legally in Canada and some of the U.S. states is partly attributed to the LGBTQ community? Featured Image Source: The Fresh Toast The LGBTQ Community and Cannabis – […]

Benefits of Weed for Beauty

the benefits of smoking weed

As cannabis legalization traction pace, we learn more and more about the many positive effects pot can have. We’ve seen new benefits of smoking weed get traction in numerous ways. The beauty industry is no exception. Women have been a given great opportunity to treat themselves and beautify in a natural and safe way. Cannabis-infused […]