Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol and Cigarettes

10 Jul 2023
Marijuana Safer

For years, the debate on whether marijuana is safer alcohol and cigarettes has raged on. Proponents of marijuana argue that it is a safer alternative to these legal substances, while opponents claim that it poses significant risks to public health. In this article, we will delve into the research and explore the facts surrounding the use of marijuana, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Marijuana: A Safer Choice

The Absence of Fatalities

One of the most compelling arguments in favor of marijuana’s safety is the absence of fatalities with its use. Unlike alcohol, which is responsible for over 30,000 deaths annually in the United States alone, there have been no deaths directly with marijuana consumption. This stark contrast in mortality rates highlights the comparatively low risk of marijuana.

Overdose Potential

Another critical factor to consider is the potential for overdose. While alcohol overdoses claim the lives of more than 1,600 individuals each year, there has never been a documented case of a fatal marijuana overdose. The toxicity of marijuana is significantly lower than that of alcohol, making it a safer choice in terms of overdose risk.

Health Costs and Associated Risks

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Health-related costs associated with alcohol consumption are eight times greater than those linked to marijuana use. Extensive research has shown that alcohol poses more significant health problems, including a risk of cancer. In contrast, marijuana has not been conclusively associated with any form of cancer. Additionally, alcohol use is linked to brain damage, while marijuana has shown potential neuroprotective properties.

Addiction Potential

Studies consistently demonstrate that alcohol is more addictive than marijuana. The addictive nature of alcohol, along with its associated risks of violence and injury, is well-documented. In contrast, while marijuana can lead to dependence in some individuals, it is less likely to result in addiction than substances like alcohol and nicotine.

Alcohol and Cigarettes: Recognizing the Dangers

Mortality Rates and Health Risks

Alcohol and cigarettes, despite their legal status, pose significant risks to consumers. Alcohol deaths in the United States number over 30,000 annually, while cigarettes are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. Both substances link to various types of cancer, respiratory problems, and cardiovascular diseases.

Addiction and Violence

Alcohol is a major factor in violent crimes, with an estimated 25-30% of such crimes in the United States being alcohol-related. Additionally, alcohol use increases the risk of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Cigarette smoking is highly addictive, with 87% of respondents in a recent survey acknowledging its addictive nature. Both alcohol and cigarettes are associated with a wide array of health and societal problems.

The Impact on the Community

Marijuana: A Safer Option

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Reducuction in Violence and Aggression

Studies have consistently shown that marijuana use does not contribute to aggressive or violent behavior, unlike alcohol. The risk of violence during marijuana intoxication is significantly lower than that with alcohol consumption. This finding suggests that marijuana may be a safer choice in terms of public safety.

Alcohol and Cigarettes: A Cause for Concern

Violence and Crime Rates

Alcohol is a major contributing factor to violent crimes, with an estimate of 25-30% of such crimes in the United States involving alcohol. Similarly, cigarettes has lead to an increase of violent behavior. The societal impact of alcohol and cigarettes is significant, with both substances contributing to violence and criminal activity.

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault

Alcohol use is a significant factor in domestic abuse and sexual assault cases. The intoxicating effects of alcohol can increase the likelihood of individuals acting on violent tendencies. On the other hand, marijuana use has not led to domestic abuse or sexual assault.

Public Perception and Stigma

Changing Perceptions

Public perception of marijuana has been evolving in recent years. According to a survey by the American Psychiatric Association, 38% of respondents said marijuana to be unsafe, significantly lower than the percentage for alcohol and cigarettes. This shift in perception reflects a growing recognition of the relative safety of marijuana against these legal substances.

Understanding Addiction as a Medical Condition

While the survey reveals that 47% of respondents believed addiction resulted from “personal weakness,” it is crucial to recognize addiction as a medical condition. Extensive research supports the notion that addiction is a complex disease that affects the brain. This understanding can help reduce stigma and promote effective treatment for substance use disorders.

Naloxone Awareness and Opioid Overdose Prevention

The survey also shed light on the importance of naloxone awareness in combating the opioid crisis. Only 58% of respondents were aware of naloxone, a life-saving opioid anti-overdose drug. Increasing awareness and access to naloxone is crucial in preventing overdose deaths and providing timely intervention for those struggling with opioid addiction.


As the debate over the safety of marijuana, alcohol, and cigarettes continues, it is essential to examine the facts objectively. Research consistently indicates that marijuana is a safer choice then alcohol and cigarettes in terms of mortality, overdose potential, health risks, addiction potential, and societal impact. While marijuana is not without risks, it is clear that public perception and understanding of its relative safety are evolving. By promoting accurate information and providing access to effective treatment. We can work towards a better understanding and healthier society.

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