Smoking vs Vaping Weed – Which Is Better For You?

20 Aug 2020
Smoking Vs Vaping Weed

What’s the difference between vaping vs smoking weed?

We all want to enjoy the wonders of cannabis, and there are more ways than ever to do so right now. While the high from smoking marijuana is hard to beat, vaporizing has a set of benefits, including health and situational factors.

Stick with us as we unveil the differences and similarities between these two delivery methods for cannabis and which one is safer for you.

Vaping vs Smoking Weed – How Are They Different?

How Are Vaping And Smoking Different

Both vaping and smoking will get us high using various cannabis products. They both lead to the release of the therapeutic agents in the cannabis plant, including cannabinoids and terpenes

Additionally, both methods involve inhaling these compounds, as opposed to topical or edible cannabis. Beyond these similarities, there are also many differences. 

The primary difference between smoking vs vaping weed involves the heat source. Smoking uses combustion, or the simple act of burning plant matter, to get us high. Vaporizing, however, uses a heat source to turn the cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapor that is then inhaled. Using a vaporizer correctly leads to a complete lack of any burnt plant matter.

Unlike smoking weed, vaping marijuana involves variable temperatures. With smoking weed, the fire just burns, while vaporizers include temperature settings. 

And the temperature you select does matter! Generally speaking, to maximize the flavor of terpenes and experience of vaping, using the lower temperatures is advisable. For example, a range of around 310-330°F will get the job done. Read your vaporizer’s manual to find out what options you have to select the temperature.

Vaporizers are able to produce a vapor that appears mist-like and is much more pleasant to inhale than smoke. These devices use either conduction or convection heating methods. 

In brief, conduction involves the heat source touching the weed, while convection pushes hot air through the cannabis. While we’re discussing vaping devices, let’s explore the major types of vaporizers. These include dry herb vaporizers and distillate cartridge vaporizers.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

The classic way to vape weed started with dry herb vaporizers. Furthermore, they started out as tabletop devices like the well-known Volcano and progressed to portable devices on the go. 

All of these devices share the fact that they involve you filling them up with dried herb. The heating method may be convection or conduction, but either way, the device vaporizes the dried herb inside.

Distillate Cartridge Vaporizers

Hooti Distillate Cartridge Vaporizer

Broadly known as Vape Pens, these portable devices use cartridges filled with liquids infused with cannabis. Some of these cartridges can be refilled while others are disposable. 

Most modern vape pens use cartridges filled with distillate. This means that they are filled with pure THC or CBD, along with potential carrier oils or thinning agents. Some of these carts also have terpenes added in for a more pleasant taste and entourage effect.

A great example of such vape pens will be Hooti vape pens. These pens are made using the latest technologies and are great for those looking to medicate on the go and discreetly.

They also come in various strains, including your favorite God’s Green Crack, King Kush, Hawaiian Cookies, Afghan Kush, Wedding Cake and much more.

Try Hooti vape pens if you want to enjoy a premium taste and experience entourage effect.

Concentrate Vaporizers

A newer category of vaporizers, these ones are pretty similar to the vape pens already discussed. 

Some vape pens can be used with cannabis oils like those mentioned above, along with cannabis concentrates. Be careful when buying these, as some don’t work nearly as well as others. 

Generally speaking, they include a bowl where you can insert the cannabis concentrate of choice, such as wax or shatter. Other than that, the function is the same as the vaporizers already mentioned.

The Benefits of Smoking vs Vaping Weed

As mentioned, vaping does not burn any plant matter. It is this primary difference that leads to one of the most significant benefits of vaporizing. 

The fact that vaping does not burn anything is simply a major benefit. This is because the science is clear that the process of combustion produces cancer-producing compounds. This is a general principle that applies whether we are talking about a burnt steak or smoked weed.

Smoking is bad for our health, plain and simple. While many stoners may not want to stop smoking completely, shifting how much we smoke versus vape may produce beneficial effects.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, one of the negative effects of smoking marijuana is linked to our cardiovascular system. Specifically, smoking cannabis harms our vascular system and its ability to dilate and contract appropriately.

There is also the consideration of second-hand smoke. If others are around you while you smoke, they are breathing in the same harmful compounds as you (along with some of the good ones). 

Shifting from smoking to vaping means that the impacts of second-hand smoke are greatly reduced. We would like to say that there are no harms from second-hand vaping, but research is needed to support this claim.

The situation you find yourself in is also a factor. It is undeniable that smoking joints offer unbeatable flexibility outside the home. That said, if you can afford to buy a portable vaporizer, you can take this excellent delivery method along with you. 

Luckily packing dried herb into a portable vaporizer isn’t the only option. With the wide assortment of cheap vape pens out there, vaping marijuana has never been more cost-effective.

In terms of smell, vaporizing produces far less odor than smoking marijuana does. The aroma does not stick around for nearly as long. Depending on your housing situation, you may not be allowed to smoke indoors, but find that vaping is an adequate replacement. Your neighbours will greatly appreciate your switch from smoking to vaping indoors due to the complete lack of smell!

Another research study from Johns Hopkins Medicine has also found that vaping marijuana produces stronger effects than smoking it. Furthermore, the research has found that infrequent users may experience even more potent effects of vaping cannabis.

The state of your health should also be considered. People with asthma or cardiovascular concerns may want to consider whether vaping is safer than smoking cannabis based on risk level. Other situations, such as having a cold or flu, may warrant less weed smoking as this can agitate the lungs further.

Should You Vape Cannabis?

Picking the right delivery method for you requires having the right information. This guide has helped you learn what you need to know to decide if vaping cannabis is right for you. 

Keep in mind that you do not have to only use one delivery method for cannabis. Many cannabis users opt for vaping, smoking, and edibles based on the situation and other considerations.

When it comes to your health, using vape is a potentially beneficial harm reduction method that can make getting high less harmful. If you’re able to purchase reputable vape pens, these products come with high levels of safety. 

That said, many may feel more comfortable with vaping dry herbs. This method offers all the benefits of vaping over smoking, while still allowing you to smoke the exact same dried herbs you love to smoke.

Whichever your preferred method of smoking is, it’s important to try them all out to find one that fits your lifestyle!

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