How to Roll a Blunt – Become a Master

1 Sep 2019
how to roll a blunt

Everybody has their favourite way of using weed, and many were first introduced to marijuana through joints and blunts. If you’re in love with the backwoods cigar, you most likely will already have your own method of blunt rolling. If you’re a fan of rolling a great joint, but you’ve only smoked joints before, now is the time to learn how to roll a blunt.

Advantages of the Blunt

Why exactly would you go through the effort of rolling a blunt instead of using edibles or a simple joint? Because some smokers prefer blunts for their smoky cigar flavour which adds to the normal pot smoking experience.

A blunt is also one of the most convenient ways to smoke weed. Not only does it hold more buds than a regular joint, but it can be reused several times and stand up to a good amount of abuse. Also, because it’s slow-burning, it’s the perfect way to share weed amongst friends while ensuring that everybody gets a decent hit.

Finally, there are blunt advocates who will swear it will get you higher than a joint will. This is thanks to the extra tobacco hit coming from the cigar wrap.

What Materials Do You Need?

All you need to roll your own blunt are a cigar (or blunt wraps), a lighter, and cannabis buds. There are a couple of extra accessories that aren’t necessary but can be infinitely helpful when you’re new to the process of blunt rolling. For one, a weed grinder can make breaking down the cannabis buds easier. Additionally, a knife will help you cut open your cigar more effectively.

When choosing which cigar to use, stick to the cheap stuff. Expensive cigars use actual tobacco leaves, which can produce a lot of acrid smoke. These will certainly interfere with your smoking pleasure, especially if you enjoy the various flavours of regular pot smoke. Cheap cigars use sheet tobacco, which is designed to provide a much milder burn.

Alternatively, you can use an alternative pre-made blunt wrap. They come in a variety of flavours, including some which are made from hemp. These may be slightly healthier for you than a tobacco-based smoke.

How to Roll a Blunt

The first step is to break down your buds. You can do this either by using your hands or by using the cannabis grinder we mentioned. A grinder will help ensure an even burn while using your hands will give you a slightly slower burn. Then, you prepare the blunt wrap by cutting open the cigar lengthways and removing the tobacco.

You can wet the wrap slightly to make rolling easier. Do this by either using saliva or, more hygienically, a bit of water dabbed onto the paper with your fingertip.

Once your blunt wrap is ready, you can fill the wrapper with as much cannabis as it can take. As you gain experience with rolling blunts, it’ll become easier to fit more weed into the wrap. At the start of the process, aim to include around two grams of cannabis in the blunt wrap.

Once you’ve packed your cannabis, you can roll the blunt using your fingers to distribute the weed evenly. This is the trickiest step and it can be difficult when you’re a beginner. Keep at it, and you’ll soon become a blunt rolling master.

Final Step – Bake It

When the blunt has been properly rolled and sealed, you ‘bake it’ by passing a lighter under the seam and outside of the blunt. This helps the wrap to seal tightly around the contents and results in an even burn.

That’s it. Now you can light up and enjoy the fruits of your labour—ideally sharing the weed experience with a couple of friends.

Rolling a blunt can be tricky, particularly if you’ve never done it before. There are also many other ways to produce a blunt and it’s up to you to find a method that works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different brands of wraps, as well as different methods of rolling.

Practice makes perfect, so keep trying until you get the desired result.


Blunts are also a social way to enjoy a bit of weed. They offer a new taste dimension, and the slow burn means they can be shared and reused. No weed bud will be left unfinished.

If you want to avoid the dangerous chemicals found in tobacco smoke, there are various alternatives to cigar wraps that are easier on the lungs. These alternatives still create the same amount of flavour. Why don’t you check out our selection of hemp blunt wraps and pick your favourite?


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