What is Dabbing & How to Use a Dab Rig? The Complete Guide

10 Sep 2019
Everything You Need To Know About Various Dab Rigs

Dabbing is a textbook example of evolution. Once upon a time, there was nothing but BHO cannabis extracts, titanium nails, and torches. Now we have rosin concentrates, quartz bangers, and even e-nails. The rapid evolution of dabbing can be challenging to keep up with. So if you’re a dabbing enthusiast, you choose which dab rig to use, depending on the circumstances.

When you’re dabbing on the go, you will need a portable rig that is both efficient and capable of providing you with the full dabbing experience. On the other hand, socializing with your friends over the fresh-squeezed rosin will drastically change your preferences. Another situation that may compel you to change things up is when you’ve had an exhausting day at work and you need everything set up and ready for the dabbing session.

Let’s explore the various types of dab rigs and the whole dabbing phenomenon.

What Is Dabbing?

what is dabbing

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Before we elaborate more on the subject of dab rigs, let’s explain the whole dabbing process. The term “dabbing” comes from the fact that you actually have to dab a small volume of a cannabis concentrate, either in the form of oil or wax, onto a rig to create vapor.

Although dabbing may look easy, it’s actually a far cry from that – unless you’ve done it several times. The way you do it may depend on the style of your rig. Most basically, you’ll have to apply a small amount of your concentrate onto a nail, or another element that can be heated. With exceptions of e-nails, most heating equipment must be lit with torches. Sometimes, you’ll find a torch that is sold in a set with a rig, but they are usually distributed separately.

Once you’ve heated up the nail, you can proceed with applying the wax or oil. As you apply the wax, you should place your mouth on the mouthpiece, as the vapor will materialize at the very moment of application. Once the vapor is materialized, you can inhale it. If you have a domeless dab rig, you might have to wait for it to cool down before disassembling it and packing the rig away.

Basic Elements of a Dab Rig

parts of a dab rig

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At this point, you should already have a clear image of how a dab rig works. Although rigs come in a variety of types, most of them consist of just three elements: a glass piece, a nail, and the aforementioned torch. As I said above, you’ll most likely have to buy a separate torch lighter. In addition, the majority of people like to use actual dabbers to apply their extracts. Simply put, a dabber is a small, short rod. Although you’ll be able to spot some sets that include torches and dabbers, most people prefer to buy those parts separately.

Regular Rigs

regular dab rig

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If you dab regularly, you should take care of the appropriate quality of your dabbing equipment. Your rig should be sturdy and easy to maintain in terms of cleaning and storing. Some more experienced cannaseurs recommend using an electric nail (e-nail) because it’s compact and comes with the precise control over temperature. In addition, the nail doesn’t require the use of a torch. So in the end, you’ll find this particular type of the dabbing component is truly user-friendly.

Regular rigs are not only great for a daily use, but they also work well during social occasions. A sturdy and efficient rig will give you these perfect high-volume dabs.

Quartz Rigs

quartz dab rig

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Quartz buckets are ideal for special occasions. If you’re looking for the smoothest and palate-pleasing dabs, the quartz will be your strong go-to. The reason for the unique experience quartz rigs provide is in their ability to interfere with natural terpene profile of the concentrated herb. On top of that, there’s the impressive capacity of its deep bucket, which allows the user to handle dabbing without a mess.



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Let’s say you travel a lot but you also enjoy a flavorful dab on fresh air. Neither a regular nor a quartz ring will do the job in such a situation. Many vaping pens, even some models with strongly positive reviews, come with dedicated dabbing attachments that just fail to meet expectations. Fortunately, new technologies evolve so rapidly that we are witnesses to the perfect marriage of portability and dabbing standards of regular rigs.

Electronic oil rigs, or e-rigs, heat the nail with just a few clicks of the power buttons, so you won’t need to wait more than 30 seconds to make your utilities ready for a quick dab. Speaking of quick dabs, this seems to be the only downside of currently available e-rigs. The size of the nails and the vapor chambers doesn’t allow users to take more than a little dab once at a time. On the other hand, this drawback is compensated by the longevity of the battery which serves for as much as 50 dabs before it needs recharging.

Dabbing rigs come in a variety of types and each of them is dedicated for different purposes. If you enjoy a healthy way of consuming cannabis concentrates without having to light the torch with hydrocarbons that leave behind potentially dangerous materials, dabbing should be of your particular interest. The key is to find the right setup and spend some time on doing the research of how dabs work. This way, you will avoid the potential struggles of a rookie dabber.

What are your best dabbing practices? Is there any particular rig you’ve recently found to finally suit your needs? Feel free to share your experience!

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