The Benefits of Topical Cannabis Use

15 Sep 2019
The Benefits Of Topical Cannabis Use

Among other ways of consuming cannabis, topical application is by far the safest method. You won’t experience the “high” associated with smoking weed or ingesting the herb. But topical cannabis use, such as with ointments and creams, can be very effective in providing your cells with beneficial cannabinoids.

How Do Cannabis Topicals Work?

Topical Cannabis

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It goes without saying that we still need more research on the subject. There is one study, published by the US National Library of Medicine, which found that both CB1 and CB2 receptors are located in many sectors of human skin. Namely hair follicles, nerve fiber bundles, and even sweat glands.

Such findings give us hope that the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant may affect these receptors in a direct way while omitting the blood/brain barrier. Given this, you can benefit from the therapeutic properties of weed without getting baked.

Topical cannabis is for people who want to avoid the psychotropic effects of the plant. Or for those who are particularly sensitive to THC (mostly pediatric and elderly patients). This is because it gives you the right treatment without the high. The idea was patented by Gw Pharma, a company that saw its apparent therapeutic properties.

Although the topical use of cannabis has recently gained outstanding popularity, this method of application is anything but new. Many cultures have been indulging themselves in the pain-relieving and anti-aging benefits of cannabis topicals for centuries. Moreover, Shin-Nung, the ancient Chinese emperor, discovered the first medicinal use of cannabis. That’s how he earned him the title, “Father of Chinese Medicine”.

Now that you’re familiar with the general benefits of cannabis topicals, it’s high time you learned about the benefits and some specific uses of this particularly interesting way to administer the herb.

The Benefits of Cannabis Topicals

Topical Cannabis

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Let’s see how you can benefit from cannabis topicals in more specific ways:


Many people report treating burns with cannabis. A man suffering from a burn caused by a car exhaust was treated with both cannabis oil and antibiotic cream. These different substances were spread on one half of the burn. It took cannabis topicals only a few days until the burn treated with the herb was healing significantly faster than the half treated with the antibiotic cream.


If you suffer from swollen joints and your quality of life was significantly reduced due to that condition, cannabis topicals may be a great way to improve the situation. Cannabis tinctures interact directly with the inflamed areas. Thus, they effectively reduce pain throughout the day and makes it easier for patients to fall asleep at night. Cannabis topicals are often used by people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Skin infections and overall skin condition

Cannabis creams and other topicals seem to help with both bacterial and fungal skin infections. They work well for oral infections, too. You can successfully treat a canker sore or abscessed tooth by applying cannabis under your tongue. Furthermore, unlike smoking cannabis (which may deteriorate the condition of your skin), using the herb in the form of topicals may help you fight acne, improve the elasticity of your skin, and keep it more youthful.

Chronic Pain

Cannabis can reduce pain when administered in two ways – either by ingesting the herb or by using weed topicals. The medication acts fast and is location-specific. Thanks to which it can really treat chronic pain, instead of just masking its symptoms. Moreover, contrary to prescription drugs, cannabis does no harm to your liver, so it’s a win-win situation if you want to relieve pain and live a healthy life

Topical Cannabis and Cancer

Cancer is a devastating disease, yet its growth process is very simple; abnormal cells start growing out of control, entirely ignoring the feedback from the protein p53 to fall apart. Not only does cannabis work with the body to inhibit the growth of these cells, but it also causes their destruction in some cases.

Topical Cannabis

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Topical use of cannabis is one of the safest, most effective ways to help you with your health conditions. If you’re eager to try topical marijuana for yourself, you can easily make it by using a solvent, e.g. alcohol or lipids.

The first step to successfully make your own tinctures is to decarboxylate your ground cannabis buds in an oven, at a temperature of around 200 to 300 degrees F to activate the cannabinoids. Once you’ve done that, cook or soak the herb for the required amount of time. From that point, you can use the active substance to add it to your creams, fragrances, or the above-mentioned topicals.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to play with cannabis topicals on your own and you’d rather leave this process to the professionals, look for dispensaries that have a wide range of topical cannabis products – they are usually affordable and they make a high-quality alternative to smoking the herb.

Have you ever had a chance to try cannabis topicals? Can’t wait to read about your experience!

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