What is Cannabis Wax and Why is it so Popular?

20 Aug 2021
cannabis wax

Cannabis wax, also known as marijuana wax or just plain wax, is a thick cannabis concentrate known for its texture and appearance. Resembling wax itself, cannabis wax is has a viscous texture and a malleable, wax-like consistency.

Within the cannabis community, wax is a cannabis concentrate enjoyed with delight. Its unique texture, high THC potency and delicate terpene profile make it a great concentrate to dab.

If you haven’t tried wax yet, or are simply looking for more information about this versatile and popular concentrate, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis wax and how to use it! 

What is Cannabis Wax? Weed Wax Definition

weed wax

Cannabis wax is a cannabis concentrate made using cannabis plant matter and a specific extraction process involving a solvent. 

Wax is a BHO or a butane hash oil concentrate, which means that it’s a category of concentrates made with butane. Budder, shatter, wax, and crumble are all examples of other BHO cannabis concentrates. Sometimes, wax can also be referred to as budder due to its similar texture and appearance. 

Once you see wax in person, you’ll understand why it got that name. The sticky consistency of this viscous substance is like slightly softened wax. 

It generally comes in shades of amber, with some varieties coming in golden brown and dark yellow as well. 

The flavour profile is a tremendous delight, too. The flavour, taste and smoking experience come incredibly close to that of its origins flower strain. If you enjoy terpenes, there are few options better than this cannabis concentrate!

However, do not get fooled by the name, as this potent concentrate has a very high THC content. In fact, you’ll find that the potency ranges upwards up to 90%! 

Either way, remember that this potent cannabis product should be used cautiously at first. Treating dabs like you would regular cannabis flower can lead to an array of adverse side effects, including a green out

How is Cannabis Wax Created?

what is cannabis wax

The extraction process used to create cannabis wax and other BHO products is not for beginners or advanced DIY cannabis hobbyists. 

Creating cannabis wax requires advanced technical skills and costly machines. Furthermore, safety standards are strict due to the inherent risks of working with a highly flammable gas to produce BHO concentrates.

For cultivators to create wax, cannabis flower’s cannabinoids, terpenes and other desirable compounds need to be extracted and concentrated. Dried and cured cannabis buds are placed inside a large container and blasted with butane to strip the plant material of its compounds.

After the butane has had time to work its magic, the plant material is removed, and the weed slurry is run through a vacuum purge to remove all of the butane. The purging of butane is key for ensuring that the wax is safe for consumption.

From there, the slurry goes through some additional refining to create the wax that tokers know and love today! 

As you can see, the process for creating wax and other BHO concentrates is complex. If you want to enjoy wax yourself, be sure to purchase from a trusted dispensary like Cannabismo! 


How to Use Cannabis Wax?

Weed wax is a versatile concentrate that tokers can enjoy in several different ways. We’ll discuss the best options below. 

No matter how you enjoy cannabis wax, remember that the concentrated potency of THC inside will hit you hard. We’ll look at dabbing, vaping, and smoking options for this concentrate!

Dab Rigs and Oil Rigs

how to smoke wax

Dab rigs, also known as oil rigs, are one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates. Dabbing rigs are used to vaporize cannabis extracts and concentrates. This act is known as “dabbing,” and it is similar to taking a bong hit. 

Dabbing is the ideal way to enjoy wax, along with other concentrates like shatter. A dab rig is similar to a water bong, with a few variations.

Generally, this glassware is smaller than standard bongs and uses a nail instead of a bowl. The dab nail (or banger) is made of a high-heat-resistant material (like quartz). 

Using a dab rig requires heating the nail using a handheld torch before dropping concentrates inside. Make sure you don’t go over 446℉ (230℃), to make the most of your marijuana wax. Additionally, you can use an electronic nail (or e-nail) plugged into the wall and heat themselves to dab.

Wax Pens

cannabis wax pen

Another way to enjoy wax is by vaping it via a wax pen. While you may have trouble finding vape cartridges filled with wax in your area, there is a more popular alternative. 

Similar to dry herb vapes, there are wax pens that you fill with wax and enjoy. Certain dry herb vapes come with a ceramic heating chamber for this reason. If your vaporizer is not designed for cannabis wax, do not attempt to use it with cannabis wax.

Twax Joints

cannabis wax twax joint

The final option we’ll discuss is the only way to actually “smoke” wax. While this method involves getting your hands dirty, it can be immensely rewarding. 

In the cannabis community, ‘twaxxing’ a joint is used to describe using any marijuana concentrates or extracts in creative ways. Twax joints can be made using various cannabis concentrates, including kief, shatter and even distillate! 

With cannabis wax, you can drop a little bit inside the joint, wrap a bit around your doob or get as creative as you’d like. With some practice, you can make potent and beautiful joints with marijuana wax! 

Wax On, Wax Off

Wax is a potent cannabis concentrate packed with flavour and terpenes. As such, it doesn’t come cheap! 

That being said, tokers can purchase high-quality cannabis wax from trusted online dispensaries such as Cannabismo.  If you’re new to cannabis wax and weed concentrates in general, purchasing from our online dispensary can provide you with the knowledge you need to purchase and enjoy weed with confidence. 

Our budtenders provide expert product advice and recommendations through live chat and offer tips on how to dose and enjoy wax safely! 

As with any cannabis concentrate, remember to start low and go slow. The THC potency of cannabis wax is no joke!

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