How To Choose The Best Weed Grinder

5 Sep 2019
Weed Grinder

A weed grinder is one of the essential tools for a dedicated cannabis enthusiast. Whether you love smoking blunts or your heart has a great affinity for vaping, you need a well-ground fresh herb to accompany you during your smoke sessions.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing worse to grind your weed than crushing it with bare hands. Not only does the very process get messy, but it doesn’t match up to the vaping experience when you have a good weed grinder.

If you are careful about choosing your smoking tools, you should act the same in terms of choosing the best weed grinder. It will help you transform your buds into the finer form in order to make the material easier for convenient consumption.

Can’t wait to find out what the best type of grinder is and how to care for a newly-purchased piece? I hope you’ll enjoy my short guide.

What Is A Weed Grinder?


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An herb grinder is a device that helps you to chop and churn tobacco, marijuana, and other herbs. Before weed grinders were brought into commercial use, people used their hands or scissors in order to manually grind their herbs. Now, thanks to weed grinders, preparing the material for vaping or smoking pot has become tidier and, above all, more efficient.

If you’re a rookie stoner with no idea which herb grinder to select or what exactly you should be paying attention to, don’t worry. We know that there are so many grinders available on the market that you may feel overwhelmed by it.

So, we’ll break down the different types of grinders for you and what they are made of. Then you can choose what’s best for your smoking pleasure.

Various Grinder Materials

Contrary to what you may think, a material from which the grinder is made plays a major role in your cannabis experience. Think about it for a second; would you want to use a toxic material as your herb grinder? I don’t think so.

Here are some of the most popular grinder options when it comes to the materials used to make them.

Wooden Weed Grinder

Weed Grinder


In terms of construction, wood is hands down the hardest type of material to build and shape. Wooden weed grinders are typically hand-made, and the fact that they are so difficult to carve makes them less beneficial for manufacturers, so you won’t many of these models on the market. It’s just simply too hard to mass produce this type of weed grinder.

On the other hand, many cannabis users prefer wood over other materials, as wood gives them the desired feel and unique vibe that accompanies while they crush their herbs. Other features aside, wooden weed grinders have a more natural appeal, so they’re perfect for people who appreciate and use organic materials.

Alas, there is one flaw of wood, namely the lack of extra components. That being said, you may not be able to enjoy your kief should you select a wooden weed grinder. Moreover, the varnish present in wood can potentially get mixed into your material.

Metal Weed Grinder

Weed Grinder

Source: Cannabis Education

Metallic grinders are winning the hearts of modern cannabis users. They come in two popular types: aluminum or titanium. Most of the time, you will come across an aluminum product that is coated in titanium. The “titanium” label is often used to justify the high price tag on the item.

In terms of safety, aluminium is a controversial material. Manufacturers are doing everything to make the once infamous material great again, and we can actually say it with a clear conscience that aluminium is safe. Why?

Most importantly, the melting point of aluminium is at 660 C, which means that no vaporizer can ever melt or boil this material. Given this, there’s no chance for potentially toxic substances to enter your lungs. Nonetheless, when you see any metal flaking off the aluminium, remove it with the brush or just shake it off for good.

Electric Weed Grinder

Weed Grinder

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An electric weed grinder is an answer to your problems with messy dry marijuana flowers. These models may also be battery-powered and very modest in size, yet they’re capable of grinding up to three grams of your stuff at a time.

Electric herb grinders are usually made of different materials. They may have an acrylic container and metallic teeth.

Two, Three or Four? How Many Pieces Should an Ideal Grinder Have?Weed Grinder


Among different weed grinders, we can distinguish three common types:

  • 2 piece grinders. Also known as 1 compartment weed grinders, they have one compartment that grinds and collects your herb. The main problem with a 2 piece grinder is the lack of consistency in size. Another popular issue with 2 piece weed grinders is that you may find it difficult to retrieve the material when the teeth stand in your way. Last but not least, you won’t be able to collect and store your kief.
  • 3 piece grinders. In a 3 piece grinders, you’ll find the holes that allow small pieces of herbs to fall down into the second compartment, which will help you collect and enjoy the kief, so it’s hands down better than a one compartment grinder.
  • 4 piece grinders. The last option includes a grinder that has three compartments. The third one is for pollen or kief. In addition, it has a screen that helps your residue to pass through the chamber responsible for collecting the kief.

To wrap it up, the overwhelming number of various weed grinders may make the purchase process difficult. As for the appeal of your grinder, the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so the choice is up to you.

When it comes to the functionality of your herb grinding device, it’s best to opt for a 4 piece metal grinder for the greatest efficiency. Finally, if you appreciate convenient grinding methods, place your bets on an electric grinder. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that quality comes first, so think twice before you try to save money on a weed grinder.

What’s your favorite material for a weed grinder? Let us know in comments section below.

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    Metal ones are my favorite. You don’t want to smoke plastic or wood pieces ? that’s gross. I recently got my aluminum one from Amazon. It calls Kush 4 California, that’s pretty cool so far, Sharp Teeth, large size. Just good for me. ?

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