Why Music Sounds Great When You’re High?

29 Nov 2022

You know that feeling when you hear your favorite song and it feels as if it’s speaking to you personally? Well, get ready to have that same experience – only ten times more intense. Did you ever wonder why music sounds great high?

Because listening to music while high is an experience unlike any other. In many ways, music is the perfect accompaniment for getting high. Both activities are sensory experiences that lead to altered states of thinking and being.

But what makes music so much better when you’re high? It comes down to three key elements: rhythm, timbre and lyrics. Read on to discover why music sounds great when you’re high.

Why Does Music Sound Even Better When You’re High

Though it might sound like a cliche, there is some truth to the saying that music is the universal language.

We all experience music in different ways and with different emotions, but we all get something out of it. For many of us, music is therapy and healing.

When you’re high, music not only feels incredible, but it actually changes the way your brain works. People stoned on pot tend to hear music from note to note.

When you smoke weed, THC and other cannabinoids attach to the CB1 receptors in your brain. These receptors are found in the auditory cortex of your brain. They have been proven to affect how you perceive sound.

Music combined with marijuana tends to produce feelings of euphoria and connectedness to the music and the musicians.

Rhythmic Trades

Rhythm is the backbone of any musical composition. It is what keeps everything together and dictates the flow of the song.

Because the human brain is biologically programmed to recognize rhythm, it’s not just important in music – it’s an essential part of how we think, feel and process information. When you’re high, you can really notice the impact of rhythm on your state of mind. This is because rhythm is linked to your heartbeat.

As the music plays, it will cause your heartbeat to increase. This is because your brain is interpreting the sound of the music as your heartbeat. As the beat gets faster and louder, so will your heart rate. When you’re high, this effect is even more intense. The chemical compounds in cannabis cause an increase in your heart rate.

This means that the two rhythms of the music and your heartbeat will be in perfect sync. When everything is aligned like this, the effect of the music becomes amplified. You will notice that you are more likely to sway to the rhythm of the music, and you may find yourself tapping your feet or moving your body in a way that you don’t normally.

It is well-known that cannabis affects the area of the brain that processes auditory stimulation. There have been numerous tests where subjects reported a greater ability to recall lyrics, understand differences in sound, rhythm,

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As we’ve already discussed, listening to music while high will enhance the sound in a number of ways. One of the most obvious effects is that the timbre of the music will change. All sounds are made up of different pitches and frequencies.

When you’re high, you tend to hear higher frequencies in music. This means that the sound will be much brighter and more intense. Because the sound is much louder, you will be able to hear new elements in the music that you might not have been able to pick up on while sober.

This can be really interesting, especially if you’re listening to music that you’re familiar with. You may notice that the song is completely different or that there are certain parts that you never noticed before.

Lyrics That Echo Your Feelings

The lyrics of a song can often be overlooked, especially when you’re high. Instead, you might focus on the sound or the rhythm of the song. However, this isn’t to say that the lyrics don’t have an impact.

When you’re high, the lyrics of a song will echo your feelings and emotions more than ever before. This is because the way that your brain processes language changes when you’re high. Numerous studies have found that when you’re high, your language processing areas are less active than usual.

This means that you’re less likely to pick up on the meaning of words and more likely to focus on their sound and rhythm. This is a fascinating connection, and it’s one that you can use to your advantage. When you’re high, the lyrics of a song will have a much more intense effect on your state of mind.

Music Sounds Great High

Key Takeaway

Music is the perfect accompaniment for getting high. Both activities are sensory experiences that lead to altered states of thinking and being.

But what makes music sounds even better when you’re high? It comes down to three key elements: rhythm, timbre, and lyrics. When you’re high, the rhythm and timbre of the music will be enhanced. It changes the way we perceive music.

The lyrics will also have an even stronger effect on your emotions and feelings. So if you love listening to music, you should definitely incorporate it into your next smoke sesh.

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