How to Make Weed Tea

12 Sep 2019
How To Make Weed Tea

Whether you’re a medical marijuana user or you simply enjoy the herb recreationally, I bet you can’t resist exploring new ways of consuming cannabis. Many people give up smoking marijuana in favor of other different options, namely edibles, tinctures, or concentrates. This time, however, we’re going to talk about something that hasn’t been so popular among the community of contemporary marijuana enthusiasts, which is weed tea.

This way of consuming the herb is especially blissful for medical marijuana patients, as drinking this easily-prepared therapeutic tea is a convenient and hands down a healthier alternative.

How Can You Benefit From Drinking Weed Tea?

The Benefits Of Drinking Weed Tea

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To begin with, weed tea will be your choice if you wish to avoid the health risks linked to smoking any substance. That being said, you will find weed tea particularly beneficial for patients who are using medical cannabis to cure respiratory ailments.

The first recorded tracks of the use of weed tea throughout history takes us back to Jamaica and India, where brewing cannabis was then very popular. People of India and Jamaica appreciated the medical benefits of marijuana, and Jamaican expectant mothers used it traditionally as a treatment for morning sickness and stress associated with pregnancy. Today, people drink weed tea for a much wider range of health conditions.

What are Distinct Therapeutic Effects of Weed Tea?

Enjoy A Cup Of Weed Tea For Its Beneficial Effects

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Some cannabis users drink marijuana-infused tea because it gives them a different type of therapeutic experience. The reason why weed tea acts like that lies in the way cannabis is absorbed by our system. The process works gradually in the digestive tract, rather than being instantly inhaled to the lungs.

When you ingest marijuana, the effects kick in slowly. Many people claim that they feel them 30 to 90 minutes after they begin drinking their tea. On the other hand, the way you experience cannabis largely depends on your metabolism, potency, tolerance levels, and other stuff.

While you may not feel the effects of weed tea immediately, you will surely enjoy it for a longer period of time. Typically, cannabis users who drink marijuana-infused tea may experience prolonged effects that may last up to even eight hours. Given this, consuming cannabis with this method will be especially beneficial for those who are advised to use the herb regularly in order to relieve and prevent persistent aches, pains, and other types of physical discomfort.

How to Prepare Weed Tea?

How To Make Weed Tea

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Brewing marijuana-infused tea is one of the easiest processes for infusing food and drink with weed. It requires only the most basic ingredients and simple brewing equipment. Speaking of equipment, you’ll need tea bags, a mug, and a cup of boiling water. Some recipes refer to using cannabis butter, too, but we’ll skip that part and use the simplest method of all.

If you’ve never made cannabis-infused tea, you’ll need more detailed instructions, but guess what? I’m here to explain everything to you so that you eventually get a grasp of the technique and become able to brew your own weed tea on a regular basis.

Easy Marijuana Bud Tea


⦁ ½ gram cannabis buds
⦁ ½ teaspoon butter
⦁ Tea bag of your favorite flavor
⦁ 1 ½ cups water
⦁ Sugar or honey (optional)


⦁ Grind your cannabis buds. Keep in mind that you should keep out the stems and seeds. You can grind your weed with your hands, but I strongly recommend using a weed grinder or – if necessary – a sharp knife. Grind your weed until it’s finely chopped, but refrain from going overboard with grinding, as you don’t want the herb to be fully powdered.

⦁ Once you’ve finished grinding your weed, mix it with butter. You can put these two ingredients together in a bowl and mix them up with a spoon or spatula. The key is to make the ground buds completely coated, but not soaked in butter. Remember that too much will slow the release of THC.

Pro Tip #1:

If you aim at brewing more potent weed tea, it’s essential that you extract the THC from the plant. THC is not soluble in water alone, so you’ll need a fatty substance like butter. The combination of butter and water is ideal for working with high heat. Moreover, the butter will help you release THC from the ground buds so that you can easily ingest the substance.

⦁ Now it’s time to empty the tea bag and fill it with your weed-butter mixture. Cut off the top of the bag with scissors and get rid of the contents. After that, take the spoon and insert the mixture into the bag, folding it over a couple of times – this will prevent the marijuana from spilling out of the tea bag.

Pro Tip #2

A metal tea ball will come in handy when brewing weed tea, too. If you’re a tea enthusiast, then you probably have one somewhere in your utensil drawer. It’s high time you dug it out! Another useful equivalent of a tea bag is a coffee filter, non-bleached is best. Just place your weed in the center of the item, gather the edges and tie it up to create a small tea bag – simple as that!

⦁ Place a saucepan or pot with water over low heat on the stove. Be mindful not to bring the water to a full boil – instead, let it simmer gently. Place the teabag in the hot water and let it simmer for approximately 30 minutes. Should the water start to boil, reduce the heat immediately. If you find yourself running short on water, add a little more so that it doesn’t evaporate from the pot.

⦁ Remove the saucepan from the heat and take the teabag away. Your weed tea will be very hot, so watch out not to burn yourself. Allow the tea to cool for 5 minutes. If you want to add some more flavor to your drink, add another teabag for the last two minutes of simmering.

Concluding Thoughts

Now you know how to brew your own weed tea. Enjoy its therapeutic properties and revel in the beautiful flavor of cannabis.

Have you ever shared the experience of making or drinking cannabis-infused tea? I’m thrilled to read your stories.

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