How to Smoke a Joint – A Beginner’s Guide

2 Nov 2020
how to smoke a joint

For generations, smoking a joint with cannabis has been one of the main pillars of consumption, learning how to smoke a joint as the starting point for many beginners. 

For many people, the smoke sesh ritual is an essential part of cannabis culture and a large part of the process of maximizing the enjoyment of their weed

Learning how to smoke a joint is the first step towards that process.

It can be confusing to figure out the lingo and how things operate in the world of cannabis. It isn’t uncommon for many newcomers to drop the ball on their first attempt at smoking a joint. But don’t let that hold you back from getting in the game, it’s all part of the learning process, and we’re here to help!

There’s a lot that goes into learning how to smoke a joint. From the unspoken rules of proper smoking etiquette to the art of rolling the perfect joint, there is a balance to everything in a great smoke session, and it takes practice to find it. 

So without further ado, let’s jump right in and learn everything you need to know about joints!

The History of the Joint

how to smoke a joint history

Marijuana wasn’t always originally enjoyed through joints. For thousands of years, humans have enjoyed the spoils of the cannabis plant in a variety of different ways

Whether it be the harvest of hemp for food, crafting materials, or psychoactive ingredients, marijuana and humanity have coexisted productively for generations.

It wasn’t until the mid-1850s where the first-ever documented usage of a joint was recorded. During this time in Guadalajara, Mexico, the notion of a cannabis cigarette wasn’t all that popular. Most of the cannabis of that era was consumed through a bong or pipe. 

But it was during this time when early versions of the modern joint gained popularity among the people in this region. Rather than being the modern form of the joint that many of us are familiar with today, these prehistoric joints more similarly resembled marijuana-infused cigarettes.

This eventually morphed into a more concrete term when cannabis culture became more established. From the 1920s up until the 1930s, during the time of the New Orleans Jazz Movement, the modern joint that we all know and love was eventually formed. 

How to Smoke a Joint

Smoking a joint is a fantastic experience enjoyed by many in the cannabis community. 

If it’s your first time messing around with weed, it can be a bit daunting to get high for the first time, so we’ve created a list of some of our most effective techniques that you can use while participating in a little puff puff pass.

Grab The Joint By The Filter

When handling a joint, grab it on one end like a cigarette, leaving just enough room to wrap your lips around the tip while inhaling the smoke. You can think of smoking a joint as similar to smoking a cigarette.

Spark Up And Inhale

With the non-filtered end of the joint, this is where you’ll want to aim your lighter. A rolled joint will usually have a twisted tip to seal the weed inside. Simply spark that side up until the joint catches flame, and you can see a bright orange glow.

Inhale and Enjoy

Inhale the smoke without drawing too much into your lungs. For novice smokers, quick and smooth puffs will allow you to smoke the joint properly and get higher steadily without causing too much discomfort in the lungs. Rinse and repeat.

Smoke Session Etiquette – The Unspoken Rules

smoking a joint

If you’ve been around seasoned cannabis smokers, you might have already caught on to some of the unspoken rules of cannabis culture. If not, these unspoken rules go a long way when smoking in groups. 

Here are some essential tips and tricks you need to be aware of:

Puff Puff Pass

The golden rule to keeping the peace when smoking is to practice the old puff puff pass method. This means a maximum of two evenly placed inhales (not too large, not too small) before passing the joint to the next person.

Rotate Clockwise

After you’ve taken your two hits, the rule of thumb is to move in a clockwise direction. You’ll want to pass the joint over to the person on your left. In case you don’t have a particular rotation set in motion, a safe place to start is to pass the joint to the left.

Don’t Hog the Joint

Weed is commonly known to spark the creative juices and can lead to some fantastic storytelling moments. But when you’re holding and smoking the joint, you’ll want to hold off on the storytelling until everybody has finished the joint. 

Talking for extended periods of time while holding the joint not only annoys those around you, but it wastes the precious weed that has gone into rolling the joint. Long story short: when it’s time to smoke, it’s time to smoke.

Try Not to Slobber

This doesn’t need any explaining. Nobody likes a wet and slobbery joint, especially if it’s not their saliva on it. To smoke a joint properly, place the filter end of the joint at the tip of your lips and inhale. There’s no need to put the entire filter in your mouth.

Ash Before you Pass

Every so often, the burnt cannabis will collect at the end of the joint after a few passes. If you see that the ash has built up at the tip of your joint after your turn, tap the tip before you pass it over the next person—an easy and polite way to end your turn.

Watch Where you Blow Your Smoke

When smoking anything, an essential rule from smoking weed to smoking cigarettes is to make sure you consider other people’s space. When smoking, exhale into an open space and not onto someone else to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Learn How to Roll a Joint

You can’t always rely on other people to roll the joints. Pick up some rolling papers and filters to practice the art of rolling joints on your own. Then when you’ve got your joints up the par, bring them to the sesh and enjoy them with your friends.

How to Smoke a Joint – A Rite of Passage

Smoking a joint is a ritual that is cemented in cannabis culture. 

The art of smoking is something every cannabis enthusiast should experience at least once. When enjoying weed in groups, it’s essential to make sure everyone is in an inclusive environment with some fresh air if someone needs to step out. 

Try not to peer pressure those who don’t want to smoke and be respectful of the group. 

Learn the rules that we’ve shared with you, and next time you toke with your friends, you will be at the top of the smoking game.

Happy toking!

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