The 7 Types of Smokers You’ll Meet Smoking Weed

4 Jan 2024
The 7 Types Of Smokers You’ll Meet Smoking Weed

One of the most beautiful things about weed is that it has something for everyone, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that there are many different types of smokers out there. 

However, we aren’t talking about the various types of consumption methods, such as smoking, vaping or dabbing today. Instead, we’re breaking down the different types of smokers you’ll likely encounter throughout your weed smoking career. 

Even without us going into detail about it, a few cannabis characters have already popped up in your mind, right?

If not, here are 7 types of smokers you’ll meet during your weed smoking career! 

The Newbie

The Newbie

The newbie. The beginner. The first-timer. We’ve all been this one at some point. 

Whether it’s coughing up a lung after taking a bong rip or greening out after insisting that they “don’t feel it yet” after eating an edible, newbies are everywhere, with more and more joining the reefer ranks every day. 

To those of you out there, welcome to the wonderful world of weed, new friends! 

Smoking with first-timers can be fun. That said, their tolerance level is low, so they’ll take a hit or two off your joint, reach an 8 or a 9 on the high-scale, and mentally clock out until it’s time for a munchies run.

It’s all good! Building up a tolerance takes time, but snacks are delicious forever. 

Being there for someone’s first “high” experience can be magical, so if you’re smoking with these types of smokers, be sure to respect their boundaries and avoid pressuring them into smoking more than they’re comfortable with! 

If you’re a newbie toker just entering the world of weed, it’s best to start with lower-dose THC strains to build up your tolerance. Some strains that we would suggest are Jack Herer and Cinex.  

The Penny Pincher

Types Of Smokers The Penny Pincher

The penny pincher likes to keep things frugal, but, to be fair, who doesn’t? 

This type of smoker always asks to smoke up with a group but commonly “forgets” to bring any flower of their own. On the occasion where they do supply their own weed, you should prepare for it to be popcorn weed or especially dry bud. 

There is, of course, something to say for sticking to a specific price point. It’s entirely respectable! However, it sometimes comes at the price of getting what you pay for, which could entail a lower quality product. 

However, there is a way to avoid being ‘that guy.’ 

If you’re looking for bud on a budget, check out the Cannabismo website. We’re always offering stellar deals that will have you lighting up in style without breaking the bank! 

The Connoisseur

Types Of Smokers The Connoisseur

These types of smokers have seemingly smoked it all. From HTFSE to BHO to Phoenix Tears to infused edibles, the connoisseur is an expert on everything weed. 

Having this type of smoker around can be helpful if you’re interested in learning about weed. They can usually tell what a strain is based on smell alone and can even offer you recommendations that rival those of a budtender.

Beyond flower recommendations, the connoisseur also most likely knows the plant’s terpene profile, lineage, where it comes from, and potentially even whether or not it’s right for you! 

That said, there is a sweet spot between these types of smokers being connoisseurs and annoying know-it-alls. While their knowledge is always appreciated, it can get annoying hearing them talk about the “bag appeal” of a fresh new pick-up when all you want to do is smoke!

The best cannabis connoisseur will thus offer themselves as a resource when requested but also understand the universal desire of just wanting to reap the benefits of some righteous reefer without receiving a long-breathed lecture about it.

The CBD Enthusiast

Cbd Enthusiast

The CBD enthusiast is, more often than not, a medical patient. They’ll enjoy strains like Harlequin and Charlotte’s Web and tend to stay away from high THC potency strains. 

One of the best things about the cannabis plant is that it’s got more than just THC to offer. Not only does it produce the cannabinoid THC, but it also creates the cannabinoid CBD, which is non-psychoactive but has numerous health benefits

Ideally, there is a time and place for each or both, depending on your particular weed needs! 

With their specific preferences, lighting up with these types of smokers is usually an enjoyable experience. CBD enthusiasts tend to be cool, calm, and collected, making them incredibly chilled and laid-back smoking companions.

Not only that, but they may broaden your horizons to the benefits of CBD and how it can help tend to your aches, pains and inflammation. 

It’s a win-win scenario! 

The Cool Types of Smokers

The Cool Types Of Smokers

We all like to think we’re the cool ones, but these types of smokers are elusive at best and invisible at worst. 

The fun smokers are the kinds of smokers you want to enjoy a joint with. They don’t care what you’re smoking, how you’re smoking it or why – they’re all in it for a good time. 

Unlike the know-it-all or the newbie, the cool types of smokers won’t have anything to say about your flower choice aside from the fact that it’s ‘good weed.’ They also won’t indulge you in any unnecessary information about cannabis or why they’re smoking it. 

However, they may share with you an interesting story and crack a joke or two – anything to help enrich the smoking experience. 

After the sesh, they’ll always thank you for your weed or pull out a joint of their own to continue the rotation. This is the type of smoker that every stoner should aspire to be! 

After all, it’s just as much about the journey as it is the destination, right? The cool types of smokers want to hear your story and share theirs for an excellent, non-judgemental exchange that leaves everyone feeling good, and not just from the weed! 

The Old-Timer

Types Of Smokers The Old Timer

These types of smokers used to smoke weed from the 60s to the 90s are usually in their golden or twilight years. They’ll talk about what weed used to be like ‘back in the day’ and how strong (or weak) it is now that it’s legal. 

However, they’ll likely also highlight the benefits of progression, including safer creation and extraction methods and increased purity. 

These types of smokers will also surprise you with old-timey slang terms like ‘dime bags’ and ‘the devil’s lettuce,’ to name a few. 

Generally, smoking with old-timers is an enjoyable experience. These types of smokers have been in the weed game for a long time and could probably teach you a thing or two. 

Many of them have had to resort to some less-than-savoury means to get their weed back in the day. Now that it’s legal, they can’t wait just to spark one up and reminisce about how they would smoke some grass in their younger years. 

The Parent

Types Of Smokers The Parent

The parent is the kind of smoker that you just love to see. Being a parent is a full-time job, and sometimes, you need to take a smoke break to get away from it all. 

These types of smokers often, but don’t always, have a spouse who doesn’t smoke or their own family to take care of, prompting them to be more responsible and thoughtful tokers.

The parent isn’t picky or greedy with their weed. These types of smokers are down for anything as long as it helps them relax after a long day of picking up toys or dealing with an angsty teen.

The parent is also a reliable and trustworthy friend and resource who will tell you straight-up if they think you need to lay off the bud, take a tolerance break, and reset and recharge. It never comes from a negative or condescending place, but more so a caring and responsible perspective. 

In this way, they’re one of the best types of smokers because they have everyone’s best interest at heart! 

Types of Smokers – Which One Are You?

Regardless of the type of smoker you identify with the most, each characterization’s universal love language is a joint affection for our favourite herb. 

The cannabis community is all about welcoming tokers and blazers from all walks of life, income and skill level with open arms without tainting the experience with frivolous judgements and hangups. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about coming together to enjoy some quality time with each other while partaking in some gorgeous green. If you got weed to share, stories to tell, and good vibes to send, it really doesn’t matter what type of smoker you are.

With all that said, which type of smoker are you most of the time? We’d love to know!

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