The Backwoods Blunt – A Tried & True Classic

30 Jan 2023
Backwoods Blunt

The backwoods blunt is a classic in stoner culture. Also known as blunts, these larger-than-usual, nicotine packed joints are notorious for their THC and nicotine content. 

What distinguishes a blunt from a backwoods blunt? 

A blunt is simply a cigar that has its tobacco removed and substituted with marijuana. They come in all different sizes, yet what you need to know is that they can hold a lot more pot than your average joint and are a great way to medicate quickly, but what seperates a blunt from a backwoods blunt has more to do with the blunt’s packaging than it does with the content inside itself! 

Let’s look at what backwoods blunt is, its benefits and how it compares to joints!

What is a Backwoods Blunt?

A backwoods blunt is cannabis rolled into a 100 percent natural tobacco leaf. Many of you may be thinking, well, that’s just a blunt? And you are right! 

A blunt is called a backwoods blunt because the name is derived from a popular tobacco company and a brand, just like with kleenex or chapstick. 

For those more familiar with blunts, you’ll know that they are made using marijuana rolled inside a tobacco leaf. There are many spins on this simple classic, but we consider a blunt to be any 100 percent weed-filled tobacco leaf or a similar alternative for a point of clarity. 

The History of First Backwoods Blunt

Backwoods Blunt

The name of the backwoods blunt comes from the original type of cigar used to create blunts. Backwoods Cigars is a brand of cigars originally produced in the United States starting in 1973. These cigars were hollowed out and the tobacco inside was replaced with weed.

Backwoods cigars come in a variety of exciting flavors. These sweet flavors include honey bourbon, honey berry, Russian cream, and sweet aromatic aroma. You can find these cigars throughout the US, although they are not hard to find in many other countries like Canada.

Nowadays, people use all sorts of different cigars and cigar papers to roll backwoods blunts. Many of these are now sold exclusively to create blunts, and they come either unwrapped, or as cones that you can easily fill with weed, tobacco, or both! 

The flavor options are basically endless, and you’ll likely find numerous options in any dispensary you visit. 

Now that we’ve discussed the wrapping in-depth let’s talk about what goes inside. 

Well, this is the easiest part!

KIng Kush

All you need to do is insert your favorite weed. Any weed will do, whether it is indica or sativa, there is nothing special required for your cannabis to be rolled into a blunt.

Get even more creative with it. Some people use hash, cannabis concentrates, kief, and other versions of cannabis inside and outside of their blunts.

As well as having the benefit of these concentrates comes in the form of increased potency and better high.

What’s the Benefit?

People love smoke blunts for several reasons.

First, blunts are massive and make for giant smoke sessions. This is great for those who share their cannabis with a large group or want a special treat to celebrate a special occasion. The backwoods cigar papers are large and can easily handle being stuffed with marijuana. Practically speaking, backwoods are undoubtedly a fun treat.

Second, tobacco has benefits that combine with cannabis in enjoyable ways. The pairing of your cannabis and tobacco produces an intense and euphoric buzz. It is quite common to combine the stimulating effects of nicotine with cannabis to counter some of the sedative effects of being high.

Third, they are fun to roll and can be done creatively. The challenge of rolling a blunt plus the reward of sharing it with friends is undeniable. Backwoods blunts also offer a creative output, as people add all sorts of fun cannabis concentrates inside and outside of it to make their experience even better.

Blunt vs Joint – What’s the Difference?

The only major difference between backwoods blunts and joints is the paper used. 

Blunts use cigar papers, made from tobacco leaf, or hemp as we have mentioned above. Joints, on the other hand, are rolled using regular papers, like the ones used to roll cigarettes.

Zig-Zag – Kutcorners Slow Burning

The most well-known brand of regular rolling papers is the Zig-Zags. These sorts of papers are made using rice, hemp, flax plant fibers, and much more. You can get these papers plain or in a variety of flavors, depending on the brand.

Outside of the paper, the other difference often rests in the size. However, blunts tend to be much bigger than the average joint. If you choose to add nicotine into your joint, it can be considered to be a spliff

The terminology is a bit confusing, but to make things simple, here’s how you can remember the differences between the 3:

  • Blunt: Weed and/or tobacco rolled inside tobacco or blunt paper
  • Joint: Weed rolled inside hemp or rolling paper
  • Spliff: Weed and tobacco rolled inside hemp or rolling paper

Backwoods Blunt – A Different Kind of Buzz

As we have learned together, a backwoods blunt is basically a blunt with its name relating to the original type of cigar used back in the day. 

Currently, there are numerous tobacco and alternative cigar-paper options for you to enjoy rolling around your cannabis. Finally, Blunts offer fantastic versatility and make for very sharable and unique smoking experiences.

Try them out and experience a different kind of buzz!

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