Cannabis Honey Oil: A Guide for Beginners

8 Jan 2024
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Have you ever heard of honey oil? If not, don’t worry. Most people haven’t. It’s not exactly a widely known quantity, but it’s one of the most useful things that you can make with cannabis. That’s right: even though cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids are in use by more and more people for their medicinal properties. Cannabis has many uses, much more than just smoking it. In fact, there are many ways to use cannabis beyond what most people know about. There are several interesting ways to use your homegrown weed that may come as a surprise to you. One such product is cannabis infused honey – also known as hash oil or concentrated cannabis – and it’s well worth knowing how to get your hands on some if you don’t already.

What is Cannabis Honey Oil?

Honey oil is also known as hash oil or weed honey. It’s made by extracting cannabinoids (the chemicals in cannabis that have medical benefits) from plant matter using various solvents. The end result is a highly concentrated substance that users will usually smoke or vape. Ca also can be eaten in cannabis edibles. The extraction process from the plant matter also removes most of the impurities found in the raw plant material; making honey oil much safer to consume. This marijuana oil is an extremely potent cannabis product that can be up to 90% cannabinoids by weight. This means that even a very small amount of honey oil will contain a large amount of cannabinoids. This high concentration is what makes honey oil so potent.

Why You Should Learn How to Make Honey Oil with Weed

You can collect a lot of cannabinoids from a small amount of cannabis. This makes it a very efficient and cost-effective way to make your own medical cannabis oil. Cannabis is easy and cheap to grow. This means that homemade cannabis oil is also cheap to make. Cannabis is also easy to grow indoors and doesn’t need much maintenance. Cannabis is bred to produce high amounts of cannabinoids. You can use cannabis to make medical cannabis oil. You can buy seeds or clones of high-CBD cannabis strains such as Blueberry, Charlotte’s Web or ACDC. Making your own medical cannabis oil also gives you complete control over its strength and dosage. This is especially useful for people who are new to using cannabis medicinally.

How is Cannabis Oil Made?

By placing cannabis flowers or buds into a solvent, usually a combination of ethanol and water. The solvent is put under heat and the alcohol evaporates to create a thick, oily substance that is rich in cannabinoids. The cannabis oil is now cool and will harden. Forming a thick wax-like substance “crumble” or “shatter” that can break apart into smaller pieces. These two terms describe the texture of the product after extraction from the plant. Crumble has a sticky texture, soft substance that is easier to break apart and easier to consume. Many will smoke it using a bowl or bong, or broken into pieces and put on top of an ignited joint or blunt. Shatter is a harder, brittle substance that have many ways of consumption. Some people choose to smoke it like they would crumble while others prefer to dissolve it in an edible oil or alcohol.


How to Make Your Own Oil at Home

Making your own cannabis honey oil is a complicated and time-consuming process that is best left to the professionals. Please do so at your own risk, it can lead to serious injury or death. To make this cannabis honey recipe at home. You will need a solvent, cannabis, filter bag or paper filter, a jar or bowl, a fan, and a thermometer. Let’s go over each of these items in more detail.


  • Solvent – Ethanol is a very good solvent, but it is very flammable and dangerous to work with. Another easier to obtain solvent is isopropyl alcohol.
  • Cannabis – You can use fresh or dried cannabis flowers to make honey oil. Your cannabis will need to be ground up and put in a jar or vessel of some sort to heat. This process will decarb weed. add it to a double boiler set over boiling water. Allow the herbs to infuse wit local honey, for about 45 minutes.
  • Coffee filter or Paper Filter – To remove all of the plant matter and impurities from the solvent, you will need coffee filters or paper filters. These will act as a sieve to strain the impurities.
  • Mason Jars or Bowl – You can use any Mason jar or bowl to hold your cannabis and solvent. The larger the vessel, the more solvent you will be able to process at one time.


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Cannabis honey oil is an extremely potent cannabis product that can be up to 90% cannabinoids by weight. This means that even a very small amount of honey oil will contain a large amount of cannabinoids. It’s cheaper than buying medical cannabis oil online, and you know exactly what is in it. Making your own cannabis honey oil is a fun way to use up your homegrown weed and make something useful out of it. Most people who do this find it to be a very rewarding experience. You can also use your own marijuana honey with baked goods. The options are endless!

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