The Cannabis Massage Connection

30 Jan 2024
Cannabis Massage

When you think of massage, it isn’t often that cannabis comes to mind. But it should and here’s why. In previous articles, we have discussed topicals and THC vs. CBD. We concluded THC and CBD are both beneficial and that both can be used in topicals such as cremes, lotions, salves, oils, and balms.

CBD is non-psychoactive and when infused in topicals can provide skin elasticity, pain relief, and relaxation. The CBD-THC combination with massage go hand in hand and in fact enhance the therapeutic effects.

Think of it like advanced aromatherapy for your whole body! We know you have lots of questions and we have lots of answers. But before we get into massage with cannabis, we’d like to dive a little bit more into topicals and how they help to enhance massage therapy.

CBD, Topicals & Massage


The picture above goes into the different types of cannabinoids and their therapeutic benefits. CBD, as we know, is one of the many compounds that are found in cannabis. It’s also one of highest concentrations next to THC out of all cannabinoids. The levels of potency tend to vary by plant but breeders have mastered a way with selective breeding techniques. Although CBD and THC act on different passages of the body, they still both provide many medicinal effects.

We know what some of you are thinking, “If you can’t smoke it, then will you see the same effects?” Well, to answer your question, no, you will not get the same effects from smoking marijuana as you would getting a THC/CBD infused oil absorbed into your skin. However, if you go into a massage session with a pain level of 7, don’t be surprised if within minutes of application the pain level goes down to a 0.

You see, studies have shown CB1 and CB2 receptors are located in the skin as well as your hair follicles and sweat glands. What does this mean exactly? The chemical compounds found in cannabis have a direct effect of these receptors without passage through the blood stream. This also helps with the little-to-no psychoactive effect it will have on your brain. In fact, CBD reduces the negative effects of THC and are often mixed in with THC topicals.

Get a cannabis massage with a wide array or products

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What Does a Cannabis Massage Do For You?

Massage is the manipulation of muscles while combined with a smooth and relaxing experience. By adding topicals into the mix, this assists the therapist by nearly cutting their work in half. It isn’t likely for you or your therapist to get high from these oils or salves based on the dosage. CBD has many anti-inflammatory properties and this helps to reduce physical injuries as well as chronic pain, such as Rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

You can apply these different topicals to different massage modalities, such as Sports Massage, Dessert Hot Stone and Reflexology. Not every therapist will be certified to work with CBD/THC infused topicals. But that really depends on the state/country. For the most part, all massage therapists are certified to use CBD infused topicals because CBD is in fact legal.

Massage has many areas that the therapist can take extra classes for; some places are really starting to dive into teaching cannabis infused massage methods. It is all still in its early stage but it is rather exciting to see where cannabis and massage are going. It seems like more and more every day we are discovering new and improved ways to benefit from cannabis.

Cannabis Infused Massage

a super relaxing massage with cannabis

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When you go into this type of service, it is just like any normal massage. The only difference is the product being used on your skin. Normally, the therapist will give you a choice of topicals. However, they recommend oils the most because of its quick effects. Lots of these topicals are infused with other aromatherapies and fragrances.

Don’t worry, therapists are very thorough on allergies and medical history. These massages can also be customized; you can request how many drops you’d like added into your lotion or only use it in a specific area.

Massage is known to help reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and metabolism, and also reduce stress and ease pain. CBD also appears to counteract the sleep-inducing effects of THC, however, its hard resisting sleep when your body is being put in a trance.

Though massage is very relaxing, it has many health benefits and can even help in cases with burn victims. With cannabis infused massage, it has made a vast improvement in burn victims and has helped their healing process tremendously. Even people with skin infections like Eczema and Psoriasis can be helped with massage now thanks to cannabis!

Cannabis & Pregnancy Massage

cannabis massage during and after pregnancy

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There are still studies being done on cannabis use and pregnancy but so far nothing that impairs a threat to the fetus, before, during, or after the pregnancy as been found. In fact, pregnant women who have experienced cannabis infused massage have said it has done wonders for their back and other pains and sores.

If you’re still a bit skeptical, then we recommend asking your therapist to use a CBD infused balm! You can even purchase these balms to have at home and use whenever you’re wanting to relieve some stress or just relax. They really do have lovely scents, check out what we’ve got in stock here.

These salves have even been known to help with stretch marks and migraines which a lot of pregnant women suffer from. Also, pregnancy tends to swell up your feet and rubbing these salves on the bottom of your feet can really help to reduce the inflammation.

cannabis massage

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We hope this article intrigued you enough to try it out for yourself! We know that cannabis infused massage is not for everyone. But we thought we’d shed some light for those wanting to know a bit more. Have you ever had a cannabis infused massage? Share your story below, we’d love to hear it!

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