The Science Behind Wake and Bake

5 Jun 2023
Tips For The Best Wake And Bake

Many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy consuming weed in the morning, and for many people smoking weed right after rolling out of bed is one of the best moments of the day. This cannabis ritual is fondly called ‘wake and bake’.

I mean, can you imagine a better morning than tasting that first, amazing smoke of the day? As soon as you leave your comfortable and warm bed, you can spark up your freshly rolled joint or generously packed bong to wake up your senses and get ready for the day. Many cannabis users wonder about the science behind wake and bake, the benefits of smoking cannabis in the morning, and any potential issues with using weed in the morning.

Here is everything you should know about the science behind wake and bake.

The Science Behind Wake And Bake

The Science Behind Wake And Bake

Source: Green Rush Daily

Learning about marijuana, studying its chemical structure, benefits and huge medical potential is becoming more popular these days, but we still don’t know much about the science behind wake and bake.

Most people who tried pot in the morning claim that marijuana seems to be more potent and gives more intense high when smoked at this time of the day. There are many explanations for this phenomenon, but two of them seem to be the most logical. Some people think that smoking weed in the morning may give you a more intense experience because the brain has to wake up to work at its full capacity. Therefore, the strength of pot in the morning is just an illusion.

The second logical reason why cannabis gives us more intense high as soon as you wake up is that your body isn’t nourished after a whole night. If you smoke pot early in the morning, THC is entering your drained body faster and stronger than usual, which gives you more intense high.

Tips For The Best Wake And Bake

Now that you understand the possible link between the potency of cannabis and the time of day, it’s high time I shared some wake and bake tips with you.

Tips For The Best Wake And Bake

Source: Green Rush Daily

Although you may think that wake and bake means smoking instead of eating breakfast, it’s best to eat something after enjoying your morning hits. Because both your body and brain need nutrients and food in order to keep you functioning, eating at least a small breakfast and drinking water shortly after wake and bake will level out your high. This way, you’ll be perfectly prepared for your daily activities.

As for the method of consumption, it’s best to use a vaporizer, as it gives more control over the size of your hits, keeping the intensity of effects in moderation. However, if you don’t feel like smoking or vaping before breakfast, you can combine both by eating low-THC edibles for a nice and stable high.

What to do if you don’t feel like using pot in the morning, but still want to enjoy its relaxing properties? Consider using CBD products, such as CBD oil, which is non-psychoactive, but comes with lots of benefits, including relaxation and pain control.

Wake And Bake: The Benefits

With so many medical benefits, marijuana is invaluable when it comes to fighting any kind of pain or inflammation. If you use weed in the morning, you may be able to fight conditions like migraines, fibromyalgia or digestive problems.

For those of you who suffer from depression or anxiety, using weed as soon as you wake up may be helpful when it comes to fighting bad moods and other unpleasant symptoms. Consider starting your day with pot. It helps with mindfulness, which makes this plant a perfect morning supplement.

Need more reasons to start your day with a good wake and bake? Here we go!

Reasons To Smoke Pot In The Morning

Now that you know how marijuana can ease away your worries and keep you both energized and motivated, it’s high time to get to know even more reasons to start every day with a wake and bake.

Pain management

As I said, if you’re suffering from pain or inflammation, cannabis may be extremely helpful, as it’s a potent, natural pain reliever. Actually, studies show that weed may be successful when it comes to treating chronic pain and other neurological disorders.

Reasons To Wake and Bake

Source: Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours

Morning coffee and cannabis

If you’re a coffee person, you should definitely try combining weed with your morning cup of coffee. To start your day with more energy and be more productive, try rolling a nice joint to smoke it with your coffee before your day starts. Trust me, it doesn’t get better than this.

Meditation or yoga

Usually, what you do in the morning determines the rest of your day. It’s nice to have a beneficial and positive morning routine. In order to improve focus and relaxation, consider practicing meditation or yoga shortly after taking your first morning hit.

Potential Risks of Wake And Bake

Although using weed in the morning comes with many benefits for most cannabis enthusiasts, some scientists claim that smoking marijuana in the morning may be a sign of a serious problem with increased-weed related impairment or dependence. However, if you’re a medical marijuana patient, cannabis is still way more safe than prescriptions, which may be dangerous not only to your health but also your life.

Choosing Your Morning Strain

As you may already know, there is a wide range of rare cannabis strains to choose from. However, to start off your day with both motivation and positive energy, it’s good to select your strain wisely.

Usually, sativa cannabis strains are best for an inspiring and productive day ahead, as they mostly induce cerebral, focused mood and lots of energy.

The Science Behind Wake And Bake: Final Hit

As you can see, weed influences both your brain and your body in the morning. But its effects depends. Some pot enthusiasts will seek for a smooth and delicate buzz, while some marijuana smokers will seek for a more intense morning high. Whether you choose to roll a joint or eat a magical edible brownie, waking up early in the morning won’t be as terrifying as soon as you realize there is a very positive way to start off your day. A nice wake and bake will definitely get you in just the perfect mood to face your daily obligations with energy and focus.

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