CBD for Fibromyalgia – Is Cannabidiol What You Need?

3 Sep 2019
cbd for fibromyalgia

Lately, CBD in its many forms has received a lot of attention due to its medicinal uses. It has been marketed as a magical cure to many ailments that people may suffer today. Certainly, the success stories are worth noticing. You’re probably here because of them! That same feeling and curiosity along with major progress in cannabis legalization created a tidal wave of media attention and scientific research about cannabidiol. As a result of all this, we’re able to write today about using CBD for Fibromyalgia.

With more and more cannabis studies being done, it’s nearly impossible to ignore this cannabis-related substance. Especially if you have fibromyalgia and other chronic pain diseases.

Since this disease’s major symptom is general pain, anyone would think that smoking cannabis might help; and it does. There are thousands of anecdotes that state this. However, what if you don’t want the effects of cannabis, but only the relief? That’s where CBD comes in as a lifesaver!

How does CBD for Fibromyalgia work?

CBD has much relieving power without the THC, which causes the so-called “high”. Because of this difference, you will not feel any effect of being high whatsoever. Instead, CBD offers you the opportunity to feel well by:

  • Fighting stress and anxiety.
  • Helping you to achieve better sleep.
  • Directly affecting the way we feel pain.

All of these are related to direct symptoms of fibromyalgia. Stress accumulation worsens the pain and can lead to insomnia and chronic pain. If you have been feeling that your current medication is not helping, it might be a good time to consider Cannabidiol.

Important: We’re not encouraging you to leave your current treatment. If it works, it doesn’t need to be fixed! However, we do advise you to consider it as another effective method to keep fibromyalgia under control. Discuss it with your doctor!

Endocannabinoid deficiency.

What if we tell you that your body produces endocannabinoids (or CBD-like substances) naturally,? Well, this is 100% truth! The endocannabinoid system provides you with natural relief when you’re feeling pain. It also helps us withstand longer stretches of exercise and makes us feel good while doing so. In running, this responds to the term, “runners high”. Notice the link between exercising and easing fibromyalgia’s symptoms?

However, fibromyalgia disrupts order in that system, and that causes endocannabinoid deficiency. Once again, CBD for Fibromyalgia can provide your body with an external dosage of that magical feel-good substance. And contrary to the pharmaceuticals that are usually prescribed, CBD doesn’t carry all the negative side effects.

What is the best form of CBD for Fibromyalgia?

CBD is said to help battle fibromyalgia in every presentation. So the best form of cannabidiol for fibromyalgia is more about how you feel comfortable consuming it. Do you like CBD edibles and gummy bears? Do you like vaping, oils or tinctures? All of them will do, but make sure you experiment so you can what works for you.

Important: Even though CBD only products, called isolates, are usually completely free of THC and other plant compounds. CBD Full Spectrum Oil contains other plant constituents, not just CBD. Included are other cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC. In this case, you still do not get the psychoactive effects of TCH because of the low potency. But that trace amount does work synergistically with the CBD oil to increase its efficacy. Some people might be looking for products with higher traces of THC since there have been reports of better results in battling fibromyalgia.

Some people use one product; others use several products together to increase their effectiveness. While many people use it directly, others prefer to add it to their food.

What’s the right dosage for you?

This question is a little trickier. Since there are not enough studies supporting the use of CBD as a medicinal substance, there’s very little information available regarding dosage. However, there are some guidelines that companies have recommended for their products. That’s usually a good starting point for most people. You can increase or decrease the dosage depending on how it makes you feel, how severe are your symptoms, and your metabolism.

How fast does it work and how long do the effects last?

Cannabidiol for fibromyalgia has been said to offer quick results. It has been reported that it starts working (once you find your sweet spot on dosage and type of product) on the first hour after using it. For some, it does not work immediately, since it also depends on your metabolism.

Also, it has a considerably lasting effect. It can make you feel better for at least 4-6 hours. If you use strong dosages, the duration of the effect will increase. You can use it on a need-to basis. Add it to your daily routine to maintain a feel-good state at all times even though you have fibromyalgia!

Important: The effect and duration can vary if your routine has any metabolism-altering activities, or if you consume other altering substances, like coffee or alcohol.

Cannabidiol does help with fibromyalgia!

Several patients of fibromyalgia have reported that CBD has helped them to keep this painful disease under control without any negative side effects.

  • It decreases inflammation, which is sometimes associated with fibromyalgia.
  • CBD helps reduce stress and anxiety by inducing a feel-good state.
  • That same effect causes you to sleep better, which adds up to a better quality of life.
  • Cannabidiol helps cope with other issues, like headaches, back pain, diabetes and more.

This soothing and calming effect must be considered for such a painful disease, so talk about it with your doctor.

Are there side effects?

Yes, some people have reported that cannabidiol caused:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in mood
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Changes in appetite

Please, consider these side effects along with your doctor before trying related products. Your safety matters to us!

How does CBD interact with other medications?

This substance does affect the effectiveness of other drugs in the system. For example, ibuprofen (and other substances) may have a prolonged if used along with cannabidiol. That’s why it’s always advised that you consult with your doctor, even if the product is marketed as safe to use together with other substances.

How to identify those medications? One way is to look out for medications that shouldn’t be used while consuming grapefruit juice. Grapefruit Juice and CBD have similar effects on the way we metabolize drugs. Both prolong the effect of some of them.

  • Once again, the research on this matter is rather inconclusive.

Is CBD Legal?

This is a big question, which we answer with a yes, but also, no. The legal status of CBD products in the market is a high-tension topic all over the USA, while being federally legal in Canada.

  • CBD is legal to possess under federal law as long as it contains less or equal to 0.3 percent of THC.

Even though that is the law, some states have had different views on it. This often leads to confusion in the matter. People have been arrested due to selling, transporting, and consuming CBD in several areas of the country.

So, we could also say that it’s legal. But that it also depends on where you are and what’s the view of your surrounding lawmakers on CBD. Yes, we know it’s confusing! Be safe and make sure you talk to your legal advisor before buying any related product.

If you’re not sure, give it a try!

Cannabidiol for fibromyalgia has worked for patients in soothing all the pain this disease causes. It can give you a better quality of life. So it’s important to consider it if you’re coping with fibromyalgia! That’s why we strongly recommend researching it and talking with your doctor its safety, side effects, and legal considerations. It might just become your lifesaver!

Even though we’ve lived for years in a society that neglects the usage of all sort of cannabis-related products, things and times are changing. The way we use prescription drugs is now leaving more space for cannabis, cannabidiol, and other formerly-demonized substances. Will you embrace change, or will you stay in the past? It’s your call!









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