What is THC Spray? 4 Benefits of Using Weed Sprays

16 Jan 2023
Thc Spray

If you are looking for discreet options for cannabis consumption and want to avoid smoking or vaporizing, an oral THC spray could be an excellent option to go with. 

They’re easy to use, offer a quick onset time for effects and can be carried around with you wherever you go.

So, what are THC sprays, and how do you use them? Keep on reading. We are about to tell you!

What is THC Spray?

THC is available in many products, including oral sprays.

A THC oral spray contains cannabis extract that you spray directly under your tongue or on the inner part of your cheek. The cannabinoids are absorbed through your mucosal membranes supplying faster onset of action. 

Oral spray cannabis is considered a sublingual product similar to strips, tablets or tinctures.

They come in a variety of combinations of cannabinoids with THC, CBD and balanced spray products available.

Cbd Spray

For example, Brio – Sublingual CBD Spray is a CBD enriched cannabis sublingual spray created for those looking for fast-acting, quick effects without a psychoactive experience.

How Do You Use a THC Oral Spray?

Using a THC or CBD oral spray is one of the easiest methods of consuming cannabis.

To use cannabis spray, you’ll place the bottle near your mouth and spritz the desired amount under your tongue or into the side of your cheek.

The time it takes for the effects of these cannabis products to be felt can vary but will typically range from 15 minutes to an hour.

When dosing a cannabis oral spray, keep in mind that the effects take a bit of time to kick in, unlike when you smoke.

Similarly to edibles or oil, it’s recommended to start low and go slow with your dosing. Don’t take too much and work your way up depending on your tolerance level.

Calculating Cannabinoid Amounts Per Spray

The amounts of THC and CBD in the products you’ve purchased will be listed on the bottle. Typically, the bottle will also show how many millilitres are in a single spray and how many millilitres are in the entire bottle.

To determine how much THC or CBD is in a single spray, find out how many millilitres are in the entire bottle and the number of millilitres in a single spray. 

Then take the amount of each cannabinoid per millilitre and multiply it by the number of millilitres in the whole bottle. Finally, divide that number by the number of sprays per bottle, and you’ll know how much is in each spray.

Need an example? We’ve got you covered!

Let’ say an oral spray with 40 millilitres in the entire bottle has 25mg/ml of both CBD and THC. If a single spray from this bottle equals 0.1ml, there will be 400 sprays in total per bottle. The entire bottle will have 1000mg of both CBD and THC, so a single spray from the bottle has 2.5mg of both THC and CBD.

How Much Should you Take?

Using A Thc Spray

The amount you want to take depends on several factors, and you’re free to use as much or as little as you want.

Your tolerance level will determine how much you’ll need to take to feel the effects, along with factors such as how much you’ve eaten before taking THC, your age, your weight, how frequently you use cannabis and more.

You must be careful with taking too much of an oral spray. Just like any other cannabis product. The effects can be felt for longer than smoking and take a bit longer to kick in. 

We recommend starting with a lower dose than you expect you’ll need and increasing it. Only until you find the perfect amount to take for yourself.

Start with a single spray or two and wait up to an hour for the effects to kick in. If you don’t feel anything after this time frame. You’ll likely need a higher dose and can take more until you find the right dosage.

If your cannabis oral spray is a CBD product without any THC in it. Keep in mind the effects aren’t as obviously felt since CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

What are the Benefits of Using a THC Oral Spray?

Easy to Use

Just like oil or sublingual products, oral sprays are very simple to use. Spray the desired amount under the tongue or in your cheeks, and you are good to go.

Skip Out on Smoking or Vaping

Oral sprays offer a healthier alternative. They are a fantastic smoke-free option for those looking to avoid smoking or vaping their cannabis products.

With THC sprays, you’re free to use them on the go. What’s more, unlike smoking, they don’t create any unwanted smells.

Consistency and Texture

Some people also enjoy the consistency more than they do when using oil, so if you tried an oil before and didn’t enjoy the way it tasted or felt, oral sprays are an option worth considering.


While you’re free to keep using edibles for a discreet, non-smoking option for cannabis products, oral sprays give a concentrated dose of THC or CBD in the bottle and can offer more potency than many edibles.

Final Thoughts

An oral THC spray offers a fantastic smoke-free option for those looking to avoid smoking cannabis.

They are easy to use, offer a quick onset time and can be used wherever and wherever you need them.

They can also be easily kept in your purses, backpacks, or pockets due to their compact size.

Keep in mind that THC sprays take some time for the effects to kick in. Start low and go slow with your dosing. Don’t take too much and work your way up depending on your tolerance level.


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