BC Cannabis Stores vs Cannabismo: The Best Place to Buy Weed

18 Jan 2021
Bc Cannabis Stores Vs Cannabismo

BC Cannabis Stores vs Cannabismo: Which Cannabis Supplier is Better?

Cannabis tokers have had legal access to their favourite plant in flower form since 2018, and in 2019 cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals were also legalized for recreational use.

Although Canadians are happy about finally having access to legal cannabis, they’re not so satisfied with how government dispensaries regulate their products.

Even though Canada is known for its exceptional BC Bud from beautiful British Columbia and hosts various famous cannabis events, legal cannabis still leaves much to be desired for most users.

Why might this be, you ask? There are multiple reasons, the most prominent of which we will be discussing today! Let’s explain why you should buy from an online dispensary in Canada

What do we Know About Government Dispensaries?

Suppose you’ve been operating on the cannabis market for some time. In that case, you’re likely already aware that government-operated dispensaries charge a disproportionate amount of money for their products and services than other dispensaries operated by individuals within the cannabis community. This sub-sect of the cannabis market is sometimes referred to as the “grey market.” 

Don’t believe us? We’ve got the stats to back it up.

According to Statistics Canada, a gram of weed purchased from government-approved retailers costs $10.30, while from other alternatives, you can buy it for $5.73.

What’s more, government dispensaries carry cannabis products in such low concentrations that cannabis consumers cannot find what they are looking for and opt out of buying legal cannabis. 

So, forget about your favourite cannabis edibles, THC oil or Indica flower because government-operated dispensaries likely won’t have them.

Finally, the THC limit allowed per package is a major bummer. According to Canada’s Cannabis 2.0 legislation, edibles can have no more than 10mg of THC per package. This rule means that if you are a seasoned user or require larger THC doses for medical purposes, you won’t be able to obtain potent products from government dispensaries.

Bc Cannabis Stores

So, what are we left to do? 

If the government fails to deliver high-quality, potent products for reasonable pricing, what will the consumer have to do?

The answer is a mail-order marijuana dispensary.

Mail-order marijuana is a source from which cannabis enthusiasts can buy weed online, purchase flower, whether Indica or Sativa, try tasty cannabis edibles, and obtain concentrates.

More than 60% of Canadians are purchasing cannabis from this alternative even though you can now purchase your weed legally from a government-operated dispensary. 

Today, we will outline why MOMs are better than government dispensaries. To do so, we will compare BC Cannabis Stores, a government-operated dispensary and an online dispensary Canada, Cannabismo. 

Let’s begin.

BC Cannabis Stores vs Cannabismo

BC Cannabis Stores and Cannabismo are cannabis dispensaries where you can purchase various products, including concentrates, vape pens, edibles and well-known BC bud.

A quick peek at their websites reveals that Cannabismo and BC Cannabis provide the user with easy-to-use websites, structured products and available pricing so you can plan your budget and decide which products are worth trying. 

You can’t go wrong with either of them because they both are reliable options to buy your cannabis from.

However, we are primarily here to decide which supplier provides superior service. Considering this, only one dispensary can be the best.

That said, here’s what you can expect from each dispensary. 

Product Variety

As we quickly touched base on before, both Cannabismo and BC Cannabis Stores offer excellent product variety. Various edibles, extracts, flower and accessories can are found at these dispensaries, but what comes into question is the spice of life – variety. 

If you are interested in tasty edibles, you can purchase chocolates, gummies, and beverages from these suppliers. If you are a fan of regular flower, you will undoubtedly find something that suits your cannabis fancy. Cannabis is the best online dispensary in Canada

While it sounds promising, a more in-depth look also reveals that BC Cannabis falls short on potent products such as THC oil, tinctures and cannabis edibles.

Bc Cannabis Stores Weed
Expensive cannabis products with low potency available at BC Cannabis Stores.

For example, while Cannabsimo supplies high-dose edibles with a THC content of 200mg per package and THC oil with 500mg THC per package, BC Cannabis Stores is only able to offer edibles with 10mg THC per piece – following the legal legislation surrounding edibles – and THC oil with around 400mg THC per piece.

Cannabismo also offers a wider topical variety, including creams and lip balms and tattoo aftercare


It’s reasonable to pay a little extra for high-quality dank and potent weed. However, why should you pay extra when you can buy the same product from Cannabismo for cheaper?

Here’s an example. 

Let’s say you want to buy edibles.

On the BC Cannabis Store’s website, you have found that they offer gummies with 10mg THC for $10 per package. While you might think it’s a great deal. Trust us. It’s not. 

On the Cannabismo website, you can get high-quality cannabis-infused gummies with 50mg THC per Pack.

What’s more, by only adding a few bucks, you can receive a much potent product with 200mg of Infused THC per package and pay only $14.99

A much better deal, right? You’ll be able to get double or even triple the amount of THC by paying only a few dollars extra. Not only is it an incredible return on your investment, but it’s also a great and cost-effective way to medicate with your favourite plant! 

Cannabis Information and Education

If you’re interested in reading and learning more about cannabis and are always on the hunt for entertaining cannabis news, information, and tricks, the Cannabismo blog is by far the way to go. 

Cannabismo has an online blog that offers tons of entertaining, engaging, and easy to understand educational information. From how to cure cannabis from the comfort of your home to informational guides to shatter, BHO and hash oil to fun articles such as the best stoner movies, Cannabismo is doing a great job educating masses about our favourite icky sticky.

Their blog is the best place to learn about cannabis or, if you are a veteran, to find some new inspiration to elevate your cannabis game.

BC Cannabis Stores vs Cannabismo – Announcing The Best Cannabis Supplier

There you have it. Now you know what differentiates these two dispensaries. We’ve learned that they both offer a wide range of cannabis products and have an opportunity to satisfy your needs. 

However, one of them is lacking something fundamental. 

Even though BC Cannabis Stores offers a great selection and delivery like MOMs, it can’t beat the pricing and excellent customer care Cannabismo offers. 

With their cheaper yet superior products, educational blog to help you learn about cannabis, and great deals, Cannabsimo wins this round. 

If you want to buy weed online and are looking for a trusted resource, try Cannabismo. They’re the best online dispensary in Canada

Happy toking! 

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