How to Vape Hash & What Vaping Device You Need

1 Oct 2021
How To Vape Hash

Hashish is one of the tastiest cannabis concentrates available today, but do you know how to vape hash? 

Commonly consumed via joints, bongs or pipes, hash is an aromatic cannabis concentrate packed with terpenes and potency. While vaping and dabbing BHO concentrates is growing increasingly popular, not many people how that hashish can be vaped or how to do it.

We consider this to be a tragedy. Vaping is not only a healthier way to consume cannabis, but it’s also effective at drawing out more of the product’s terpenes, flavour and aroma. 

For a concentrate like hash, which is made with terpene-packed kief, vaping seems like a no-brainer. But alas, few, if any, know that you can vape it, and fewer know how to do it. 

With that being said, if you want to know what to do before loading hash into your vape, we’ve got you covered!

Keep on reading to learn how to vape hash, what you need to do it properly and how it works!

What is Hash?



Red Lebanese Hash

Hashish, or hash, is a form of cannabis concentrate with a rich history going back to the 12th century.  While we can’t be sure of its exact origins, historical records indicate that hash originated around the Middle East and Northern Africa. 

For centuries it has been used in medicinal, religious, and recreational practices from Morocco (Moroccan hash) to India (Charas) and beyond.

Hash consists mainly of cannabis trichomes, the resin glands that coat the outside of marijuana buds. This resin is the key to cannabis concentrates because of the cannabinoids, terpenes flavonoids locked inside.

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that provide the cerebral and physical sensations we associate with using cannabis, while terpenes supply the flavour we all know and love about cannabis.

Unlike concentrates such as cannabis wax and shatter, hash retains some plant material, which affects the consistency and colour of the hash. 

For instance, darker hash contains more plant material and is less psychoactive, meaning lighter coloured hash is usually more potent and has less plant matter. 

In comparison, wax, shatter, and other concentrates are made using solvent extraction methods, which fully remove plant material resulting in light honey-coloured extracts.

How is Hash Made?

Our ancestors harvested hash by hand-rubbing. To create hashish, they rubbed cannabis flowers between their hands until they became sticky with resin. Once enough resin was collected, they would clump it into a ball of concentrate. 

Hand-rubbed hash can still be found worldwide, but it’s generally not favoured due to the tedious process of making it.

Thankfully these days, we have more efficient, less messy ways of producing different types of hash

For example, dry sift hash is made by scraping cannabis through a series of fine mesh screens until the desired consistency is reached. Dry sift hash is similar to the kief that collects under the screen in your grinder.

Bubble Hash Cannabismo

Additionally, there is Bubble hash. This concentrate is made similar to dry sifting, with the buds being placed water first to freeze the trichomes for easier separation.

For more information on how hash is made, check out our guide: How to Make Hash – 3 Tried and True Methods.

What Vaporizers Can Be Used With Hashish?

When asking the question of whether it’s possible to vape hash, the answer is YES!

But there are a few caveats to bear in mind.

  • Not all vaporizers are compatible with hash. Tokers can only use hashish in a vaporizer that can handle hash. It cannot be used in THC vape pens or concentrate vaporizers such as dab pens.
  • Your vape needs to have a well-sealed chamber, as hash liquefies when heated. Molten hash will ruin your device if it leaks out.
  • Temperature control is essential, as the hash needs to be heated to at least 180°C.
  • It’s also essential to thoroughly clean the chamber after vaping hash, so make sure to use a device that’s easy to take apart.

Choosing the Best Device for Vaping Hash

Vaping Hash

Bearing those points in mind, here’s what to look for when choosing a hash vaping device.

Chamber Size

Hash works best in a vape with a vast herb chamber. It’s easier to load in your product and allows for better heat circulation.

Additionally, look for vaporizers with a sealed or well-protected herb chamber to avoid leaking.

Temperature Control

Hash activates at high temperatures compared to other forms of cannabis. While you will feel light effects if you vape hash at 180-190°C, you’ll need a device that goes to at least 200°C for maximum potency.

Ease of Cleaning

We’ll get into this a bit more below, but it is so important to be able to easily and thoroughly clean your vape after using hash. Vaporizer models that are difficult or time-consuming to disassemble are not ideal for using with hash. 

Look for reviews attesting to how easy the device is to clean before purchasing your vaping buddy.

Tips on How to Vape Hash

Tip 1: Always Use Degummed Hemp Fibre

Have you ever heard of degummed hemp fibre? You are not alone, as it has few uses outside of vaporizing hash and other cannabis concentrates.

Essentially, degummed hemp fibre is like hemp cotton wool. It’s used to create a barrier between hash and the vape coil so that melted hash doesn’t leak into your device. 

Degummed hemp fibre is non-combustible and flavourless so, other than keeping your device clean, it should have no impact at all on your vaping experience.

Some people also sandwich ground hash in between two layers of regular ground herb, using the herb as a barrier to keep the hash from leaking out of the chamber. 

We do not advocate for such a technique, and you should probably only experiment with this if you’re willing to shell out for an entirely new vaporizer afterwards.

Instead, it’s best to stick with degummed hemp fibres unless you want to buy a new vape.

Tip 2: Don’t Overfill Your Bowl

Vaping Hash Tips
Vaping hash. Herbies Seeds

We understand that you might want to get out-of-this-world stoned, but resist the temptation to pack a bucket load of hash into your bowl.

As we’ve mentioned before, hash melts quickly and needs to be thoroughly cleaned out of your device between uses. Hash is also very potent, and you only need about 0.1g for each session, even if you’re passing it around with your pals. 

Overloading your bowl will just waste your product and make more mess for you to clean up later. Break your hash down into fine powder to avoid overfilling and making a mess.

Tip 3: Keep it Clean

A surefire way to ruin your lovely, expensive vaporizer is by not thoroughly cleaning it after you vaporize hash. So, for the love of your wallet, make sure you clean every trace of hash out of your device before loading it back up.

The best way to do this is with a cotton swab, 99% isopropyl alcohol and patience. 

Disassemble your vape, wash debris off with warm water, and then use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol to remove all the sticky hash gunk from each part. 

Rinse each component with water (trust that you do not want to vape alcohol residue) and dry them off before reassembling your device.

Refer to your device’s user manual for guidance on how to disassemble and reassemble your vape.

Vaping Hash – Smooth & Clean 

Vaping hash takes a bit of preparation and awareness, but that smooth, potent high will be well worth your efforts.

Do your research, buy a compatible vaping device and don’t forget to clean your vape regularly to ensure clean hits and fantastic flavour. 

Short on hash? Check out our online dispensary for a huge selection of hash and other tasty concentrates.

Happy vaping!

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