The Difference Between Live Rosin and Live Resin

1 Aug 2022

Live Rosin and Live Resin are both products of cannabis extraction process. Both involve the use of heat and pressurization to separate useful oils from unwanted plant matter. The difference between rosin and resin comes down to the ratios of cannabinoids extracted. A rosin is a cannabis concentrate that has been pressurized to get as much oil out of the plant material. While leaving a high percentage of terpenes behind. A live resin gets less oil but retains more terpenes, which has beneficial properties for vaporizing instead of burning your weed. Understanding these differences can help you choose which type of concentrate you want to try first.

What’s In a Rosin?

Live rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate that people champion for its solventless purity and terpene-packed flavor. By applying extreme pressure and heat to the cannabis plant or kief to extract all of the compounds. it is created from ice water hash (also called full melt bubble hash) that is then pressed out through heat and pressure. Terpenes and cannabinoids, like THC, are all preserved because there is no chemical reaction happening. You end up with an incredibly pure extract that looks like amber and has an almost no taste. Many people prefer rosin because it can be easily made at home with no special equipment. The downside is that because there is so much heat, the rosin will be very dark in color and may have a slightly burnt taste.

What’s in a Resin?

Live resin usually refers to butane hash oil (BHO) comprised of frozen cannabis plants or trim. The first difference between rosin and resin is the production method. Instead of applying high pressure to the material, the resin needs medium heat, which allows the terpenes to evaporate and the cannabinoids to settle. This results in a less pure extract that contains terpenes and has a more natural flavor. Resins are clear or slightly cloudy and have a more robust taste reminiscent of the original smoke. When dabbed, this resin would create a larger and cleaner hit with a longer finish than the rosin.


How Are Live Rosin and Live Resin Produced?

The live rosin extraction process is easier compared to that of live resin. Live Rosin is typically made from flower that has been frozen. Using frozen cannabis allows for easily controllable heating and pressing. Dialing in the exact pressure and temperature can create a well-balanced product that is potent, flavourful, and has a high terpene content. Some producers are experimenting with rosin from fresh cannabis or solvent-based extracts. Frozen flower is easier to find, but live resin could have more terpenes and taste like fresh flower. live rosin production creates smaller yields than solvent-based methods.

Differences in Taste and Smell

Rosin – Rosin has a very faint smell and taste that comes from the flower used to make it. The taste is described as “green.”

Resin – A live resin can have a stronger smell and taste like what is was grown with. A fresh flower cannabis extract will have a sweeter and more floral taste while an edgy, skunk extract will have a pungent and earthy taste.

Hooti Rosin Durban Poison
Hooti Rosin Durban Poison

Differences in Potency

Rosin – Rosin is a very high potency extract. It is easy to see the amber colour through the solvent-free transparent extract.

Resin – The potency of a fresh flower cannabis extract will vary greatly based on the strain used. An extract made from a high-potency strain will have a stronger effect than one made from a low-potency strain.

The potency of a solvent-based extract will vary depending on the chemicals used, but they are less potent than the same extract made with a different solvent.

Hooti Live Resin: Northern Lights
Hooti Live Resin: Northern Lights

Where to Find Live Rosin and Live Resin

Rosin – You can find rosin at any dispensary or online supplier. You can also make rosin at home with a simple cold press machine.

Resin – You can find live resin at any dispensary or online supplier. You can also make live resin at home with a solvent extractor, but fresh flower is a must.

While you can find rosin at any dispensary, it is more likely you can only find live resin at a cannabis competition or from one of the best cannabis brands.

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Final Words

Live resin and live rosin are two particular concentrates that are growing more popular in the legal cannabis market. These varying methods create two different end products with different tastes and strengths. You can consume Live resin and live rosin in similar ways using a dab rig. As well as traditional smoking methods such as pipes, bongs, and joints. Both are some of the highest-end cannabis concentrates that are available on dispensary shelves. Understanding the differences between rosin and resin can help you choose which concentrate you want to try next.

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