Cannabismo vs City Cannabis Co. – Which is the Better Option?

9 Jun 2021
Cannabismo Vs City Cannabis Co

City Cannabis Co might sound great, but are their deals and offerings as appealing as their name?

Novice and experienced cannabis users are searching for the best possible quality for the most reasonable price, and many simply don’t believe that government dispensaries (like City Cannabis Co) take this fact into account.

This is one reason why the weed Canada gray market has not been eliminated since legalization

Those already established in the cannabis community know what products are worth and what quality constitutes a particular price. What this results in is a network of businesses that operate on a structure known as MOM.

MOM, which stands for mail-order marijuana, is a reliable source for Canadians seeking to buy weed online and find a versatile catalogue of quality cannabis products for an appropriate and proportional price. 

MOMs present a comprehensive option for cannabis users of every skill level while also supplying educational tips and tricks for usage and more, providing a well-rounded experience from search to cart to purchase. 

This sense of community is further facilitated by these operations being controlled by members of the cannabis community instead of being operated by the government. 

In other words, people who live, sleep and breathe weed and have a passion and deep, personal understanding of the various benefits of cannabis. 

If you still aren’t on board, that’s totally cool. Today, we will take a closer look into two specific examples: MOM business Cannabismo and government-owned and operated BC cannabis retailer, City Cannabis Co. 

Hopefully, it will help unearth some truths about why people prefer MOMs to the more heavily regulated alternatives!

Cannabismo vs City Cannabis Co.

Cannabismo Vs City Cannabis Co.

At the heart of the matter, both Cannabismo and City Cannabis are committed to supplying consumers with a variety of different flower options and other cannabis products, such as edibles and concentrates

However, their approach to doing so differs in a few distinct ways, most notably when it comes to pricing, variety and accessibility for the customer. 

The three primary areas that we will be focusing on today are: 

  • Their websites
  • Product variety and prices 
  • Deals 

Granted, neither of these dispensaries is inherently bad. We should make that clear. 

However, your item(s) of choice, desired price point, and how you choose to obtain your purchased product will determine your final decision. So, it is important to emphasize and clarify the differences between Cannabismo and City Cannabis, particularly if you opt to order weed online. 

Their Websites 

Upon first glance, you can tell that a lot of work was put into both the Cannabismo and City Cannabis websites. 

However, one of the first things we noticed upon visiting City Cannabis Co.’s landing page is that they are quick to advertise their multiple physical retail locations instead of the specific products they sell. 

On the other side, Cannabismo’s website neatly categorizes the various cannabis products they sell with easy-to-use drop-down menus so that users can easily navigate the site and quickly and efficiently find the exact product they want. 

Additionally, while City Cannabis Co dispensary supplies an online menu on its website, this doesn’t mean that it offers delivery. 

Instead, the purpose of this feature is intended to pre-order products online. In this way, you still need to venture to the store to physically pay for and pick up your items. 

Depending on your lifestyle, job or general accessibility needs, this may present an obstacle. Cannabismo provides an added level of convenience and efficiency by allowing users to complete every step of the process online. 

Simply find your desired item, add it to your cart, type in your payment information and delivery address and wait for the products to be shipped to you without you having to go anywhere. 

Product Variety & Prices

Just as the physical retail locations present a roadblock in terms of going in-store to pick up and pay, this factor also influences which products are available at various City Cannabis locations. 

The online menu on their website issues a warning that states, “Online menu may vary from in-store availability.” 

Depending on which location is closest to you, it may not necessarily have the products you selected in the online menu, which can lead to frustration and disappointment for customers. 

It also means that if you want to see what is actually in stock at the store, you have to hop in the car or on public transportation to venture down there and see for yourself, which isn’t all that convenient. 

In the online menu, City Cannabis has between 40 and 50 different strains of flower to choose from. 

However, Cannabismo offers a wider selection of various flower options. Cannabismo also hosts a massive selection of edibles and concentrates on top of the numerous strains of regular flower. The dispensary also presents various options to accommodate different financial situations, from budget to premium craft weed.

Thus, Cannabismo creates a more personalized experience for the consumer, regardless of their individual price point. 

Speaking of prices, this may be the key differentiator between the two dispensaries. 

For example, in terms of edibles, two gummies with 10mg of THC per pack are $12 at City Cannabis, while a pack of eight 10mg gummies from Cannabismo is $13, which is a way better bang for your buck, not to mention additional potency. 

If you’re on the prowl for good old-fashioned regular flower, the prices vary here as well. Say you want to partake in some hybrid happiness by indulging in some White Widow. While both dispensaries offer 3.5g options, the prices are different, with City Cannabis charging $42 compared to Cannabismo, which charges $36 for this famous strain.

White Widow

Another thing to note is that City Cannabis will not let you order less if you only want to have a little bit. However, Cannabismo offers smaller, 2g offerings for its cannabis flower. 

When considering other options for cannabis products, perhaps for medicinal users or those who would like to enjoy CBD’s healing benefits in a safe, controlled and accurately dosed manner, the prices between Cannabismo and City Cannabis also vary when it comes to tinctures. 

For instance, one 25ml CBD tincture for City Cannabis costs $51. On the other hand, you could purchase a 30ml CBD tincture from Cannabismo for $45


Luckily, each company’s website presented various options for penny-pinching savings. 

However, promos and deals are presented immediately upon visiting the Cannabismo homepage with captivating and eye-catching banners to ensure that customers know of the various offers immediately upon visiting the website. 

With the City Cannabis Co. website, you need to click the link at the top of the site to find their deals. 

Perhaps the most important factor to note when it comes to each dispensary’s deals is that City Cannabis’ deals are once again contingent upon their individual retail locations, meaning that the same deals are not present at every store. 

This inconsistency can be unfortunate if the location nearest to you is not hosting any deals that particularly appeal to you while another is, adding a level of inconvenience and dissatisfaction from the lack of availability. 

Cannabismo’s deals are consistent across the site without having to worry about whether or not particular items are available in your region or location because you can simply click ‘add to cart,’ complete your purchase and order, and wait for the products to be delivered to you. 

Cannabismo vs City Cannabis Co. – Accessibility and Pricing Reign Supreme 

When most people are on the prowl for Canada edibles or want to order weed online, there are two primary factors to consider: accessibility and price. Do you need to physically go to the store to pick up your items? Do they even have your desired products in stock? How long will they take to arrive? 

As we progress further into a technological era where everything is performed digitally, many cannabis consumers appreciate the convenience and efficiency of being able to order products online and have them delivered directly to their door for an affordable price that does not compromise quality. 

When considering these elements, it is safe to say that Cannabismo comes out on top. 

With an all-around wider selection of products at affordable prices, Cannabismo supplies customers with quality flower and cannabis products without breaking the bank, which is a factor that tokers of all experience levels can appreciate. 

With this new-found knowledge in mind, we hope we could provide you with the appropriate information to make an informed decision about which dispensary you would prefer.

As always, stay safe and enjoy!

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