Top 5 Places to Hotbox with Marijuana

18 Sep 2019

As anyone who is familiar with Cannabis knows, one of the most effective ways to smoke Marijuana is via a “hotbox”. The act of hotboxing is smoking Marijuana in a small, enclosed space with little, to no ventilation.

Hotboxing can be enjoyed via joints, bongs, pipes, etc. The method is not important, but what happens is. As one might expect, sitting in a room that is combusting plant material, inhaling, and then exhaling can create a very smoke filled environment.

When one inhales Cannabis, not all of the THC and or other chemicals are absorbed by the lungs. A good deal comes out once again upon the exhale. Putting yourself in a hotbox mitigates this effect by filling the enclosed space with this still very potent Marijuana smoke. This gives all those inside the area the opportunity to inhale the smoke once again.

Not only does the opportunity come up to get more out of the smoke you have already exhaled.  But every breathe becomes a hit. Once the room is filled with smoke so all you have to do is breathe. You’ll be able to feel the effects and let them carry you away!

Where do you set up a hotbox?

Some places are of course better to hotbox than others. There are a few good tips and pointers that everyone should know. Today, we will be going over the top five places to Hotbox, and just how to get the most out of each area. How many of these places have you hotboxed? Do you have a better hotbox idea? Let us know! But rest assured, one cannot go wrong with these choices!

Location #5: A Tool Shed/“Garden House”

An extremely common place that many people will have access to is a tool shed or garden house. These can often be found in backyards, etc. If you do not know what one is, chances are you don’t have one, but maybe a friend does! Either way, it is pretty simple thing to do.

The shed needs to either be empty or near enough so you’re able to fit inside comfortably. You will want to try to cover up any openings as best you can. But with the nature of the structure, this may not be possible. Either way, these sheds provide just enough insulation to keep the smoke in, but can also allow fresh air to circulate through.

There is something alluring about smoking outside and the shed can help keep this feeling. It also provides you with the experience of a hotbox. Watch out for spiders! A pipe, or joint of some sort would be the best option for an environment like this.

Location #4: A Closet

Taking fourth place on our list is a closet. Of course, it is most likely that everyone has this accommodation in their homes. While there are various types, walk in, slider, etc., any will do! Depending on the type of closet, it will vary on exactly what you have to do to insulate the closet better. Chances are there are no vents or windows so you should be covered there. Then, just make sure that the door jams and the doors are sealed with clothing or towels, etc. You can pretty much use any smoking item considering the small confines of this space, and the ease of which you typically would have access. Get comfortable, and get ready to get very high!

Location #3: A Bathroom or Small Room

One of the most common and most easily accessible locations is simply a small room like a bathroom! With the proper steps taken and enough people and/or smoke involved, hotboxing a small room can be a very effective and enjoyable experience!

Now, of course an entire room is not the easiest place to fill with smoke. If the room is not properly insulated and sealed, you may have little success at all! So there are a few things to keep in mind when one is trying to hotbox a small room. If you follow the following steps, chances are (of course depending on the size of the room) you will have success!

  1. Make sure all windows and doors are securely closed.
  2. Close all AC/Heater vents, etc.
  3. Place a towel or article of clothing under the door to block off the space under the door. (Apply to any windows as necessary)
  4. Smoke smoke smoke!

The most effective method of trying to hotbox a small room and or bathroom would be with joints, as they will produce the most smoke to then fill the air. While not the easiest, hotboxing a room can be one of the best experiences a Marijuana user can have!

Location #2: A Tent

Taking second place on our list, this is a fun little option that can end up being quite luxurious depending on your tastes! Tents can range from being very small, one person, to large family-sized structures. Typically, tents, while thin, are closed off to the outside world. If all the flaps are closed, a tent can be an outstanding place to hotbox.

Outside, near nature, and in a very small space; a tent can be the perfect option for many people. One bonus going for the tents is that they can also be very cheap. Just about anyone can either get, or even make their own! Pretty much any smoking device will work in a tent. Another bonus is that you can set up the interior any way that you like! From simple to extravagant! The tent can be the perfect option for many stoners.

Location #1: A Safely Parked Vehicle

Before we continue, it should go without saying, but we are going to mention it anyway. Please do not ever drive or operate machinery while intoxicated or under the influence of cannabis. This location is referring specifically and only to a car that is turned off, without the keys in the ignition, at home, or some other private location.

All of that being said, a vehicle for obvious reasons can be a great place to hotbox. In fact, many people think that it is the best place to hotbox due to the simple way the car is built. Due to the naturally confined and sealed nature of a vehicle, this can be a perfect. It’s also a very easy place to hotbox under the right circumstances.

On top of that, there are many places for cannabis friendly entertainment devices and it has built in lounge chairs! It can be an amazing experience and one that is truly effective! Then, once you’re done, assuming you are at home, etc., you can then just go inside absolutely ruined! Hotboxing in a car, in a safe way, is an absolutely great option, and requires almost no work outside of actually smoking!


Hotboxing can be a fun, new, and extremely potent way to experience the magic of Cannabis. It should be experienced by everyone at least once during their smoking careers. Just be sure to be smart, safe, and remember to always try to create the best, most insulated and closed off areas possible for the best experience!

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