Introducing Cannabismo’s Premium Reserve Cannabis

23 Dec 2021
premium reserve

What sets Cannabismo’s Premium Reserve apart from the rest? Dedication and commitment to the craft of cultivating superior quality cannabis.

Despite being different products entirely, craft beer, fine cheeses and artisan wines all share common elements. They’re made in small batches by small teams of dedicated and passionate craftspeople. With a mission to create something larger than themselves. In other words, it’s an art.

As more and more Canadians consume and enjoy cannabis, consumer expectations rise in tandem. Cannabis consumers expect more from their favourite cannabis strains, and flowers and currently available sources simply don’t meet that demand. Industrial weed, such as the variety available at government dispensaries, simply isn’t cutting it anymore.

To meet the demands of our loyal and we value customers. We endeavoured over the past few months to launch our Premium Reserve collection of strains. By partnering with quality legacy cannabis cultivators across British Colombia. As well as, exotic seedbanks from California’s Gold Coast, We’ve curated a collection of premium strains grown in small batches to offer Canadians more variety and choice for their cannabis.

Here’s what separates our Premium Reserve cannabis apart from industrially-grown weed.

What is Premium Reserve? How is it Different From Regular Weed? 

cannabismo premium reserve


Flower from our Premium Reserve collection offers superior potency and high THC levels comparing with other strains available on the market. While our Premium Reserve strains naturally high THC levels through our sourcing of premium genetics and select cultivars. Stronger potency is achieved by preserving the plant’s trichomes.

As knowledgeable cannabis users might know, the majority of weed’s terpenes and cannabinoids are in its trichomes. We hand-trim and hang-dry all flowers in our Premium Reserve collection to keep as much of the trichomes intact as possible to keep potency, quality and flavour at their peak. While this is time-consuming, the difference in quality that this labour of love creates makes all the difference.


Flavour is often thought of as secondary to the cannabis experience, but this isn’t always the case. Many would find it puzzling if you order a coffee and inquire about the caffeine content instead of its aromas and flavours, and the same goes for cannabis, too.

The flavour, and by extension, the terpenes of cannabis, are an essential part of the cannabis experience. Just as different coffee beans and wine grape varieties require different nutrients and levels of sunlight, cannabis does too.

Cultivating the best tasting cannabis requires intimate knowledge of what each strain and plant needs, which is why we partner with legacy growers who cultivate and grow weed in small batches to give it the care and attention each plant deserves.

While this results in smaller batches, the difference in quality and flavour this makes can’t be compared.


Quality is a subjective term. But you can usually tell whether or not something is created out of love or out of profit with just a glance. Why do simple, home-cooked meals tend to taste so much better than restaurant-prepared dishes? The difference is love, passion and dedication. The ingredients are still the same, but the process is entirely different. In the above two sections, the processes we use to cultivate our Premium Reserve flower reflect the love, passion and commitment that Cannabismo has for the plant. The best genetics and nutrient mixes can’t replace dedication and respect, which is why Premium Reserve strains are as great as they are.

Premium Reserve Cannabis – A New Way to Enjoy Cannabis

The labour-intensive, small-batch processes that go into cultivating our Premium Flower results in smaller. As well as, more expensive harvests but the flavour, potency and quality that they offer to Canadian cannabis consumers can’t be found anywhere else.

We highly encourage every one of our customers to try our Premium Reserve cannabis for themselves to experience the difference. Browse the Premium Reserve now or chat with our customer support staff with more information!

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