How the Weed Leaf Became the Stoner’s Icon

27 Nov 2023
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The leaves of cannabis plants have a distinct look that sets them apart from other plants. Marijuana enthusiasts have created an entire subculture around the marijuana leaf. Each leaf has a unique pattern that helps distinguish it from others. This is why when we see a leaf, we instantly know what type of plant it is and what cannabis strain it came from. For stoners and weed enthusiasts, you can’t help but notice the iconic appearance of the cannabis leaf. marijuana plants are often compared to those of trees; they take up space and provide shade in the same way as their counterparts do in nature.

A Sativa Leaf With Serrated Edges, With Up To Seven Points

What are the 3 types of Cannabis Leaves?

Some Cannabis plants are bred to cultivate female flowers that contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids.

Sativa strains – Sativa plants that expands its leaves towards the sun. This marijuana leaf type is much thinner and more translucent than the other two. Green and bright the sativa leaf has serrated edges, with up to seven points.

Indica strains – Indica plants are known to grow in cooler climates. These large leaves are thick and bushy, unlike Sativa leaves. the Indica leaf type is very similar to the shape of a khat leaf.

Ruderalis strains – The Ruderalis plant is a hybrid that only grows wild in the European regions of Russia and Eastern Europe. This is the smallest of all marijuana leaf types. It has small leaflets that are almost invisible to the naked eye.

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Where Does the Weed Leaf Originate?

Marijuana leaves as we know it today evolved from the bud of the plant. In fact, bud leaves are actually the first type of leaf to emerge. After a bud has fully grown, it will turn a shade of white and generally stay that color. After bud leaves, the cannabis plant will produce a new type of leaf that is different from what other plants would have. When a cannabis plant is harvested, both types of leaves are removed. Fan leaves are usually discarded or composted, and sugar leaves are usually saved as trim.” Flower clusters are typically trimmed off the plant after it has been harvested and dried. This is why when you see a photo of cannabis leaves, you will notice that they look like those of a marijuana plant.

How the Weed Leaf Became Stoner’s Icon

The cannabis leaf is a crucial part of the plant which every grower should be able to recognize.  The undeniable aesthetic appeal of the leaf, coupled with its function as a sign of potency and quality. The leaf is now an icon for cannabis users around the world. The way that cannabis leaves look has always been an important factor in the subculture. Different strains produce leaves with different shapes and colors, depending on their genetics. As a result, marijuana enthusiasts have taken great interest in the leaf’s appearance, forming an entire subculture around the topic.

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The Shape of a Weed Leaf is Important

Many of the differences between different cannabis strains can be found in the shape of their leaves. They are also an important way that marijuana users distinguish between different strains. The shape of a leaf is often the first and most noticeable characteristic that differentiates two strains of marijuana. A broad leaf is typically associated with a sativa strain, whereas a narrow leaf is typically found on a hybrid strain.

Difference Between Sativa Leaves, Indica Leaves, And Ruderalis Leaves

The Shapes of Different Strain Leaves

The shape of a marijuana plant’s leaf can also be used to help identify different strain types. White Widow, for example, typically produces leaves that are broad and broad-leafed, which is why it is one of the most recognizable strains in the world. Other more subtle differences can be found in the shape of the leaf itself.


As the cannabis leaf is one of the most recognizable features of the plant, it has become an iconic symbol of marijuana use, whether that is through pictures of leaves or other representations of the herb. This is why the symbol has been adopted by many different organizations and featured in many different ways. From clothing to art, the cannabis leaf has become a stoner’s icon. This is why when we see a leaf, we instantly know what type of plant it is, and what cannabis strain it came from. The shape of a leaf is often the first and most noticeable characteristic that differentiates two strains of marijuana.

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