New York City World’s Biggest Consumer of Cannabis

4 Sep 2023
New York Tops Cannabis Consumption

‍When it comes to cannabis consumption, New York City takes the crown as the biggest consumer of cannabis. A recent study conducted by the health information resource CFA, titled the “2023 Cannabis Global Price Index.” Reveals that the Big Apple consumes a staggering 62.3 metric tons of cannabis per year. This figure puts New York City ahead of all other cities worldwide in terms of cannabis consumption.

Examining the Top Cannabis-Consuming Cities

To determine the cities with the highest cannabis consumption. CFAH analyzed data from 140 cities across the globe, considering both the legal status of cannabis and the prices per gram. The study utilized city-level polls adjusted to the PriceOfWeed dashboard and UNODC World Drug Report to obtain accurate price data.

In terms of cannabis consumption, Sydney, Australia secured the second spot on the list. Despite, the illegal status of cannabis in the country. Furthermore, Sydney consumes 45.8 metric tons of cannabis per year, approximately 17 metric tons less than New York City. Third, Los Angeles claimed the third position. With an annual consumption of 35 metric tons. Followed by, Chicago at 24.9 metric tons and Rome, Italy at 21.9 metric tons.

The top 20 cities in terms of cannabis consumption, in descending order, include Houston, Texas; Toronto, Canada; Tokyo, Japan; Prague, Czech Republic; Vienna, Austria; Hamburg, Germany; Phoenix, Arizona; Montreal, Canada; Melbourne, Australia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Vancouver, Canada; Uskudar, Turkey; Dublin, Ireland; Denver, Colorado; and Annapolis, Canada.\

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Exploring the Price of Cannabis in Different Cities

While the legal status of cannabis often influences its availability and price, the study found a mix of legal and illegal cities among both the most and least expensive cannabis locations. Whereas, Tokyo, where cannabis remains illegal, topped the list as the most expensive city for cannabis, with an average price of $33.8 per gram. Following closely behind were Dublin, Ireland, and Tallinn, Estonia, with average prices of $22.50 and $22.10 per gram, respectively.

On the other end of the spectrum, Montreal, Canada offered the least expensive cannabis, with an average price of just $5.90 per gram. Bangalore, India, and Notre Dame, Canada, followed closely behind, with average prices of $6 and $6.20 per gram, respectively.

Predicting Future Cannabis Prices in the U.S.

Using a forecasting model called Seasonal AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average (SARIMA), researchers projected the future trends for cannabis prices in the United States. SARIMA takes into account the trend, seasonality, and random fluctuations in a time series, allowing for a prediction of future prices.

Although predicting the price of cannabis can be challenging due to its volatile nature, the study suggests that the average price per gram in the U.S. could drop to $5.61 by 2030. This projected decrease can be attributed to the growing market and potential federal legalization, as seen in several legal cannabis states where prices have already been dropping due to increased supply and competition.

New York City’s Prominent Role in Cannabis Consumption

Given New York City’s current status as the highest consumer of cannabis globally, it is likely that the city will maintain its leading position in the future. Despite the slow rollout of licensed recreational vendors, the city has seen a thriving gray-market cannabis industry contribute to its significant consumption levels.

On average, New Yorkers pay $12.50 per gram of cannabis, which is higher than the price in Portland. The cheapest cannabis city in the United States. However, it is considerably lower than the average price of $19 per gram in Washington, D.C.

According to Osbert Orduna, CEO of the Cannabis Place, a licensed cannabis delivery service based in Queens, New York City’s legal cannabis market has yet to fully materialize. Most of the cannabis consumed in the city is still sourced from the unlicensed market. If even half of the cannabis consumed were to shift to the legal market, it could generate substantial revenue.

Comparing Cannabis Consumption Worldwide

It is important to note that cannabis consumption remains illegal at the federal level in the United States. However, 23 states and Washington, D.C., have legalized recreational use. As well as, an additional 17 states allow for medical marijuana. The ongoing shift in legislation and the potential for federal legalization in the future may continue to impact cannabis consumption and prices worldwide.

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In conclusion, New York City’s position as the largest consumer of cannabis globally reflects the city’s vibrant culture and diverse population. Despite the challenges posed by the illegal market and limited licensed vendors. The city continues to lead in cannabis consumption. As the legal market expands and prices potentially decrease in the future. New York City’s role in the cannabis industry is expected to grow even further. However, it is essential to navigate the evolving legal landscape and ensure that cannabis consumption remains safe, regulated, and accessible to those who choose to partake.

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