The Gas Mask Bong

22 May 2023
gas mask bong

With a bit of luck and a visit to your local head shop, your fortune may be blessed by the ever-elusive gas mask bong. While not everyone will have seen one before. Most people will likely at least heard of it. 

If you haven’t, no worries! Allow us to enlighten you.

The gas mask bong is legendary in the cannabis community for several reasons. For starters, it looks absolutely ridiculous. 

Secondly, there’s a pervasive urban legend claiming that taking a rip out of this device will make you so high. As well as, provide a hit that’s so strong that it will literally leave you gasping for air.

Depending on your tolerance level and your desired experience, all of this just adds to its charm!

Of course, this is all hearsay. Few people have seen a gas mask bong in their life, and even fewer still have actually smoked out of one. So, with this in mind, are they worth the exorbitant price tag? Do they really get you that high? 

Let’s find out together!

Here’s everything you need to know about the gas mask bong.

What is a Gas Mask Bong?

A gas mask bong. Zen Sutherland

Unlike live resin or HTFSE, there’s no confusion with the gas mask bong’s naming convention. It is, quite literally, what it sounds like – a gas mask with a bong taped or attached to one end of it. 

The concept itself is relatively simple. You strap on the gas mask, seal it around your face, attach and seal the bong and soon, you’ll have yourself a mini hot box. We weren’t kidding when we said that it’s genuinely a gas mask with a bong attached to one end. 

The attached bong is usually detachable, allowing for easy cleanup and packing of the bowl. 

While they are rare, you can usually find a gas mask bong available for consignment sale at most head shops or glass stores. Depending on where you live, you might even be able to find a few at a corner store, a vape lounge or even a music festival! 

That said, these devices do tend to be pretty expensive. On average, they’re the same price as regular large glass bongs with an additional $10 to $20 on top for the mask attachment.

So, is a gas mask bong really worth its expensive price tag? There are a few things to consider.

Pros & Cons of Using a Gas Mask Bong


They’re a Conversation Piece

If your collection of the world’s most expensive bongs is not doing it for you anymore, a gas mask bong will surely be the centrepiece of your next dinner party.

These accessories have reached a cult status in the cannabis community. Whether or not this is for good reasons remains up for debate, but its iconic reputation is not. All of your toker friends will no doubt be amazed at the sight of one and will inevitably ask to use one for themselves, which leads us to our next benefit.

They Can Get You Crazy High

No matter the type of bong, a bong will get you crazy high. If smoking a joint can be compared to a pistol, a bong can be compared to a missile. When you consider the fact that a gas mask bong is sealed around your face, allowing you only to breathe in and breathe out weed smoke, you have yourself an experience that’ll get you sky-high.

As we said before, when you’re blazing up with a gas mask bong, you’re essentially creating a mini-hot box around your face. The combination of breathing only weed smoke paired with the oxygen deprivation results in a potent, lung-shattering hit that might cause you to green out if you’re not careful!


The Smoke is Harsh and Stale

While the weed smoke you’ll be inhaling from your bong will undoubtedly get you high, it’s an entirely different story once you actually exhale. All that smoke that’s been circulated out through your lungs? It’s going to leave in the form of CO2, which will likely irritate the hell out of your eyes. 

In addition to making your eyes water like a waterfall, the actual smoke you’ll be smoking will be incredibly hot and stale compared to a bong. Because the bong has to be attached to the gas mask, the length of the bong will have to be much shorter in order to not be cumbersome. 

With a shorter bong, the smoke has much less distance to travel. With the short path it has to take to enter into the gas mask, the smoke will be extremely dry, harsh and stale. 

They’re Ridiculously Strong 

Just as we said that using a gas mask bong can get you crazy high, it’s important to note that, depending on the context, this situation may not be for the pleasure of everyone. 

In other words, cannabis interacts with and affects all bodies and endocannabinoid systems differently, meaning that, depending on your individual tolerance level, using a gas mask bong could spell out a recipe for disaster. 

In these instances, it’s best to leave such accessories to cannabis connoisseurs and expert-level tokers who know what they’re doing and can handle it. Even the most top-tier blazer can fall victim to a green out using one of these if they aren’t careful!

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Gas Mask Bong – A Fire Piece of Hardware or Just Blowing Smoke?

Like a lot of canna-cana, some things you just have to try once in your life say that you’ve tried it. The gas mask bong is one of those things.

While they’re iconic, there’s a reason why not many people choose to use them for their day-to-day smoking. Sure, they can be a fun novelty piece in any toker’s collection of weed accessories. Or a fun piece of hardware to share when you’re at a rave, music festival or party. 

Still, let’s be honest, would you really want to use this type of bong when you have access to glass ones instead? 

That said, don’t let us dissuade you from buying one yourself. Our experiences with this accessory have been neutral bordering on the negative. However, with the right bud, setup and setting, a gas mask bong could be your next go-to smoking hardware. 

Just remember to be careful! Novice tokers will likely want to work their way up to this behemoth of a bong before taking it on.

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy!

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