Benefits of CBD Oil

15 Sep 2019
Benefits of CBD Oil

Two very different compounds, called cannabinoids, are at play when we’re talking about cannabis. Today we’ll explore the difference between CBD and THC and find out why CBD oil is so different and why that matters.

One Major Difference Between THC and CBD

You’ve no doubt heard of THC, which is one of many compounds found within the cannabis plant. Due to its psychoactive constituents, THC acts as a natural anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety and anti-epileptic. But did you know that another compound, CBD, also relieves many of the same ailments but without the high associated with THC?

Now that cannabis is seeing more legalization of marijuana worldwide, the benefits of CBD are coming out of the closet so to speak. As a result, more and more people are wanting to know how CBD can help them or their loved ones.

Even without THC, CBD infused products pack a punch medicinally. In the US, CBD oil is regulated by the FDA, who considers it a dietary supplement. That alone opens up the opportunities for US residents to purchase CBD in most states. This is despite that fact that hemp is still on the books as illegal across the country.

What About When you use Both CBD and THC?

Now that the general public is becoming more familiar with terms like THC and CBD, isn’t it time we combined the two? In fact, with a THC-CBD formulation, people can benefit in many ways, including:

  • A soothing effect that assists people who have anxiety and paranoia. We must mention that in a few documented cases, THC has had the opposite effect, actually worsening anxiety. But for most people, it has a beneficial effect.
  • Between CBD and THC, you have a powerful solution for relieving seizures caused by epilepsy.

As more cannabis research is conducted in newly legalized countries like Canada, we learn about the additional benefits of CBD. So let’s dig right in and learn about this powerful medicinal, CBD.

What is CBD?

what is cbd?

Source: High Times

Cannabidiol (CBD) stands out from 60+ other compounds in the cannabis plant. The reason why is that CBD doesn’t affect CB1 and CB2 receptors. Other cannabinoids act as ligands, which bind with proteins and thus affecting how the receptors react. But not so with CBD. Instead, you don’t have the effects on the receptors so you don’t get the mind-altering high most associated with THC.

Cannabis for the purpose of getting high is cultivated specifically for maximum THC and lower percentages of CBD. But now, studies like this 2013 article in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, have come to the conclusion that CBD had the following effects:

  • antiemetic (stops or stems vomiting)
  • antioxidant
  • anticonvulsant
  • anti-inflammatory

Next, let’s have a look at some common ailments that may be treated with CBD oil products.

CBD Oil for Anxiety Relief

cbd used in anxiety and depression

Source: Cured by Nature

I bet you’ve heard of the drugs that are ravaging the very fabric of U.S. society in terms of fighting depression or anxiety. Frequently prescribed Valium or Xanax may actually pose a high risk of addiction and carry many negative side effects.  Prozac, frequently prescribed for depression and anxiety, comes with moderate chance of making depression worse in teenagers. Not only that, there are literally hundreds of negative side effects listed on the pamphlet for that drug. Still, health practitioners are prescribing these strong pharmaceuticals as though they are the cure-all.

On the other hand, CBD oil is all natural and most importantly, does not carry all the ill effects that pharmaceuticals do. When taking CBD oil for anxiety or CBD tinctures (liquid extracts, usually with made with alcohol), patients may actually experience extra positive side effects. So not only are they benefiting from the relief from a social anxiety disorder, but they also enjoy improved cognitive repair function . Even enhanced speech results from the anxiety-reducing effects.

Acne Reduction

cbd oil can be used for acne treatment

Several studies, including one conducted by the National Institute of Health, concluded that CBD is an effective treatment method for skin, in particular, acne. Their report explained how CBD oil can have a positive impact on the body’s sebaceous glands. Moreover, it inhibits lipid (fat) synthesis because it’s also anti-inflammatory.


cbd oil used in nausea

Source: MassRoots

As a more widely known property, CBD oil aids in nausea and relieves and helps ease and stop vomiting. This knowledge dates back centuries. Yet, even recently, a 2012 British Journal of Pharmacology study examined the antiemetic properties of CBD in humans who were undergoing chemotherapy. CBD proved to help with the side effects of the cancer treatment. Additionally, patients reported improved appetites and less pain while taking CBD.

CBD offers an alternative treatment method for chemo symptoms and does not pose negative side effects to patients already suffering from their cancer treatment.


cbd used in treatment of diabetes

Source: High Times

About 50% of US citizens are now showing pre-diabetic symptoms. No wonder diabetes is considered a top national concern in the health industry. This disease can cause short term health issues, as well as serious long term conditions including heart disorders, nerve damage, and even possibly kidney damage.

One study found that the risk of diabetes in laboratory mice decreased significantly after receiving CBD treatments. All in all, they experienced a 56% reduction in pre-diabetes symptoms. This has laid the ground for further research into using cannabidiol in diabetes treatment. CBD helps stabilize blood sugar levels for people suffering from this disorder.

Anti-inflammatory properties

anti inflammatory properties of cbd oil

Source: That’s Natural!

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like Advil and Tylenol come with the risk of serious health problems, just like most pharmaceuticals. Take a look at the labels and read all the possible side effects of any over-the-counter or prescription drug. You’ll see mention of liver damage, internal bleeding, nausea, the list continues.

Some opiate based pain killers like Vicodin not only have negative side effects but are so addictive in nature that they cause severe life distress and many times even death. The epidemic in the US today of opiate addiction puts an enormous strain on families, communities, and governments.

CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s

It’s no wonder that CBD is becoming so popular and receiving attention from the medical community. No negative side effects and many positives. For instance, the inflammation that’s associated with diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s is usually treated with anti-inflammatories that have dozens of possible side effects.

Thank goodness we now have CBD as a viable and gentle alternative to all these toxic drugs. CDB oil has been widely used in treating chronic inflammation without any dangerous side effects.

Another example would be chronic nerve pain. The addictive prescriptions given to suffering patients often compound their health issues. CBD oil treatment, on the other hand, offers relief from pain caused by nerves and inflammation. And no one has to worry about the dangers of addiction. How sweet nature is!

Suppression of Cancer Cell Migration

cbd oil

Source: Occupy Corporatism

We’ve learned that CBD oil can help with pain, inflammation, nausea and a myriad of other diseases. But did you know that cannabidiol also affects the neurogenesis process? What this means is that cancer cells are stopped cold in severe forms of this deadly disease. Researchers found that with a CBD tincture, cell death of breast cancer cells was exhibited. Not only that, but new healthy cells were promoted in the presence of CBD.

Amazingly, CBD had little to no effect on non-tumorigenic cells, leaving the healthy cells as they are and even helping them to replenish. This amazing extract from the cannabis plant has also been shown to help treat leukemia, and lung and colon cancer.

The Green Gold Rush: CBD Oil

What some may call “the green gold rush”, CBD usage is developing into a powerful trend that keeps gaining momentum. The medical community, as well as people everywhere, are learning about CBD tinctures and its use in fighting disease, in a gentler more natural way.

While we still have much to learn about cannabis and its healing properties. What we know so far demonstrates how powerful Mother Nature is. Moving away from the pharma industry, which raked in $934.8 million in 2017, and towards natural healing is all part of this health revolution. Join us today and find out for yourself the true effects of CBD oil.

***As always, speak to your healthcare practitioner before taking any drugs or herbs. While we promote the benefits of the CBD products we provide, we cannot assess your health and thus cannot, of course, make decisions about what you should and should not take.


2 thoughts on “Benefits of CBD Oil

  1. Rose says:

    Well I have seizures and am deciding to try the oil instead of prescriptions I know there’s bunch side effects from all man made prescriptions and well I’m tired of dealing with doctors who are only there to make money they really don’t care about any of their patients and I’m sick of all these different meds or some neck implant they want u to have surgery to get being shoved in my face by my doctor so I’ve been outta my Dilantin for week and half now and that’s about how long it’s been since I received my CBD oil and obviously not talking my Dilantin for few days and just starting this I was overdue already for me having a seizure and knew I was gonna have one soon we’ll of course I ended up having a seizure 3 day off Dilantin so I’m just gonna keep going it’s only been week n half and not really long enough for me to give up on the oil it hasn’t been long enough taking it so can’t say it works and can’t say it doesn’t but I’m gonna keep going. I want the oil to work like everyone claims it does I know it works for anxiety, calming u down,for sleep,for upset stomach,for chronic pain ,I know fact it works for all that so just hope it takes and gets rid of these seizures I started having in 2007 I’m 39yrs old now but 2007 is 10 yrs ago ok and I’ve almost lost my life now 4 times in past 10yrs cause of me having seizures so I really want the oil to work.

  2. Cheryl Bivens says:

    I have been using the CBD oil for the past couple of days and have already noticed my anxiety and PTSD symptoms decrease, although I have a slight issue with the taste of the oil itself, hopefully that will just be an adjustment.

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