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Shaping Canada’s Legal Marijuana Industry: Can It Escape the Red Tape?

legal marijuana industry

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made legalizing recreational marijuana one of his government’s priorities. Major changes are coming for the legal marijuana industry as soon 2018. But many worry that the new laws and regulations will be more focused on big money corporate interests, shutting out many small businesses. Federal Law and the Legal  Marijuana […]

Cannabis DUI in Canada – The Complete Guide

Cannabis DUI Canada

With Cannabis becoming common place in many areas around the world, it is becoming ever more important to ensure the safety of not those who use it. But it’s also important to think about those around them as well. That’s why we are writing about cannabis DUI in Canada today. An area where this is […]

Trudeau’s Commitment to Legalizing Pot Leaves Many Medical Marijuana Patients Nervous

legalizing pot

Between Prime Minister Trudeau’s commitment to make recreational marijuana legal across Canada and a recent court decision that reinstated the right for medical marijuana patients to grow their own cannabis, it may seem like the tide is finally turning in favor of legalizing pot. But, many medical marijuana patients remain skeptical. Mainly, they’re worried about […]

Saving Cannabis Culture & Post Regulation Blues

cannabis culture

Posted on August 8, 2016  by Judith Stamps – Sixteen days to go until Health Canada announces its new plan for medical cannabis, and hopes are sinking. Mine are, anyway. Dispensary raids continue in Ontario, sending menacing vibes to Canada’s cannabis growers, the ones not sanctioned as LPs; to Canadian patients who choose dispensaries as the […]