THC Diamonds – Where Potency Meets Purity

10 Nov 2020
THC diamonds

So you’ve likely heard of THC before, but what about THCA diamonds? 

Thanks to new advancements in the production and research of cannabis products, producers have refined and heightened certain aspects of the cannabis plant to suit consumers’ needs. 

These new technologies have paved the way for the vast assortment of cannabis extracts you see on the market today. From shatter to live resin and even to THC diamonds, these extracts have consistently delivered cannabis enthusiasts a reliable and concentrated high like nothing else before.

So, what are THC diamonds? How do they differ from all of the other cannabis extracts? 

Stick with us, and we’ll cover all the details you need to know and help you get a better understanding of THC diamonds and their place in the cannabis industry.

What are THC Diamonds?

Also known as THCA Diamonds, THC Diamonds are a rare breed of HTFSE relatively new to the scene, making it understandable why many still haven’t heard of them yet. 

These newcomers in cannabis extracts are some of the highest quality and highest potency products currently on the market. 

In fact, THC diamonds can carry a potency of up to 99.9% THC, making them nearly identical to pure THC.

As you can probably get from the name, THCA diamonds have a crystalline (crystal-like) appearance and are sometimes even known simply as cannabis diamonds. 

Once the THC in cannabis has been refined and extracted into its purest state, crystallization occurs, creating crystalline THCA, an inactive form of THC. 

For the most part, THCA crystals look similar to granulated sugar or coarse salt and are usually only a few millimetres wide.

For THCA crystals to be consumed, they must be decarboxylated, meaning they must be exposed to heat. The process of decarboxylation removes a carboxyl group from the THCA, resulting in its conversion to THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. 

This process’s necessity is the main reason you can’t just eat raw nugs of weed and expect to get high. Even before making edibles or smoking weed, you’ll have to decarboxylate your weed in one way or another before you can get high.

How are THC Diamonds Made?

THCA diamonds

The extraction method used to make THCA diamonds is much more complicated and nuanced than the methods used in extracting other concentrates. 

That said, THCA diamonds require specialized equipment and knowledge, requiring more of a laboratory setting. It is not advised to make them at home as it can be quite dangerous.

These complicated extraction methods are part of THC diamonds’ appeal and the reason these cannabis concentrates are so highly sought after.

Closed-Looped System

When making THCA diamonds, the fundamental principles of extraction remain close to extracting other cannabis concentrates. 

Producers utilize closed looped systems for the sake of purity in the product. That said, closed-looped systems are highly expensive pieces of equipment that require specialized training and knowledge to operate. 

Producers use closed looped systems to ensure that the THC diamonds being produced are free from contamination and are as pure as possible.


THCA winterization

To fully utilize the closed-looped system’s technology, producers rely on winterizing or flash freezing their cannabis before extraction. 

During this process, isopropyl alcohol or liquid methanol is usually mixed with cannabis before being frozen for 24 hours.

The purpose of winterization is to reduce the number of lipids, chlorophyll and other plant matter from being included in the THC diamonds, increasing the concentrate’s purity. 

From there, a roto vape is typically used to separate the solvent from the cannabis gently before purging the product for the first time and placing it in a chromatography machine, which uses additional solvents, pressure, and time to isolate the diamonds. 

Finally, the final product is dried for anywhere between three and eleven days. 

The Crystalline Method 

The most significant difference lies in how the solvent is removed and how that affects the final product. 

Extracting THC diamonds is a tricky, stretched-out process that is handled delicately to ensure the creation of the most potent and purest product possible while also focusing on developing an ideal consistency. 

The crystalline method involves combining a highly refined concentrate with a solvent to create a supersaturated solution. 

During the initial purge, roughly 10-15% of the solvents are still inside the product. Thus, producers must utilize an additional supersaturation process to surround the THCA compounds with terpenes and the solvent. 

The product is then purged again using pressure and heat over an extended period of time to allow for the solvent to evaporate slowly and the pure THC Diamonds to form.

It’s a similar process to making rock candy. Under the appropriate heat and pressure conditions, the THCA will chemically bond to other THCA molecules to form the THC diamonds. 

Diamond Mining

Sometimes producers will harvest THCA crystals from sauce involving a long and detailed purging process. This process is commonly known throughout the industry as diamond mining. 

Diamond mining is similar to the crystalline method, with the key difference being that the THC diamonds are harvested from a sauce. 

The diamonds form and separate from a terpene-filled sauce resulting in two extracts: the THCA diamonds themselves and the terpene sauce, also known as terp sauce.

terp sauce

Terp sauce is another form of cannabis concentrate known for its composition of more than 50% terpenes and other cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD.    

Both products can be enjoyed on their own or combined for the benefit of both of their effects. 

Since THC diamonds are so refined and pure, the product can end up being flavourless and scentless, which is why many tokers opt for reintroducing the terpenes into the concentrate for an enhanced flavour experience. 

THC Diamonds – What’s so Good About Them?

Cannabis concentrates have been around for a while, but thanks to technological advancements, producers have been able to introduce a variety of newly refined concentrates over the years. 

Ranking among the newest concentrates currently on the market, THC diamonds are the most potent cannabis concentrate available today. 

Depending on their extraction method, THC Diamonds can contain a THC content of anywhere between 90% to 99.9%, making the very best batches practically pure THCA.

Due to the extremely high potency of THC per THCA crystal, there is little to no extra room for terpenes and the other compounds in cannabis, resulting in THC Diamonds being both tasteless and odourless, with a focus on the high instead. 

Compared to other cannabis concentrates, THC Diamonds tend to lean towards the pricier side as they are more difficult and expensive to produce. 

While THC Diamonds dominate the 90-99.9% range of THC potency, many other cannabis extracts occupy the zone that stretches between 60% and 90% THC concentration. 

However, in terms of potency and purity, THC Diamonds are unmatched.

THC Diamonds – Small but Mighty

Cannabis concentrates offer us the very best refined aspects of cannabis to impress even the most experienced weed enthusiasts. 

Among these concentrates, THC Diamonds are some of the purest, giving users a clean and exceptionally potent high.

Due to the high potency of THC Diamonds, we would say that they are best suited for more experienced tokers as the high can be quite extreme and could potentially be overwhelming for novice smokers.

Suppose you’re a new smoker and are interested in trying a cannabis concentrate. In that case, we recommend going for a lower potency type at first, such as hash oil or shatter, and building a higher tolerance before working your way up to THC Diamonds.

If you do end up trying THC Diamonds, ensure that you purchase them through a trusted dispensary where a reputable lab made the diamonds. 

As always, happy toking!

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