How to Make Cannabis Edibles: A Guide for the Novice

6 Oct 2022
Cannabis Edibles

So you want to make your own cannabis edibles. Great! That’s probably the best and most useful way to ingest weed. However, making edibles can be a bit daunting at first. How do you get THC from weed?

Where do you get weed in the first place? What kind of snacks or meals are good for masking the taste of weed? Will anyone notice if I use unusual ingredients? Instead of running away from these questions, we’ll answer them all right here.

Making weed edibles isn’t as difficult as it sounds. In fact, once you know what equipment and ingredients to use, it’s almost as easy as baking a pie. Here is our guide on how to make cannabis edibles that will have you feeling like a pro in no time.

Know Your Dosage

One of the most frustrating things about making edibles is not knowing how much weed to use. If you put too much in your recipe, you’ll have someone falling asleep on the couch at dinner time.

If you put too little in, you might not feel the effects of the edibles at all. The best way to avoid this unfortunate situation is to know your dosage. Depending on how strong you want your edibles to be, you’ll want to use different quantities of weed.

For example, if you want a buzz, you can use around 10 milligrams of THC per serving. If you want a more intense high, use around 20 milligrams. And if you want to be flying high for hours, use around 100 milligrams.

The Different Ways to Extract THC

As we said above, the best way to extract THC from weed is to decarboxylate it. However, there are also a few other ways you can extract the THC from your weed. If you don’t want to make edibles, you can also just smoke the weed to get high. In fact, this is the most traditional way of consuming weed.

However, if you want to eat your THC, you can use a few different methods. – If you want to make oil, you’ll need to use a solvent like ethanol or butane. This process is commonly used for medical marijuana. You can use CO2 or supercritical CO2 extraction to create an oil that can be turned into edibles.

If you want to make butter, you’ll need to combine your weed with some butter in a slow cooker. Put your weed and butter mixture in a blender and then pour it into molds. The butter sticks in the fridge and you can scrape off a little bit whenever you want to make edibles. If you want to make a tincture, you’ll need to soak your weed in a neutral liquid like grain alcohol. Put this in a jar and let it sit in a dark cabinet for a week.

If you want to make a topical, you’ll need to grind up your weed and mix it with coconut oil. Put this mixture in a bowl and put it in the freezer for about an hour. You can use this mixture to make a salve, oil, or balm.

Decide What Cannabis Edibles You’ll Make

First, decide what you want to make. Do you want cookies? Maybe you want some brownies. How about some candies or gummies? Maybe you want some pancakes or waffles? Or maybe you want to make something completely different.

Whatever you decide to make, make sure you have a good cannabis edible recipe. And remember that cannabis edibles can be used in any recipe. You can put weed in your cookies, brownies, pancakes, pasta, salad, drinks, and much more. Deciding what you want to make will not only determine your cannabis edible recipe, but it will also determine how much cannabis you will need.

How to Get Cannabis into Edibles

The best way to get weed into edibles is to infuse it with vegetable oil or butter. While you can also mix it with alcohol, coconut oil, or cream cheese to make tinctures, you won’t get as many edibles out of the same amount of weed. To infuse your weed with oil or butter, you’ll need the following:

– Slow cooker – Blender – Large Stockpot – Cheesecloth – Coffee Filter – Large bowl – A Measuring cup – Thermometer – A Wooden spoon – A Rubber band

Put your oil or butter in your slow cooker and turn it to low. Use one cup of butter or oil for every one ounce of weed. Put your weed in a blender with the butter or oil. Blend the mixture for about 10 seconds, then let it sit for 10 minutes.

Put your oil or butter mixture in the stockpot, put on the cheesecloth, and secure it with the coffee filter. Slowly bring the mixture to a boil, then simmer for about 60 minutes. Take the pot off the stove and let it cool for 30 minutes.

Pour the mixture through a strainer and into a large bowl.

Put the bowl in the fridge overnight.

Ingredients for Cannabis Edibles

– 3 cups of flour – 2 tablespoons of baking powder – 1/2 cup of sugar – 1/2 cup of brown sugar – cup of vegetable oil (canola or peanut oil) – 1/2 cup of milk – 1/2 cup of water – 1/2 cup of peanut butter – 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract – 1/2 cup of raisins (optional) – 1 ounce of cannabis.

Make sure to use a good cannabis edible recipe. You want the cannabis to infuse enough with the ingredients so you get the right amount of weed in your recipe. Make sure to use a large bowl since you’ll be mixing everything together there. You want to make sure your cannabis edibles are the right amount of THC.

Step 1: Decarboxylation

The first step is to decarboxylate your cannabis flower. This is the process of heating it up so the THC is activated. THC is a psychoactive compound that makes you feel high. However, it is not active in raw weed.

So the THC must be activated before you add it to your edibles. The easiest way to decarboxylate your weed is to put it in the oven at 220 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. You can also use a stovetop or a microwave, but these methods aren’t as reliable.

Step 2: Cannabis Infusion

The next step is cannabis infusions with vegetable oil or a cannabis infused butter. You can do this in a slow cooker, a saucepan, or a double boiler.

You can also do it in the microwave if you don’t have any of these appliances. You want to make sure you cover the weed with butter or Cannabis oil as well as you can. If you don’t cover it, it won’t infuse properly. Try to stir the decarboxylated weed with the oil or cannabis butter once or twice a day. This will help the weed infuse faster.

You can add a few other ingredients to your decarbed cannabis. For example, you can add peanuts, coconut flakes, or almonds. You can also add some sugar or sugar substitute. You can also add some raisins if you want more of a kick. You can also add some vanilla extract if you want to make a vanilla cannabis edibles recipe.

Step 3: Coating Or Spraying Binder

The next step is to spray or coat the infused oil or butter with a binder. A binder is just a thickening agent. You use it to make the cannabis more solid. A good binder to use is a combination of potato starch and flour. You can also mix your binder with sugar.

Step 4: Add Vegetable Oil and Processed Weed

The next step is to add vegetable oil and processed weed to your recipe. You can use any recipe you want, but you need to be careful about the amount of weed you use.

For example, if you want to make 2 cups of cookies, you’ll need about an ounce of weed. However, if you want to make the same amount of brownies, you’ll need double that.

Tips to Hide the Taste of Weed When Cooking with Cannabis Edibles

As we’ve said, the binder you use will help to mask the taste of cannabis. However, if you want to go the extra mile to hide the weed taste, here are a few other tips you can use. Add flavour to the recipe. Adding herbs, spice, or a bit of sweetener like honey to the recipe will make the taste of cannabis less noticeable.

Choose recipes that are savoury. Edibles like casseroles, mashed potatoes, and soups are great for masking the taste of weed.

Don’t add too much cannabis to the recipe. The more weed you add, the stronger it will taste. Use different equipment for cooking with cannabis and for cooking without cannabis.


Cannabis edibles are carving out a place as one of the most enjoyable and popular ways to consume cannabis. Making homemade edibles is a great way to get the most out of cannabis. It’s also a great way to get your friends and family interested in cannabis. Once you’ve got the basics of making edibles down, you can experiment with all sorts of recipes and ingredients. You can add cannabis to baked goods, soups, sauces, and more.

You can make cannabis infused edibles as strong or weak as you want. In fact, it’s often better to make edibles a little weaker so they’re easier to digest. Cannabis edibles can be very helpful with a variety of conditions, including chronic pain and insomnia.

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