Ice Wreck Strain: A New Twist On a Classic Sativa

8 Aug 2022

Ice Wreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that combines the best of both worlds. It’s a cross between two well-known strains, Ice and Wreck, which is known for its uplifting effects and crashing after effects. Although there are many hybrids of these two strains, Ice Wreck has an interesting twist on the normal effects of both. This is because it has been genetically manipulated so that instead of having uplifting and crashing effects from using it, this strain creates a physical reaction similar to being frozen. Hence the name Ice Wreck! Even though this strain is new to most people – especially those outside of California — it comes with some background information about its creators. After all, who doesn’t like to know where our weed comes from?


What to Expect From Ice Wreck

First and foremost, the effects of Ice Wreck are very similar to that of being frozen. Your body goes into a sort of ‘time out’, and your senses are clearly heightened. Ice Wreck is a strongly relaxing marijuana strain. It is the perfect strain to smoke when you don’t have much to do. Wide open eyes, a calm and collected mind, a still body, and no urge to move. It’s great if you have a test or exam coming up, or if you have any sort of public speaking engagement. The heightened senses will make it easy to stay focused and less likely for you to become nervous. This makes Ice Wreck the perfect strain for people who suffer from anxiety. The still body and calm mind help to relax the nerves and make it easier to find a sense of peace.

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THC Content and How to Use It

The THC content in Ice Wreck is fairly low at around 15%. This is why it’s best to use it during the day time and not in the evening, when you want to settle in for the night or relax. As with many sativa strains, smoking Ice Wreck will give you an uplifting, creative, and visually-focused high. This is great for a creative brainstorming session or for creating art. If you choose to use this strain via edibles or tinctures, the high will likely be more calming than stimulating. You’ll likely feel relaxed and calm, and your body will feel slightly less tense from it. This is great for an evening when you want to relax after a long day or if you have insomnia and want to find relief from your racing thoughts.

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Genetics: Where Does Ice Wreck Come From?

This hybrid strain’s genetics are interesting because it combines two different strands of sativa. Ice is a sativa with a high THC content and a high level of CBD. While Wreck is a pure sativa that comes from Mexico and is known for its euphoric effects. Ice Wreck is a cross between these Ice and Trainwreck strains. Used by growers who want a strong strain that isn’t too difficult to grow. It generally finishes flowering in around 10 – 11 weeks and has an average yield of around 400 grams per square meter. A typical Ice Wreck plant is a strong, bushy structure and resistant to mold, it makes for a great greenhouse strain.

The Physical Effects of Ice Wreck

As we’ve already discussed, the physical effects of Ice Wreck are similar to that of being frozen. The hybrid derives its unique name from its frosty and oversized buds that produce an extremely potent punch. A steady, slow heartbeat, low blood pressure, and a body that seems to go into a sort of hibernation make this a great strain for relaxation and chronic pain relief. This makes it great for people with ailments such as arthritis, neuralgia, fibromyalgia, and sciatica. Those who suffer from insomnia will also find this strain helpful because it’s great for inducing sleep.

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The Mental and Emotional Effects of Ice Wreck

The mental and emotional effects of Ice Wreck are uplifting and creative. This makes it the perfect strain to use if you have a creative project you want to complete. It’s particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs who want to come up with new business ideas. If you’re a bit too serious for your own good, this strain is a great way to lighten up and have some fun. It’s also great for finding a sense of clarity and getting rid of stress and anxiety. Just be aware that it is a very strong marijuana strain so proceed with caution!

The Conclusion

Ice Wreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s great for relaxing, relieving chronic stress, and coming up with new ideas. Its effects are similar to being frozen, so it’s a great strain to use during the day. This is because it’s uplifting and creative, but not too stimulating. It’s also great for managing stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Want to come up with new ideas? Or want to relax and find some clarity. Ice Wreck Strain is a wonderful cannabis strain worth trying.

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