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Cannabismo Sampler

322 reviews

Flower | Shatter | Edibles

28g Cannabismo Staff Pick of Flower
.5g Cannabismo Shatter
1 Pack Medicated Hard Candy

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Cannabismo Sampler

28g Cannabismo Staff Pick of Flower
.5g Cannabismo Shatter
1 Pack Medicated Hard Candies By Cannacure | 4 pc = 100mg

Reviews (322)


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  1. gingerseed (verified owner)

    You never disappoint! It’s been a while since I’ve placed an order but I grabbed two of the samplers this time, got an ounce of the most crystal-caked wedding cake that is just a friggin delight to look at and death bubba which smokes like a dream. The hard candies are always a fave and the shatter (death star) is smooth and tasty. Too bad I can’t add a picture of wedding cake, she really is a beaut.

  2. WalkOnWater420 (verified owner)

    Great buy!!!

  3. Oczkowski3 (verified owner)

    Won’t be ordering this again. In my stupidity I didn’t check and now I have 28g of Indica. Not my ideal oz.

  4. intenceicei5 (verified owner)

    Not too shabby. Would buy again.

  5. Brad420p (verified owner)

    Best thing ever to get they give you variety of quality green. Candies taste good. extract works great on Coles.

  6. Cody Keast (verified owner)

    Amazing taste, burn and euphoric high that seems to last all day…. Highly recommended this, burn away folks!!

  7. Dklee1990 (verified owner)

    Ordered my first sampler pack a couple weeks ago and was very happy with the Hybrid strand they provided. The candies were ok, started tasting funky after a few minutes though. As someone who doesn’t smoke shatter often at all, ooooowweeee that stuff was fantastic too. About to order some more right now! This pack and the 14g sale is the reason I keep coming back to Cannibismo

  8. JessicaD (verified owner)

    Such a good deal! One of a few reasons I consistently order from cannabismo. Not a huge fan of the hard candies and have quite a few packs accumulated but regardless, the flower and the shatter alone are worth it so not complaining! Love it!

  9. brittsmilar (verified owner)

    Great bang for your buck! I’ve ordered the sample pack multiple times and never been disappointed with what I receive. It’s kind of exciting when you get your order in to see what you got

  10. oakleyjody (verified owner)

    My favourite

  11. fidooda (verified owner)

    28g de grape ape cendre un peu foncé mais tres bon gout

    0.5 grandfather og délice citronné

    100mg de bonbon dure

    tres bon deal je vais en recommandé

  12. Evangel (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this sampler at least 6 times, and I have yet to be disappointed. The flower is always good-great, the shatter is a nice kick and change up from just smoking herb. Oh, and the candies, try taking 2, or if your wanting a good night, take em all 😉 you’ll get messed up, but within reason lol.

  13. laylamick00 (verified owner)

    Good price point&the products are great. The candies were my fav!

  14. yanick23 (verified owner)

    Very good pack never too big:)

  15. Abbypizza (verified owner)

    My fave to order every time. Staff pic flowers arr always really good too!

  16. gstpc (verified owner)

    great deal!

  17. Deo88 (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck. Always superb.

  18. blackabe (verified owner)

    Can’t remember the strain I received with this order (maybe Pink Bubba?), but I never have issues with Cannabismo’s flower. The value on the bud alone for the price is crazy, throw in some candies and shatter and you’re good to go.

  19. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    Bubba kush and sweet mix samplers were awesome!!

  20. GinaNathan (verified owner)

    Love the sampler packs! Great price and always good bud!

  21. Astrobear87 (verified owner)

    This is such an amazing deal!!!!!! I got the Jet Fuel OG and it stinks up the place!!! It out smokes the bud I bought for 3 times the price at a dispensary. It was well packaged, like quadruple sealed. Shipping was quick and yeah, just an overall great deal. Will be buying this again for sure

  22. Gbank (verified owner)

    Always a solid purchase. Staff choice of flower has never left me disappointed! Highly recommend the sampler

  23. Julestwain (verified owner)

    Awesome deal, not fond of the candies though. Will order regularly.

  24. marial villeneuve (verified owner)

    Amazing !! i’m a big smoker and i need hard stuff… that’s what i got ! I receive Blue Mataro and WOW !!! high thc level, bigs buds full of trichomes !!! I was surprised !! Also got a couple of freebies and Pine tar sample, tasteful ! I just discover my new favorite dispensary. Good job !!!!

  25. Mtrenchluva (verified owner)

    Have received McGrupp, Gorilla Bomb and Tuna Kush, always a good smoke!

  26. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    Sweet mix sampler was amazing! 2 thumbs up!

  27. LOKIISHIGH2021 (verified owner)

    Got mine today. Great deal, great quality and quantity. I got the Tuna Kush, so yummy and great high. This package is amazing. The shatter is yummy and great high also. Halloween is the X4 edibles with my partner.
    We both thank you for the great prices and packages at a reasonable price.
    Thank you for the papers, filters and the very cool sticker! I want more. lol

  28. LOKIISHIGH2021 (verified owner)

    Great quality and quantity is what you get. I got the Tuna Kush, yummy, hyper high that I love so much. The shatter that came with this deal is so tasty and great high. X4 edibles haven’t had them yet, for sure for Halloween. lol.
    Thank you for the great deals and having a lil mystery on what type of weed you will get is scary but I on this order is so high n happy. lol.
    I got punished by facebook posting this site but who cares, I will keep sharing this website and this company if you keep up with these reasonable priced packages. I can’t wait for my next order.

  29. danielshannon (verified owner)

    got this for the wife a while back and she loved it but we haven’t been able to get Lemmon skunk since.. great smoke and nice high..

  30. dustinshelp (verified owner)

    Got my order a day earlier than expected and turned out great! I got gorilla bomb and the buds are look amazing. Smokes nice and flavour is on point. Great deal for this one

  31. Lgbuck (verified owner)

    Good quality for the price. Would order again.

  32. ArcticErin (verified owner)

    Always a fun surprise. Candies are awesome and hubby loves the shatter variety.

  33. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    Sugar shack never disappoints! Awesome sampler!

  34. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    bubba kush sampler was awesome!!

  35. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    the cactido was a decent sativa, nice flavor and effect. however, this weed is loaded with seeds. do not grind this weed! not a fan of this batch.

  36. gor1969 (verified owner)

    Good value, always a decent smoke and shatter.

  37. chelsjones (verified owner)

    Last order had a lot of seeds and stems wasn’t that happy with it.

  38. misteresscoupe (verified owner)

    Love the Scooby snacks #2 what a great sativa. Caked with crystal cured beautifully and burns slow. Super tasty too! Scooby dooby doo!

  39. Gbank (verified owner)

    Love the sampler! Always a good value and excellent flowers!

  40. DrugsAreBadMkk (verified owner)


  41. DrugsAreBadMkk (verified owner)

    All I ever need and I LOVE IT

  42. DrugsAreBadMkk (verified owner)


  43. DrugsAreBadMkk (verified owner)

    Amazing value,and ive never been dissapointed with anything I’ve received!

  44. Amanda Gendron (verified owner)

    Nothing but quality at great price

  45. 16thdave (verified owner)

    Got Dutch Treat OZ and Tahoe OG 0.5 Shatter its all great! So happy!

  46. wisshez (verified owner)

    i got the Dutch treat sampler pack was very inpressed with how discreet the mailings is and how easy it was. the dutch treat is beautiful dence popcorn nugs full of orange hairs. very relaxing heavy high.

  47. Ashtynkelly (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck always a great pick, who ever you are Kevin keep up the great choices 👍🏻

  48. MichisGolden84 (verified owner)

    if you like surprises you will like this kit, I am fussy about my weed, i have got 2 different lemon flavor weed and was disappointed, the shatter and candies are great, don’t get me wrong and the weed it’s something different every time and i have received blackberry soda which was awesome .

  49. Carekisses (verified owner)

    Was super happy with my order. i was excited to get it super quick and loved the packaging . The bud was good quality and smelled super yummy. My 28g was Grape 47 which tasted great and i buy again in a heart beat! amazing deal 🙂 Thanks!

  50. Noah van Dyk (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering here and I was impressed. The weed was higher quality than the government site. It wasn’t overly dry and was much more fresh. I got an oz of Diesel Rockstar and it is very high quality and smells great. The shatter is really good and the edibles were alright. Overall for 150-180 this is an amazing deal.

  51. Greenice (verified owner)

    This is the base of my order. This gives me great selection. Everything in it is really good quality. The first 2 times i got indica and the 3rd was hybrid. Its a nice mix.
    Thank you Cannibismo!

  52. Peggyluhoo (verified owner)

    Never disappoints!! Always good weed for an excellent price

  53. BestNightMare (verified owner)

    This is such a great deal. You get great quality bud, a good sample size of shatter, and a package of candies.. and all for an amazing price! You cant go wrong with this deal

  54. DrugsAreBadMkk (verified owner)

    Packaging was great,cannabis was high quality,shipping was fast,I cant find anything to complain about(And I looked :D)

  55. MattG (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be anymore satisfied, awesome little package deal, great product and
    packaging!! Bud I got was ” La Confidential ” great smoke, wasn’t dry at all like dispensarys stuff I usually get, turns into dust, but not with Cannabismo. All quality with them!! Definitely a returning customer here. Thanks Cannabismo!!

  56. loopy20 (verified owner)

    just recieved this as my first cannabismo order and I couldnt be happier! lemon skunk oz and stardawg shatter and cant wait for the watermelon candies!

  57. testercs (verified owner)


  58. sydflynn (verified owner)

    All I ever buy – love this pack!!!!

  59. BreCra22 (verified owner)

    I recommend this product, this is the greatest deal you can get, the weed has a good buzz to it and the shatter got me good, the edibles gave me a good long lasting high, will definitely buy again.

  60. Waze (verified owner)

    This pack has great value and was a good first purchase for me, it gave me a taste of what cannabismo has to offer and i am satisfied overall with it, the only reason im giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because you cannot choose which ounce you are getting among the list

  61. Sourdiesel133 (verified owner)

    Lemon heads and stardawg shatter. Both wondeful. Excellent sample pack

  62. FFM (verified owner)

    Produit toujours satisfaisant

  63. Mogely (verified owner)

    Hard candies are tasty bud is good and shatter is tasty! Thanks again cannabismo

  64. Jessicao2008 (verified owner)

    Great product Everytime very satisfied

  65. Macaela Cobick (verified owner)

    Loved the order we received.

  66. hiphoppa (verified owner)

    I probably ordered this pack like 6 times already. I love this website and the weed, but seriously…It’s like they give you less and less weed each time. However, I do recommend this pack if you’re just starting to smoke. But, if you’re a chronic, nope lol you’ll cry at the amount of weed they give you smh…

    The shatter gets the job done, and the edibles are fabulous btw

  67. Str8.savage (verified owner)

    Can’t get enough of this

  68. Macaela Cobick (verified owner)

    Received my first order off this website and was beyond impressed. I received Blackberry Soda and from the smell, to the packaging, to the bud quality, all of it completely met expectations. Definitely will buy again.

  69. heathermae (verified owner)

    This is pretty much my go to order every time! I love the variety for such a great deal and so far I’ve been pleasantly satisfied with the strains that have been sent!! I had Sherbert last time and it was great, thanks Kevin 🙂

  70. Sadthumper (verified owner)

    I don’t who Kevin is but his picks are great ordering for the 3rd time!

  71. Brandymitchell (verified owner)

    Always a great sample pack. This time we got Sherbert and it is a really nice bud and has a good high with it. Not disappointed ever with this pack.

  72. Lee1905 (verified owner)

    Best deal on cannabismo only way to go if looking for an OZ

  73. Powerade (verified owner)

    Ordered many times before, always worth the price and always a nice mixture, we look forward to trying new bud everytime!

  74. Sry.savage (verified owner)

    Was worth the price!, I got black diamond flower and star dawg shatter sample. Definitely be buying again

  75. Shelaghpm (verified owner)

    Great every time

  76. Donald710 (verified owner)

    Great deal, have purchased a few and never disappointed.

  77. mrsius (verified owner)

    Outstanding value. Bud quality was much higher than expected (got Black Diamond), shatter is very tasty. Haven’t got around to sampling the candies yet but suspect they’ll be good too. I’m on a tight budget these days and this is hands down amazing bang for your buck.

  78. Dk78 (verified owner)

    True value if and in no way a budget buy. Simply a great deal for great product

  79. Purplykitty (verified owner)

    By far the best deal you could get!

  80. Amanda Gendron (verified owner)

    Biggest bang for your buck, never disappoints!

  81. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    as always a great buy! Rockstar was really good! Love the lucky lime!

  82. henrypk (verified owner)

    Not worth it.

    The hard candies we’re good.
    The chronic itself is quite weak. The quantity is great but you end up smoking more than usual to get the same effects.

  83. blackabe (verified owner)

    Unreal value. Accepted that it might be an ounce of bunk weed, in which case I’d use it for baking/infusing. Not the case; the ounce of master bubba I received is hands down the most valuable purchase I’ve made. I’m keeping these snowy, tight, incredible smelling nugs around for as long as possible. Edibles were super tasty/potent, and the shatter I use from time to time in my Firefly. Can’t recommend enough.

  84. Wanttosleep_11 (verified owner)

    Always a tasty great deal +++++

  85. JEFFJ (verified owner)

    Good bang for the buck !! i hope they make sure you dont get the same strain over and over or at least iv been lucky . Great buy!!

  86. Bree (verified owner)

    The sampler pack is everything. It’s a great value that I rely on when tight on funds. Thanks cannabismo!

  87. Vicki (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with this pack!!!! Strain was mango sherbert which is the bomb!!! Will definitely order this again!!!!!!

  88. Epicbon (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with the price, and I like how you can choose what flower you get now. I used to like the surprise, but this is nice too

  89. isaacson (verified owner)

    The cannabismo sampler is my go to for sure. A price that can’t be beat! The flower is always good and the shatter and candy is a great bonus. Cannabismo #1!

  90. Rasthomas (verified owner)

    i got the sugar shack and it looks good ,,nice smoke before bedtime 🙂

  91. Joe204 (verified owner)

    Always a good pack. The concentrate seems to be pretty old with a weird consistency, but I get it for the flower and price.

  92. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    Love the Sugar Shack! one of my favorite hybrid buds. for me it’s a great all around high. Mk ultra was very good as well. Totally awesome deal! My absolute go to!

  93. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    Once again an awesome deal! Purple Kush, Strong in both flavor and effect. Would buy again! Love the lucky lime! my new favorite hybrid! also, can’t go wrong with the candies.

  94. Mscivvy902 (verified owner)

    Love this pack!
    My last order was chemdawg that’s a 10/10. that’s a thumbs up from me dawg. Great high. Candies are a nice treat 🙂

    Will order again.

  95. Shylee (verified owner)

    Love this little pack. Always great products

  96. PiperSniper (verified owner)

    purple kush, cant go wrong…movie watching smoke!!

  97. Catatonia (verified owner)

    Incredible value, best bang for your buck in the store!

  98. PiperSniper (verified owner)

    great deal, loved the candies, relaxing.

  99. Mahabir (verified owner)

    The price is obviously awesome but I also love the little options they toss in as gifts – i love the candies and use the shatter as a special treat with friends. All good highs.

  100. Mahabir (verified owner)

    Can’t got wrong. It’s a great price and the product was good

  101. jvander (verified owner)

    Never disappoints! Best deal you can find if you like any variety. Fun not knowing what kind you get until it arrives too. That and high quality shatter and candies, this is my go-to.

  102. Munchie (verified owner)

    Powerful and tastey… our family’s favorite! A little goes a long way!

  103. Jhcoombsm (verified owner)

    Ordered this and was disappointed. Received 28g of lawn mower trimmed bud, was not the strain I choose and was the driest,harshest smoke I have had from cannabismo. Emailed my concerns and was not responded to.

  104. Matterday (verified owner)

    Best deal out there! Thanks Cannabiz!

  105. Auqayaq (verified owner)

    Master Bubba did the job, hard candies are good, shatter is alright. Definitely ordering this pack again

  106. MichisGolden84 (verified owner)

    great deal , great weed i loved the hard candies too , master bubba did not disappoint

  107. Spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    This is an amazing deal! Highly recommend this!

  108. Raven_Queen_D (verified owner)

    Sampler pack included:
    watermelon hard candies, Soo good, best flavour in my opinion!
    Cactus candy shatter, omg it tastes like candy, and I’m stoned as hell!
    28g’s of Sugar Shack, awesome hybrid I usually go for an indica, tastes good but pungent smelling! I didn’t need a lot and I am treating chronic migraine, fibromyalgia and spinal cord damage! Will definitely grab another sampler with Sugar Shack as you can’t beat the price for such a wicked deal!

  109. SeanNorman (verified owner)

    Easily one of the best deals on cannabismo.

  110. Fannibal222 (verified owner)

    The go to purchase
    always worth it!

  111. Trav11145 (verified owner)

    Hands down one of the best deals on cannabismo.

  112. rcorme (verified owner)

    Loved this sampler.

  113. gingerseed (verified owner)

    Glad this is back on the site, always my go-to

  114. hippiehunter (verified owner)

    Ordered the Boxing day special/sampler deal, I was excited because it was Mobydick a strain they normally offer at $280/oz & it had great reviews. I would never pay $280 let alone $150 for a Oz for this! Tasted, smelled like Carrots nothing like explained in write up & buzz blew, not a heavy hitter at all, I’ve grown better Outdoor!

  115. mrb_22 (verified owner)

    Fantastic bundle better products just the best of the best from Cannabismo as always 10/10

  116. Mahabir (verified owner)

    I searched through Canabismo’s very limited Sativa Section and found this seemingly great deal. I thought I was buying Sativa flowers, but I received Indica. I also thought I would get a random mist of buds that add up to 28 grams. Nope, got 28 grams of a single strain. The products (including candy and shatter) were all good products and I ended up enjoying it but it was NOT AT ALL what I thought I had ordered.

  117. Tabarnaqc (verified owner)

    Last time i ordered it i was totally satisfied.This time i received mobydick,280$ / oz.This strain is not really good.Tastes good and smell good too but provide a little buzz/high.i didnt tried shatter yet but i hope its better than this mobydick strain.

  118. Jake420 (verified owner)

    Canabismo is always number one with everything they do. This deal Definitely a good deal and I’ve never been disappointed

  119. JPsands (verified owner)

    Handy as heck!

  120. Tweegle (verified owner)

    Best value, Great quality

  121. Tweegle (verified owner)

    This value can’t be beat. Always great quality too.

  122. arlindshaq (verified owner)

    Best value on site will order again

  123. AMPer (verified owner)


    Great pack love the products every time ! Never unimpressed with quality!

  124. Dand9 (verified owner)

    Great pricr

  125. Jbnovak1985 (verified owner)

    Such a good deal and quality on point

  126. Twainer (verified owner)

    awesome pricing and good selections

  127. GoneStonin (verified owner)

    Great value, I used a coupon code and paid $155 with delivery, cant beat that! The nuggets were a little small but very potent, the chem dawg did unfortunately make me very sleepy however despite being listed as Sativa. Shatter was great and the candies pack a nice little punch. Would order again!

  128. Bigdaddy (verified owner)

    Awesome deal…great bud..great shatter and great vape pen..all for 150..i will absolutely order this surprise bag of goodies. thanks cannabizmo!!

  129. seraph618 (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the first order. Came with a bit more than 28g (weighed up at 28.6) and was a good strain. Hoping for more sativa samplers in the future- but the indica was quality.

  130. gingerseed (verified owner)

    Always my go to! The price is right and the quality is where you expect cannabismo products to be. 5/5

  131. Brandymitchell (verified owner)

    Never disappoints, always great to have

  132. blayblay (verified owner)

    Fantastic deal, only reason I am rating 4 stars and not 5 is because I wish there were more sativa options or just more options for strains in general on this deal when purchasing. Thanks for the great value

  133. Mr Smoke (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing deal. Will order again for sure!

  134. TYoung (verified owner)

    Great Buy … always worth it

  135. Rebidoux (verified owner)

    Great price

  136. 16thdave (verified owner)

    Great value can not go wrong with this !

  137. MeltingBrain88 (verified owner)

    Got the Nuken sampler…omfg!!
    Buds were perfectly dried. Smelled amazing and tastes great.
    Cactus Candy shatter…drooling just thinking about it lol
    Will definitely be ordering again.

  138. blayblay (verified owner)

    Fantastic value, quality bud! The shatter and edibles on top make this sampler pack hard to resist.

  139. dvdbsh (verified owner)

    Time and time again I come back for this pack. Amazing deal and I usually get great product!

  140. Fannibal222 (verified owner)

    Always awesome! Cannot beat this deal!

  141. Jeff Murray (verified owner)

    Excellent smell-free product 🙂

  142. Esther (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered this a couple of times and have been happy both times. The buds have been great and I have a new appreciation for shatter. The candies are ok but I prolly wouldn’t buy them separately. It’s a great deal.

  143. FFM (verified owner)

    Excellent value!

  144. Moonbeam56 (verified owner)

    This is a good assortment of goodies for the price. I got the lemon skunk weed which maybe tastes a little dry, but it’s a good buzz and it’s not harsh at all. Overall this was a good purchase and i’ll order it again.

  145. Croissant (verified owner)

    thx, great quality!excellent service.

  146. Nikhammer143 (verified owner)

    Excellent products, super fast shipping, and competitive prices. Can’t tell enough people how good your services are.


  147. Mogely (verified owner)

    Always my go too half gram of shatter candies and an oz for 150 bucks can’t go wrong!

  148. Mogely (verified owner)

    Always my go to! Can’t go wrong with this deal!

  149. Mogely (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with this package great product great deal!

  150. miles.hunter (verified owner)

    Went with the Purple Urkle pack and was not disappointed! If you’re into Indica strains this is the one to get. The buds are tight and smell great!

    This is the best deal going on the site, get an ounce of great bud with some goodies for the low price of $150! Thank you Cannabismo!

  151. mirandalcb (verified owner)

    The postal strike had delayed our mail and we ended up making a stop at our local Cannabis NB store for the first time last week. I paid more then twice the price for a lesser quality product and was very disappointed. My Cannabismo package finally arrived yesterday. Mango Sherbert Sampler pack, and I have added it to my list of favorites. Great smell, taste, relaxing high, tight packed little nugs that look like they have been dusted in powdered sugar and it rolls like a dream.

    If you are looking for a good place to purchase I would recommend Cannabismo a thousand times over. Professional staff, Orders always shipped in a reasonable time, A + product, professionally packaged with out going overboard, earn and redeem points on every order and they even toss in little freebies from time to time . I have Never been disappointed by anything I have purchased on this site. Sampling the goods offered elsewhere has only made me a loyal customer.

    ~ Miranda B

  152. gor1969 (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered this a few times, always get a different product, some are better than others but never been disappointed. The hard candy decent tasting but has little effect on me.

  153. SLEKL (verified owner)

    Ordered 3 of these so far, Best deal on the net. Have had zero problems, Everything is in there, Check back everyday to see what strain’s they have next and if your lucky enough to get the ZOMBIE KUSH shatter, WOW.. All I can say…

  154. SuzyQ (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with these packs! I love that you can choose your strain now.

  155. mrb_22 (verified owner)

    go to purchase never go wrong with the strains here had lavender and it was 5/5 good great smoke amazing high and clean burn

  156. Anewby (verified owner)

    Great pack, flower was awesome(green crack) wasn’t a fan of the candies.

  157. gingerseed (verified owner)

    The greatest sampler pack going! A little bit of everything and just the right price!

  158. banks (verified owner)

    Great value, you can never go wrong with this purchase.

  159. zizzbizz (verified owner)

    Got the grandaddy purple and a half gram of Some really fine shatter. Really well made. Smooth smoke, and the bud is 10/10. Very impressed with Cannabismo and my faith has been restored! You really Can’t beat this deal!

  160. boechlerr (verified owner)

    Good quality smokes, the candy seemed stale
    will still order again!

  161. chelsjones (verified owner)

    Always a great choice! Will continue to order

  162. Prysky (verified owner)

    We add this pack to every order, never been disappointed with any strains of the flower. Shatter is a little sappy with the OG kush but a good effect. The other strains are more shatter like consistency. Love the candies, always add more too our orders.

  163. chelsjones (verified owner)

    Great strain bubba og got the same shatter again which is like 4 in a row

  164. Justin Hale (verified owner)

    good pack. Shatter is ok

  165. Starling305 (verified owner)

    10/10, have now ordered twice. Great deal.

  166. kentwood (verified owner)

    superb product..great service

  167. Tweegle (verified owner)

    Best value going. Always great buds and the shatter and candies are a great bonus

  168. Souvie (verified owner)

    Super tight buds with great taste shatter was pretty good as for the eddies tho not so much

  169. Rwtrichardson (verified owner)

    Awesome deal cannabismo has going on. I had placed a bigger order, I was getting an ounce and a half of sativas/hybrids and couldn’t decide on an indica strain. I asked if they could throw in indica stuff and they came through… OZ of death star, which is super tasty and pretty potent, half g of master kush shatter and root beer candies. I think the shatter is amazing although it’s not shatter consistency, it’s more sappy, but it’s perfect if you’re using a rig, if you’re using in a pen prepare to lose some cause it is quite sticky, but maaaan is the flavour and potency. Candies were also good I’m not big on edibles 🤙

  170. Mogely (verified owner)

    Great deal! How often do.ya get an oz half a g of shatter and edibles for 150! I crack flower Harmony shatter orange hard candies

  171. danielricci (verified owner)

    Always a great purchase!

  172. chelsjones (verified owner)

    Shatter tends to be a little messy usually I prefer ones that aren’t as sticky it’s hard to roll into dabs but can’t beat the deal!

  173. chelsjones (verified owner)

    Candies are always good no bad after taste which you can get sometimes with edibles 🙂 will continue to order!

  174. chelsjones (verified owner)

    Got White Castle this time has a nice taste and a good high no munchies or couch lock but feel relaxed and goofy. Shatter I seem to get the same kind but never the same for the buds

  175. chelsjones (verified owner)

    Always a different strain, never disappointed even as seasoned smokers!

  176. chelsjones (verified owner)

    Ordered many times. Will continue as I’m never disappointed:)

  177. Jhaeldrin (verified owner)

    I was not impressed by the hempstar I got from my 1st purchase. Last time I got the nuken, nice stuff. The shatter is always a pleasure to smoke.

  178. SuzyQ (verified owner)

    I have ordered this several times, never disappointed!

  179. baire007 (verified owner)

    Very surprised and very happy, got white Castle! Thank you Cannabismo

  180. misteresscoupe (verified owner)

    I didn’t mind that pink and champagne I believe complimented it nicely cheers 👍

  181. misteresscoupe (verified owner)

    NukeN & Harmony go pretty well together I was baked after all that thanks another one on the way!!!

  182. Blackmanig (verified owner)

    ive ordered the cannibismo sampler pack quite a few times but the last 4/5 batches have been aged bud which isnt very nice to smoke and tastes off, if you need a good deal.. this is one but dont expect the bud to be fresh. Been quite disappointed in the quality of the bud lately so id say order at your discretion.
    the shatter and candies are always nice though, a few times where the shatter has been a runny mess but you can always work with it and smokes nicely.
    Last received bud was Nuken which i recieved twice throughout the last five orders and not once has it been pleasant or fresh. Generally give it away.

    Bud 2/5
    Shatter 4/5
    Candies 4/5

    Stay Great everyone.

  183. Flame7 (verified owner)

    Good quality, Good value, medicated candy and shatter, are bonuses

  184. Prysky (verified owner)

    This sampler pack was like getting a grab bag from the store as a little kid , only better. Was very happy too receive 28g of green crack. Excellent sativa. Came with harmony shatter and mango flavored hard candies. More then likely will be a staple with my orders.

  185. Munchie (verified owner)

    Best happy dance when Lemon skunk was the staff pick ….your staff was spot on…… amazing hybrid that brightens my day…kicks out the pain and reminds me why I choose these surprise packs every time… the candys are a reward after a long week and the shatter is always reliable against heavy pain.

  186. Munchie (verified owner)

    Had the Romulan …and wow..giant packed buds that will wow anyone….smoked great!
    The shatter is always a bonus!

  187. Munchie (verified owner)

    I ordered two of these summer packs and got the same products in each…Nuken .Harmony and orange candy’s. I thought I would get different picks.. so wont be ordering two at the same time.. NUKEN was the sweet saving grace as its the nicest buds flavor and high..

  188. Munchie (verified owner)

    Got an amazing pack with NUKEN 28g and HARMONY-shatter ORANGE candys ….and what a pair! Nuken is amazing! Big BUDS! A+ Smells so good you will drool! Joint Vape Bong or Bake….its friggen outrageous high will keep you dancing till you hit the sheets!

  189. mirandalcb (verified owner)

    Never lets me down!
    Received Romulan in my last order, it was a touch dry but an A+ Bud. The nugs are real dense, makes a great night cap.
    They also tossed in a salted caramel cannabar, it was an unexpected little treat and we really enjoyed it.

  190. BeauD (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with this pack. I have never been disappointed.

  191. Smalltxwnscum (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome. Great price and great weed. I haven’t seen a deal this good in a long time. 28gs and shatter and candies for 150.

  192. Itsystemdesigner (verified owner)

    This pack is great. Last time I got
    Romulan as the green and Master Kush Shatter.
    Taste= 4/5
    Appearance =5/5
    Was all round good green. Nice tight buds covered in crystals.
    Master Kush
    Great taste and buzz.
    Can’t wait to see why the next pack has in store. Great job guys. Keep up the awesome work. Cheers

  193. Croissant (verified owner)

    excellent product very good price

  194. Vbrideau91 (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 samplers and am missing 0.5 shatter and a bag of hard candies. Have sent an email but have had no reply which makes me unsure if I will order again. What I received as my sample were: Romulan and death star indicas; which are very nice. Strawberry and kiwi hard candies which are yummy and a free chocolate bar for my $300 purchase. Would be 5* if order was correct or if they rectified the issue.

  195. SurreyStyle604 (verified owner)

    Just ordered sample pack for a second time received Romulan – Indica weed… very happy with my order weed is dynamite. And also received harmony for my shatter.. also very potent…. cannbismo never lets me down

  196. sharpie76 (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this! I got Nuken and it was amazing, crazy strong. I got watermelon flavoured hard candies and they were quite mild for me, but I gave one to a friend who has been taking a t break for a couple of months and he found that one worked perfectly for him.

  197. JEFFJ (verified owner)


  198. SuzyQ (verified owner)

    Great deal. Death Star, Master Kush shatter and mango candy, enjoyed every bit.

  199. supert26 (verified owner)

    I received lemon skunk for the weed, was very tasteful.
    The shatter was not bad.
    Cant tell if the hard candy was good, i gifted it to a friend.
    4.5/5 for the price

  200. Baldguy519 (verified owner)

    Very impressed. I’ll be choosing this again soon.

  201. mac3malibu (verified owner)

    Très bon rapport qualité prix, le meilleurs peut être.

  202. SurreyStyle604 (verified owner)

    Good bud good high. I ordered 2 sample packs. They gave me 2 oz of hempstar (good weed just wish each sample pack had a different oz) but still happy great price… n they gave me 2 half grams of shatter (master kush)
    And 2 packs of hard candies.
    They also threw in another pack of hard candies and a gram of bud ancient alien. (Hybrid)
    Excellent price… everything looks awesome. I’m happy with my order. Just wish it was 2 different oz’s but still happy with my order…. can’t go wrong for the price

  203. Loufo (verified owner)

    j’ai reçu du pink diamond avec cette offre et j’ai adoré, bon feeling, bon gout, belle qualité. Pour ce qui est des bonbons, je n’ai personnellement pas aimé. Principalement pour le gout. J’avais l’impression de sucer du thc (ce qui est quand même le cas). Je n’avais rien pour fumer le shatter adéquatement, mais le gout et le felling étais satisfaisant tout de même

  204. tazlittler (verified owner)

    What a great deal. I was hesitant because of the amazing price. I received hempstar.
    Super pleased. This might become my go to order as it seems with cannabismo all the bud is first class.

  205. chelsjones (verified owner)

    Ordering again excellent package deal can’t go wrong and with good quality buds and good shatter:)

  206. Fluthier (verified owner)

    Got some Pink in mine, always good value.

  207. TB420 (verified owner)

    First order with Cannabismo and very pleased!!
    Flower was Lemon Skunk- really good taste and high is great too!!
    Shatter was .5 of Master Kush- taste is quite sweet and high is amazing!!
    Hard candies are mango- haven’t tried them yet but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!!
    Thank you Cannabismo!!

  208. Arsenio95 (verified owner)

    This by far was the worst sampler yet I got it a couple months ago and it wasn’t so bad but with this order I got lemon skunk which was soft fluffy and dry and smell was terrible and the taste was even worse also filled with seeds the shatter I got look like peanut butter and the candies don’t do anything I recommend spending your money on something else

  209. Trav11145 (verified owner)

    As always great flower (lemon skunk) and a nice .5 of rockstar. Hard candies were not melted either, Cannabismo has never let me down!

  210. Shaham Kaveh (verified owner)

    This time Purple kush , i love this ever it took 3 days to like.

  211. John dough (verified owner)

    Ordered the sample pack many times before but this is the first disapoinment . Recieved lemonk skunk, very light weed , taste was 6/10 nugs aere also leafy

  212. lucathewolf (verified owner)

    Amazing deal, and what you get is still a very good product.

  213. chelsjones (verified owner)

    Very please with this purchase. Candies are a nice added bonus 🙂 I usually find candies have a bad aftertaste but these didn’t ! Will be purchasing again. Strain is good with nice buds and good high 🙂

  214. Kelly (verified owner)

    This pack I just received was phenomenal!!

    Green: Chemdawg 91 (AAA hybrid)
    Taste: 6/5
    Smell: 4.5/5
    High: In The Stars

    Shatter: Octane Og (AAA hybrid)
    Taste: 8/5
    Smell: 10/5 (so amazing!)
    High: God Level

    Haven’t tried the edibles yet

    Keep up the great work guys!!

  215. Claudia_3584 (verified owner)

    Good! Got lemon haze weed and rockstar shatter

  216. MaillouxsMedical (verified owner)

    Ordered a second one of these and got Black Diamond for my bud. 8/10 Smell 8/10 Looks (Nugs were nice and big, full of Crystal’s) 7/10 Taste 6/10 Burn (Ash was sticky and hard to get out of my bowls). Octane OG for my shatter (yet to smoke). Still a great pack, cant go wrong with the price 😁👌

  217. Munchie (verified owner)

    Amazing staff picks.. last one came with black diamond and I was very surprised at how effective it was on the nerve pain. Nukeon was a sweet treat the order before that. i just ordered again and look forward to a supreme product I can count on! The candy’s are always a perfect addiction to our evening of finding comfort and joy! The shatter is a bonus..seriously intense effects help me sleep the whole night! Thanks cannabismo…your experts at picking the best for me!

  218. QCCHRIS77 (verified owner)

    I will order again,it is just like the picture I add good Pink weed!!!(Well packaged)

  219. Shaham Kaveh (verified owner)

    we will order this again, we have received 28g of PINK ,(Good weed) and 0.5 gm of oil (Not bad) in our taste!!! But Thank You,cheers

  220. Typherion (verified owner)

    I can’t believe they keep these in stock! Such a good price. So far the staff picks are my new fave strains!
    Excellent deal, if you do the math.

  221. AMPer (verified owner)

    Awesom pack, it’s a great deal and includes great products. Highly recommend

  222. Patmaster (verified owner)

    Same here with the Black Diamond buds…😕 Very disappointed. I hate to leave bad reviews but I had to tell you guys that the smoke is awful. While smoking joints, I noticed that it burns funny producing particularly black ash that stays together. The ash doesn’t wanna fall off the joint and grows like 1 or 2cm before it wants to drop. 🤔 Great looking big buds by the way but with just ok smell. Mk Ultra shatter was very good and tasteful but I can’t help pass the taste of the Black Diamond buds…

  223. Mugs (verified owner)

    I received an ounce of Sugar Shack and enjoyed every bud! Amazing deal. Would order again

  224. nauticalpwnage (verified owner)

    First time being disappointed with an order. I received an ounce of Black Diamond. This bag smells ok but does not taste or burn well at all. It burns almost into a sludge that I have to scrape from the bowl and not an ash. I’ve tried it in joints, bongs and my vape but no method really helps.

    I hate leaving a bad review but even at $150 for the bag and other goodies, I feel I didn’t get my money’s worth. This stuff barely gets me high. I’m hoping my next order is back to the quality I’m used to. 2 stars because it is weed.

  225. Farquhka (verified owner)

    Absoultely love this pack! With it being 150$ right now its my favourite and im gonna have to get a couple more before they go out of stock! Such a good variety and i really appreciated the staff pick as they read my note! 👌👌

  226. Adelelong (verified owner)

    Great deal edible very good probly buy a second lol

  227. BeauD (verified owner)

    I’ve never been disappointed with this pack. Bud is clean cut quality and above average potency. Excellent way to try different Shatters too. Will definitely continue to buy this pack!!

  228. PiperSniper (verified owner)

    Cant beat the deal! Good smoke too! buy it!

  229. PiperSniper (verified owner)

    Cant beat the deal! Good smoke too!

  230. dev11588 (verified owner)

    Really can’t beat this deal considering the 28g of flower alone is worth more than the package. Received Nuken. Shatter a bit on the soft side but to be expected with the current heat. Will re-order for sure.

  231. Patmaster (verified owner)

    Best deal around! An oz of flower of this quality by itself is totally worth it. On top of that you get .5g of shatter and 4 hard candies. You can’t beat that. I am definitely gonna be ordering this one again and again. Flower=lime berry, shatter=presidential OG, candies flavour=grape.

  232. MaillouxsMedical (verified owner)

    First time ordering this amazing deal and I got an oz of Nuken (smell is amazing, buds looked nice, delivers a nice mellow high, & Very uplifting.) .5 of MK ultra shatter (yet to try) and 4 of the mango hard candies. As a daily user with a higher tolerance the candies didnt do much. For the price definitely worth it tho!! Thanks Bismo!

  233. Sachvie (verified owner)

    I just recieved my first sampler the other day, and I got 28g of the strain Lime Berry, what is like Lime Berry!? I love this site but this is the first time I have not had any information on a strain. I tried emailing about it with no reply. So not too happy about it, buds looks nice though.

  234. dudemcdad (verified owner)

    First time i am ordering online at all, and went “all-in” with this sampler pack. Ordered late tuesday montreal time, and recieved it friday early afternoon. Received a generic brown box, with a first vaccumed bag, at this point, no odors. Then there is that “locked” ziploc bag with a the goodies inside: 1oz of well trimmed lemon skunk, 0.5g of diamong og shatter and 4 green apple candies. Super satisfied with the easy process and quality of the goods! Thank you so much cannabismo 😁😁😁

  235. Jaymac_03 (verified owner)

    Once again, an amazing order. Thanks again to the people over at cannabismo for an amazing pack! Special thanks for throwing in that little extra g of darth Vader og! I’ve been wanting to try it but just never got to ordering it! So thank you! Never disappointed with this pack, always something amazing inside. (Candies have a bit of a weedy taste but I actually really like it!) Will be ordering another very soon! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    – Jayce M

  236. zizzbizz (verified owner)

    I got this strain called animal cookies the second time i ordered it. It was absolutely heavenly. to this day one of the most potent and rare types of bud i have ever tasted. Best deal in Canada i would say. love you guys. I just hate how it’s always a gamble lmao as I prefer Indica strains for my insomnia

  237. Gunpoint69 (verified owner)

    Wow with all the positive reviews youd think this would have been far better

    I recieved lemon skunk AA grade.
    Definitely wont be purchasing this again
    Mostly very small buds majority of the buds are harsh and leave a mettalic tingly sensation on your tounge (dirty product!) Both Big and small buds
    Really not impressed this is a step down from your typical in town street product.
    I was expecting so much more based on the reviews

    Smell: 3/5 typical discount weed most places cary
    Burn: 2/5
    Taste: 1/5
    High: 2/5 weak i was smoking 2-3 bowls from a bong to get where i needed to be
    Bag appeal: 2/5 lots of small popcorn buds and majority of the bigger buds i did get are fluffy

  238. boobear (verified owner)

    Just a smokin’ deal. I got Master Kush. Great taste, good high. At the end of the day, just a great value

  239. stephenhodson (verified owner)

    Why would you buy Anywhere else? I got Nuken, MK Ultra Shatter and of course the Apple Candies. I think this is my 8th order. Thanks, Mo.

  240. BeauD (verified owner)

    Amazing deal. Never disappointed in the quality of buds. The shatter and candy are a bonus at this price!!

  241. Brensec (verified owner)

    Excellent value!
    I got Black Diamond bud & Rockstar shatter!

  242. Respectable (verified owner)

    I’m glad shipping’s the most responsive. Amazing bud for all with this.

  243. TheChongler420 (verified owner)

    The sampler pack has been my go-to choice for bud on cannabismo really great stuff everytime !

  244. supert26 (verified owner)

    Weed : Taste:5/5 High:4/5 got lemon skunk this time

    shatter: Taste 5/5 High:4/5 got pink champagne shatter (i prefer the platinum kush for the high but prefer de taste of pink champagne)

    edible: green apple did not tryed it yet

  245. mirandalcb (verified owner)

    Always a Great Buy!!
    I have purchased this sampler a few times now and never been disappointed.
    The bud is Always decent quality, we get a different bud almost every time we order and have yet to be let down. 5/5 on flavor, roll, burn and potency.
    The shatter unfortunately is gooey, every one I’ve gotten so far has been very hard to work with, it tastes great and provides the desired results if you can take your time with it. The candy’s are just a nice little treat. All in all I would pay more then this for the Bud alone, the rest is just an added bonus.
    Will purchase again 🙂

  246. Ryan (verified owner)

    Got two of these packs, both look awesome! 28 grams for this price is unreal. Got Nuken and Master Kush. I’ve had the kush before and I enjoy it. The Nuken is very nice! Nice sized buds and so far I’m very pleased. Got Pink Kush shatter and watermelon candies in both packs, but I’m okay with that 🙂

  247. Brandymitchell (verified owner)

    This sample pack has never dissapointed. Staff always makes good choices for bud.

  248. DwightOut420 (verified owner)

    this Is a very good deal tbh well worth the price quality is amazing always but my recent purchase I bought 4 samplers and a 60$ vape pen , but when my items arrived it was 100$ beginner packs x4 and the vape I purchased ! man I was annoyed I asked them to fix it for me since Iive been a good customer and spent nearly 8,000$ on this site. Y’all only getting 1 star cause customer service is whack and any good business would correct their mistake for their customers, I’m sure they don’t like losing customer to minor errors employees made . 😡 was a happy camper up until this happened. 👎 big thumbs down cannabismo

  249. Setti93 (verified owner)

    What an amazing deal, really!

    So far my 7 orders of these have included the following:
    1. Purple Kush w/ 1g of Fruity Pebbles and mango candies
    2. Animal Cookies w/ .5g of Pink Champagne and blue raspberry candies
    3. Purple Haze w/ .5g of Lucky Charms and mango candies
    4. Bubba Kush w/ .5g of Presidential OG and orange candies
    5. Lemon Skunk w/ .5g of Diamond OG and grape candies
    6. Purple Kush w/ .5g of Pink Kush and cherry candies
    7. Nuked w/ .5g of Presidential OG and strawberry-kiwi candies

    Can’t say I have any complaints that’s for sure!

  250. Andremo (verified owner)

    Always fun opening this pack to see what you’re gonna get. I was pretty stoked to see a bag of nuken in this one:)

    • Setti93 (verified owner)

      Me too!

  251. ShawnP (verified owner)

    One of the best deal around had blue mataro and was amazing

  252. JEFFJ (verified owner)

    Best Deal !! will buy again

  253. Cassielle (verified owner)

    Ended up with chemdawg it was amazing both in flavour and high be careful not to indulge too much lol couch weed candies are always tasty not very strong though the shatter is of pretty good quality I usually gift this to someone else all in all a extremely good deal for your dollar

  254. Brandymitchell (verified owner)

    Always a great deal. We got lemon skunk this time and it’s a nice relaxing high. The shatter this time was amazing!

  255. Nikki (verified owner)

    Another awesome pack, recieved Love Potion #9 flower. Buds are good sized, crystal covered, and dank! Pink Kush shatter arrived as more of a sap, but that’s to be expected with the weather. Still tasted great! Blue raspberry candies, which I like to just stash in my purse, for those times smoking or dabbing aren’t an option.

  256. Mittens1123 (verified owner)

    You cannot go wrong with this deal. This is cheaper than most their ounces, and you get free edibles (that’s aren’t so strong, but just keep collecting them and eventually you’ll have a ton lol). You should also invest in those 60$ shatter pens so you can use that shatter, trust me it’s worth it

  257. karolamarie (verified owner)

    I got lemon skunk & the buds were decent in size, also got pink kush for the shatter & strawberry kiwi candies (didn’t believe the whole 30mg per piece cause I had to have 2 candies to feel a little buzz) other than that great product for the price!👌🏽

  258. Epicbon (verified owner)

    Wow, i am never disappointed when i open my sampler pack, even got one of my favourite candies in it, blue raspberry. The bud looks amazing, black diamond. And i got some presidential shatter. Put in my order last night and i already recieved my package. Love cannabismo!!!

  259. Stilligan (verified owner)

    THANK YOU CANNABISMO! Great price, great product AND great service. You can’t go wrong 🙂

  260. Bown3r (verified owner)

    Such a great package!

  261. Brandymitchell (verified owner)

    Once again this pack did not disappoint.

  262. Dancole (verified owner)

    Great pack to start with. I got shiskaberry god. The best I’ve ordered. Great deal!!!

  263. Reneetheoriginal (verified owner)

    Great Value and great products

  264. Trav11145 (verified owner)

    Not disappointed, will definitely order again. As always great work delivering quality medicine!

  265. wheedkween (verified owner)

    Really awesome deal for the price! I received an oz of bubba kush, blue raspberry candies and .5 of death bubba concentrate. The bubba kush is great, smokes really well and the candies were awesome. Haven’t tried the concentrate yet but I’ve tried some before from cannabismo so it should be fire! Great deal for $150, would buy again.

  266. Meagmac (verified owner)

    Ordered for the first time and im so stoked on this pack! I got an oz of bubba kush and .5 of rockstar distillate! The green apple candies were soooo yummy! My boyfriend and I ate those right away!! We have a hard time feeling stuff with edibles but they instantly made me smiley and the buds are super keify too! Ordered on a Thursday and it came Monday! (2 business days!!!) such a good deal! I will be ordering on the regular!

  267. Brick (verified owner)

    Ordered a few times never disapointed

  268. Epicbon (verified owner)

    Havnt been disappointed yet ordering the cannabismo pack, got some good smoke. Animal cookies being my favourite, cant find it on the site tho would love to just order the candies when im not able to smoke, and the pink champaigne shatter that comes with it is good too.

  269. tylor (verified owner)

    I got an oz. of Chemdawg 91! I LOVE CHEMDAWG and this smells amazing and the buds are huge.

    The Shatter is MK Ultra, big fan of that strain too.

    This pack was a winner. The oz. looks quality, I’m really surprised at how good this looks and smells.

    And shipping was REALLY fast.

  270. Grosgabb (verified owner)

    Great deal. Nice weed . The shatter was good and i got the pineaple candy who was very good too

  271. ButtreeBraan66 (verified owner)

    Best deal for your cash on any site I’ve ordered from by far!! I got Chemdawg in my order and the buds were AMAZING! Layered with a nice thick blanket of crystal trichomes, and that nice powerful Sour Diesel smell with the amazing Kush undertones you just have to love from that OG Kush Gene!! I was extremely satisfied and impressed with my order! The shatter wasn’t labeled so I was kinda disappointed to not know exactly what it was made from but it was very potent and it had a nice strong smell that you want from your shatter!! And the Pineapple hard candies were very good, I ate them on a slow day at work because I just randomly found them in my pocket and they actually made me feel pretty good!! I was concerned about some reviews about the purple candy some people got, I got that in my “420 Ready Pack” and it was alright at first, but it’s not as strong and hard hitting like you would like, so I was VERY happy to see Chemdawg in my order!! Thanks again for another great deal and some more KILLER buds Cannabismo!!

    • ButtreeBraan66 (verified owner)

      And get more Animal Cookies up on here!! That is still the greatest bud I’ve ever smoked!!

  272. Dozermorton (verified owner)

    Got mine Monday… got Chemdawg and I like it a lot. Can’t go wrong for the price. Will purchase again.

  273. MPM519 (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the price. First I got lemon skunk. Just made a second order.

  274. Dozermorton (verified owner)

    I got Chemdawg, green apple candies and some really nice shatter. It’s great and will order again.

  275. Tracydee (verified owner)

    I’ve not been disappointed yet. Received ChemDawg. Nice big buds. Good flavour good high for the price!

    And very quick delivery!

  276. Sylvain (verified owner)

    Difficile à battre pour le prix!

  277. Talon55 (verified owner)

    Well what can i say, for the price you cant beat it. I got purple candy and smell is 3/5 burne 3/5 high 2/5 taste 2/5
    I have been smoking for a while so my tolerance is pretty high so there for i need a stronger pack then that. I dont care much for the edibales i need at least 300mg for it to even do anything. However the shatter is a nice touch smoked it when i got it and hit me after the 2nd hit.
    If anyone does order from this put in your cart another strain of weed that is listed so you know that your getting stronger stuff since you dont know whats coming from this pack.

  278. WackyTobacky (verified owner)

    Not sure if I got 2 bunk packs or these reviews are a bit sketch, but I ordered 2 of these and In both I received the same strain purple candy… Bag appeal 3/5, smell 2/5, taste 2/5. The shatter in both packs were unmarked… so who knows what that is. I see a lot of people giving this really good reviews which is the only reason I finally caved in, I understand its a good deal, but i’ve seen some top notch bud on here for $150 and I could really care less about the .5 of shatter and the 4 tiny edibles. Hopefully I just received 2 bad packs, but from now on ill stick to ordering bud I know.

  279. fault1654 (verified owner)

    got the purple candy great choice. strong indica perfect for night time. got a no name shatter but can’t complain for the price as it was pretty much free. love that i also got mango edibles too as they tasted great cant say much for the effect though.

  280. JEFFJ (verified owner)

    Great package !! Received platinum kush first then animal cookies the 2nd order . Thanks for changing it up !! Great product ! Miss the 1g of shatter but can’t complain as .5 is better then nothing
    PS Animal cookies is amazing

    Thanks Cannabismo

  281. Tabarnaqc (verified owner)

    I received platinum kush and sweet tooth shatter with this pack.
    Candies taste cannabis and cherry.Taste was good but it doesnt give me any high,it just does nothing.
    The platinum kush was really good but sadly the buds were really small.Wish i had big buds,it would have been better but its still a good strain.
    First time i was smoking shatter and i have to say that is nice.Taste is smooth and it gives a nice high/buzz!

    Good deal.

  282. Ad.hunt (verified owner)

    Great deal. Great service. Very pleased.

  283. icarntspel (verified owner)

    Amazing deal

  284. misteresscoupe (verified owner)

    I recieved the blu mataro with my order, champagne and candy just added to the happiness to my palate. Great deal and a steal at $150. The flower only has a AA rating I think that’s a understatement very pretty buds.

  285. Nikki (verified owner)

    What a deal!!! The oz of Animal Cookies looks and smells amazing! Pink champagne shatter is the perfect consistency, and the Blue raspberry candies happen to be my fav! Awesome job guys!

  286. Sweet81 (verified owner)

    Excellent deal on some Super nice buds!! I got the Animal Cookies and Pink Champagne shatter with blue raspberry candies. Definitely buy this pack again! Always quality product at CB!!

  287. greazypickle (verified owner)

    Best deal!! I have never been disappointed, I’ll definitely continue to order!

  288. toronto2018 (verified owner)

    animal cookies!!

  289. biggie1105 (verified owner)

    Super nice bud and shatter got the super lemon haze and shishkaberry god

  290. Obscure Dreamer (verified owner)

    Fantastic!!! I received pink champagne shatter, Shiskaberry God bud and pineapple candy. The Shiskaberry God is an amazing bud. Unbelievable how purple it is…deep royal purple. Beautiful. The rest is was equally amazing. For the price this is a steal.

  291. Rgouthro1 (verified owner)

    3rd time buying, great everytime candies dont do anything for me though

  292. jimmy87 (verified owner)

    best deal yet 10/10 great stuff

  293. Mattjordan21 (verified owner)

    all around great deal. and came in 2 days early

  294. Bmacevans (verified owner)

    Get myself some Nuken, which although a prime strain and a good smooth vape or smoke, was not what I was expecting. Kinda felt like a really levelled high not too much couch lock, not too much mind wandering. Just sweet spot in the middle.

    The pink champagne was delightful and quite the hit through the quartz rig, holy jeez was I gone when I got through that.

    The candies I cannot comment on as I have skewed my tolerance towards inhalation rather than ingestion. Though my girlfriend was quite giggly and relaxed after she had two. So I’ll take it as she like them.

    I would definetly recommend this and now to try the other packs on here

  295. Superduper (verified owner)

    This is a great deal! Never been disappointed!!

  296. stephenhodson (verified owner)

    Blue Mataro, Pink Champagne Shatter, and Candies. Good Bang for Buck.

  297. Brandymitchell (verified owner)

    This is not the first time ordering this sample pack and it never dissapoints. The flowers are always great and different, the shatter and candies add a little variety and are always nice.

  298. Jamiemccoo (verified owner)

    Awesome value. Purchased 4x now. The shatter has a perfect consistency. Packaging was great also. Products come quickly.

  299. JEFFJ (verified owner)

    Great Price and quailty ! nice to try a couple of different products! Pink Champagne shatter is nice and smooth and keeps you on the couch. I’m looking forward to trying the edibles

  300. zizzbizz (verified owner)

    came with a gram of sweet tooth shatter, and an ounce of lemon skunk which was actually really good quality. ABsolutely my favorite deal on my favorite website. great job cannabismo

  301. Kaneh Bosm (verified owner)

    Keep these deals coming! 😎This is the PERFECT combo to keep me medicated💨! The Herb🌳 is always 🔥 and the shatter and candies🍬 are nice for variety. Amazing value being offerred here compared to other MMO sites or bricks and mortar dispensaries. Cannabismo🌿 is easily the number one Canadian🍁 dispensary, I’m💯% satisfied with you guys, been a customer over a year now.✌ RESPECT 👊

  302. aais00695 (verified owner)

    Once again they don’t disappoint. The shatter had a really good buzz and the smoke was one of the best I got the blue mataro and wow one of my personal favourites

  303. BudMasterK (verified owner)

    Best deal yet. Got Blue Mataro with my order. Nice tight purple buds. Awesome stuff.

  304. Kee96 (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 of these got it with lemon skunk,nice buds strong smell. The shatter was good,not a fan of the candy tho, orverall a good deal can’t complain. Well worth buying,would recommend it 🙂

  305. Deadpool (verified owner)

    I enjoyed everything. 😁

  306. isaywebyyou (verified owner)

    This is a great deal, last time I got the chem-dawg strain this time the lemon-kush and both strains are above average and do the job well. Not a huge fan of the candy but the shatter is always good.

  307. oakleyjody (verified owner)

    Great deal!! You guys rock!!

  308. lola44 (verified owner)

    great value

  309. ChristieN (verified owner)

    Great deal for price and the shatter was a nice addition as I had never tried it before. However, Cannabismo’s candies have never done anything for me before and Iwas hoping these would be different – but no change.

  310. Blackmanig (verified owner)

    Great deal! got mine with chewdawg, not a fan of how harsh it is but the high is nice and relaxing. the shatter is nice and tasty though and i cant wait to try the pineapple candies i got! 🙂

  311. Otter2500 (verified owner)

    Had this one with the Chemdawg and all i can say is you cant go wrong there!!

  312. aais00695 (verified owner)

    Top quality bud and the shatter was tasty. Wasn’t a big fan of the candy but for the price I can’t complain. This is my second order of the sample pack my first one was the green crack god and the bud was amazing my second order was the chem dawg and the buds were huge and the taste and buzz was awesome I will definitely buy again.

  313. T.wall97 (verified owner)

    Ordered the Green Crack God and it was amazing for the price, candies tastes great! just placed another order for the lemon skunk sample pack.

  314. 420buddy101 (verified owner)

    Got with Green Crack God. Amazing deal. I can’t believe the quality of the bud for this price. The candies were delicious but not very strong. I had orange flavour. I have also tried watermelon and the watermelon are my favorite so far. I will buy them again for sure. The concentrate was also really good. I had never tried it before, talk about a great high!

  315. elleehm (verified owner)

    Great value, chemdawg smokes well, good buds with minimal leaf, nice pungent smoke and a good head/body high. I really like the sugar candies taste, I did notice assistance with anxiety and body pain. Half gram of shatter was great as well, smokes nice in a bowl or vape. Buying again.

  316. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great deal!! Got this with Green Crack God, and was definitely worth it. The candies are good but not too strong. The shatter is nice and taste good. Would definitely pick up another one!!

  317. Mholliday (verified owner)

    Good stuff and loved the hash and the shatter.

  318. rideordie519 (verified owner)

    A great way to enjoy a large sample of some very good quality Cannabis and Concentrate aswell as an edible.

  319. Joe204 (verified owner)

    Good deal 💅

  320. biggg_p (verified owner)

    Can’t be the price – gives some variety to try different products. I got swamp water shatter in mine sampler and it was amazing!!!

  321. Jake420 (verified owner)

    Great deal. Nice smelling buds. The high was pretty good and the shatter was Excellent

  322. christajadefisher (verified owner)

    best deal i have seen on her yet thanks bismo lol