Sploof – How To Reduce The Smell When Smoking Weed

16 Oct 2020

Why do you need a sploof?

Smoking weed isn’t the only way to trigger paranoia. 

Often, the fear of getting caught is enough to make consumers feel uncomfortable — and nothing highlights the fact that you’re toking up better than the smell of marijuana smoke. 

It’s easy to recognize, and it seemingly wafts from miles away. 

Regardless of how much you may love the smell of marijuana, it’s still very inconsiderate to subject those around you to second-hand smoke. Fortunately, we were gifted with a way to conceal the odour of weed via running it through a DIY-filter known as a sploof. 

This funny-sounding contraption may end up being a valuable smoke buddy, so we wanted to take the time to teach you about what a sploof is and how to make your own! 

What is a Sploof?

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Technically speaking, a sploof can be any instrument that lets you blow smoke into it to reduce the weed pungency. 

Most sploof builds are an open-ended tube with a filter placed inside or at the end of it. 

You can buy pre-made sploofs like the Sploofy and Smoke Buddy online if you don’t want to bother making your own, but either way, a sploof will never be 100 percent effective at eliminating all the stink. 

This is because the plant’s terpenes and other tiny molecules are small and strong enough to sneak past the filtration system. 

Most DIY sploofs use dryer sheets stuffed down the shaft of a toilet paper or paper towel roll to filter the smoke particles. The more advanced tokers use an activated charcoal filter — or a combination of dryer sheets and charcoal.

What Makes Weed Smell so Dank?

Before we instruct you on how to make a sploof, let’s discover why it’s so smelly in the first place! 

Weed aroma is the strongest when you smoke it, and the method you choose impacts how much smoke is emitted into the air. 

Smoking a joint or blunt is by far the smelliest method because you’re burning paper products and the flower. Once they’re lit — you can’t stop or control the smoke in-between hits. 

Smoking from a bowl or a bong is a little better because you’re not constantly burning it and putting off smoke. In this case, the plant’s matter contributes to how strong it will ultimately smell. 

If you’re really concerned about the smell, you may want to consider switching to a vape pen instead. There is no combustion of plant or paper material involved, and no smoke is produced. 

This is because vape pens don’t burn — they vaporize. The marijuana distillate used in the process is a pure and refined product that is usually 80%-90% THC, and free of chlorophyll, lipids, and plant waxes that create a strong odour commonly associated with marijuana. 

How Effective is it?

As we briefly touched on earlier, no sploof will be 100 percent effective, so we don’t recommend smoking and sploofing in an unventilated room. 

If you want to get the most out of your sploof, it’s best to smoke out of a small pipe or chillum that can be easily put out using a coin to snuff out a smouldering bowl — which eliminates any residual smoke.  

Your sploof will be the most effective if you pair it with dabs. Since dabs are a one and done kind of hit, and since they vaporize the concentrate instead of burning it, the sploof does a great job of eliminating most of the smell from your single exhale. 

That said, it’s important to keep your wits about you and be aware of your surroundings. 

Smoking near fabrics like sofas, chairs, curtains, pillows, clothes, and even shower curtains can absorb and emit a residual and noticeable stink over time.  And who wants that?

Instead, always try to keep your sploof aimed towards a vent or window to direct the smoke out.

How to Make a Sploof

sploof how to

The sploof is usually crafted from things found lying around the house or at your local hardware store and is built using the same basic principle but different types of filtering agents. 

The first and most common process used is the dryer sheet. Dryer sheets are a great option because they’re loaded with fragrance, and they’re constructed with a thick weave material that helps trap odour molecules.

The other filtration option commonly used in sploofs is activated charcoal. 

Activated charcoal, aka activated carbon, is one of the most efficient filters you can find because each and every grain is extremely porous. 

It’s an activated charcoal’s high degree of microporosity that gives just one gram of activated charcoal a 32,000 square foot surface area. 

In terms of absorption — that’s huge! 

That’s an entire 32,000 square feet worth of space that could be utilized to trap the odorous marijuana molecules. 

The good news is activated charcoal is incredibly easy to find, and it is relatively cheap. You can find it at most pet stores and big box stores like Walmart in the fish tank section. 

Between dryer sheets and activated charcoal, the latter is by far the more effective of the two. Still, if you want to get creative you can layer activated carbon between layers of dryer sheets to help cover your bases. 

Now for the fun part, making it! 

First, you’ll want to take your tube (toilet paper or paper towel roll) and place a dryer sheet over one side of it so that the hole is completely covered. Take a rubber band or hair tie and secure the dryer sheet to the end of your tube. Then with the open side of the tube — stuff dryer sheets or your activated charcoal down the shaft until you get close to the end.

For both filtration methods, we recommend using a small piece of paper towel to use as a buffer between the charcoal and the dryer sheets to avoid inhaling the strong fragrance or powder that emits from them.

And that’s it! Easy, right?

Sploof – Your Personal Air Filter

In order to get the most out of your high and overall smoke sessions, it’s best to be in a calm state of mind where you can enjoy your cannabis. This is near impossible to do if you’re worried about the smell before you even toke up.

This is why sploofs are such a critical component of a cannabis connoisseurs arsenal. If you are in the predicament where you can’t freely smoke because you’re concerned about offending family, friends, or neighbours with the stink, make a sploof!

All in all, if you’re dead set on wanting to eliminate most of the odour, we recommend vaping and using a sploof. This winning combination would likely expel most, if not all, of the smell. 

Just be sure to do your research on purchasing a quality vape pen and keep your window cracked!

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