5 Awesome Ways To Smoke Weed

11 Sep 2019
Ways To Smoke Weed

We know that a lot of you are weed connoisseurs and have many different ways of smoking your ganja. Some people have never even branched out of their smoking methods and that’s okay. In-fact, some people can’t even tell the difference between bad and good weed. We just wanted to go a bit in depth on some of the most awesome ways to smoke weed because we know some of them will BLOW YOUR MIND!

5 Awesome Ways To Smoke Weed:


Rolling Joints Provides One Of The Top Ways To Smoke Weed

Photo Credit: Leafbuyer


Rolling a joint to share is one of those time-honored pot traditions. As far as ways to smoke, this may be the most common.

Some people like to use specialty or hemp made papers, but most stick to your regular rolling papers. There are also accessories that can help you pre-roll your joints just like dispensaries do. You can even roll your joint using a mix of weed and tobacco, which is also known as a spliff.

Some people like doing this to save weed or to get a nice buzz. But others, including musicians like the late Bob Marley and Wiz Khalifa made a point to only smoke joints with pot. They would often spread the word on the health benefits of avoiding tobacco leaves.


A filter is a small piece of cardboard that is rolled into the end of the joint (the end that your mouth touches) to help filter out smoke and other particles.  It’s also helpful in preventing the end from getting wet and stuck together.

 Rolling Blunts With Fresh Flowers

Difference Between Blunts & Joints / Photo Credit:  Honest Marijuana

Blunts, Wraps, and Papers

A true blunt is a special kind of cigar often wrapped in a blunt wrap that is made of tobacco leaves. When pot smokers think of a blunt, however, they are meaning a big ass joint.

To roll joints of any size, you now have several options for the wraps, or papers that you use to roll up the weed so you can smoke it.

  • Hemp papers can be found in organic brands like High Hemps. They have several sizes with some having filters.
  • Blunt wraps, originally for the blunt cigars we spoke of above, can also be used to wrap marijuana, but it’s certainly rare to see in the wild.
  • Regular rolling papers, like ZigZags, also come in several sizes depending on whether you are just rolling a joint for the ‘two of you’ or couple blunts to bring to the party.


Pipes Are One Of The Most Common Ways To Smoke Weed

Types of Paraphernalia / Photo Credit: Ganjapreneur


Another word for pipes, bowls are what you fill with your favorite marijuana strains. There are lot’s of choices and you can pick that is easy to pack, fun to look at, disguised as something else or just something plain and simple. Here are a few main types of bowls available:

  • Pipes – Pipes are more for personal use and range in different sizes. They can be made out of wood, glass, titanium, etc.
  • Bubblers – Basically this is a cross between a pipe and a bong, which is useful if you want something portable and potent.
  • Steam Cleaners – It’s not what you think! It’s actually a decent sized glass, cylinder pipe that has an opening at one end for you to cover and another for you to inhale. One hit of this and you’ll feel as if you just took a shotgun!

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Bongs are like bowls or regular pipes on steroids. There have several features. For one, they are usually much larger than your standard bowl. So they can be a bit tricky to conceal in a pinch.

Also, since the bong has a water chamber, this means when you are smoking, the smoke passes (and cools) through the water before getting to your lungs.

Bong hits, mainly because of their large smoking chamber (that can hold a lot of smoke), tend to release a ginormous hit once you let go of the carb. So be sure to go easy, especially if this is your first bong hit. Expect to cough and possibly getting extremely stoned.

  • Water pipe – A water pipe is built with a large chamber and removable stems and bowls that you can pull out to clear the chamber, instead of using a carb like on a bowl. Just take one nice big rip and let go of all your pains and sorrows. This is a really nice way to smoke hash.
  • Heady Glass – Colorful and beautifully designed glass that is made from quality glassblowing.
  • Production Glass – Most commonly used glassware for bong making and is often mass produced. This results in cheap bongs that break fairly easily.
  • Percolators – A percolator is basically adding an additional chamber with a unique, glass design with a water filtration system in your bong, bubbler, etc. This makes your bong hit smoother and you’ll notice the more “percs” they have, the more expensive the piece is.


  • One-Hitters- Probably a stoner favorite! Easy to hide and pack for when you just need that one little hit! Some even come disguised as cigarettes for more discreet clients and patients. Other one-hitters look just like a tiny metal baseball bat. Use one to chill with a friend and pack a few “one-ees”.
  • Chillums- These are also known as one-hitters, however, they can range from small sizes to rather enormous sizes.
  • Dugouts- Okay, we lied, THIS is probably the stoner favorite! Why? Because it’s a small, two-chambered wooden box that holds your weed and your one-hitter. Just shove your one-hitter in the dugout where your weed is and you’re ready to get high at any moment’s notice!

 Using A One Hitter Is One For Concentrates

Check out the Top 8 Vapes of 2017 / Photo Credit: TheVape.Guide

Vapes and vape pens are an alternative to smoking weed. We would recommend this for the classy smoker who doesn’t want to smell like they just exited a weed emporium. They may want to keep things clean so to speak. With vape pens, you’re still able to experience psychoactive effects.

Additionally, if you want you can take it on the go or use it right from home. Some people don’t want to deal with a torch and the smoke that comes with it. So this rig makes the perfect alternative!


Dabs Are Becoming One Of The Most Popular Ways To Smoke Weed

Photo Credit: Daily Dabs 420

Dab Rigs This is essentially a bong for your concentrates and is usually connected to a nail and sometimes burned with a torch. This one of the best ways to smoke weed using shatter.

Nails – The main purpose of nails is to work in conjunction with a dabbing rig. When the nail is torched, it vaporizes your wax/shatter so that you’re able to inhale it through the rig. You should allow the nail to cool a bit so it doesn’t completely evaporate your concentrates. Check out this video on the different types of nails RuffHouse Studios used for dabbing their wax!

Carb Cap – This is really more of a tool that fits over the nail. It allows you to vaporize a full hit at a much lower temperature. It also helps keep the flavor so that you have a nice smooth and delicious hit.

Nectar Collectors – These are perfect for portable use and it also collects resin which is how it got its name. It’s a small syringe-shaped, glass piece with a titanium tip where you can torch and dab. Check out 7 simple steps on how to use them here.


A Thai Stick Is One Of The Most Unique Ways To Smoke Weed

DIY Thai Stick / Photo Credit: Stoner Dayz

Thai Stick – The Thai stick was originated in Thailand between the ’60s and ’70s and was one of the more popular ways to smoke weed. It’s made up of high quality buds bound to hemp fiber stalks dipped in opium. However, today, they are dipped in hash oil or live resin and can often be found in dispensaries in California. This would be quite a big task to take on so we recommend starting off with Twaxing, which is starting to become a huge phenomenon in the cannabis industry.

Gravity Bongs – Most people turn to an apple or a soda can when they can’t find any smoking utensils. But we were more interested in the gravity bong it’s certainly one the greatest ways to smoke weed and get super high! This is actually quite simple and you can buy materials at your local headshop. All you need is a bottle, a knife, and something to create a bowl like a ratchet or a small funnel. Check out the two examples we found below on how to make these!

 How To Set Up A Gravity Bong

Gravity Bong, Example 1 / Photo Credit: GrassCity


 Gravity Bong Instructions

Gravity Bong, Example 2 / Photo Credit: The Weed Blog

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We hope you enjoyed these awesome ways to smoke weed! Enjoy your herb and be sure to let us know which way is your favourite! As always you can get everything you need at our mail order weed dispensary!

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