Can You Smoke Weed Resin & Is it Bad for You?

22 Mar 2021
weed resin

Nearly every one of us is bound to inhale some sort of weed resin at one point or another in our cannabis careers. It’s just an inevitable fact whether we are aware of it or not. 

Most of the time, inhaling weed resin is an involuntary act of smoking joints or inhaling from a pipe or bong.

However, some users actually voluntarily smoke resin. Why? Sometimes times get tough, and weed can be scarce if not impossible to find. In cases like these, all they have left is the resin from their last sesh.

So, what exactly is weed resin, is there a point to smoking it and can it even get you high? 

Keep on reading to find out! 

What is Weed Resin?

Not to be mistaken for live resin and the resin found in fresh buds of cannabis, the weed resin we are referring to is essentially the accumulation of gunk in your pipe or bong after several uses. 

Weed resin typically builds up over time through continued use of a pipe or bong without regular cleanings. Because of this, it contains sizable amounts of ash, tar, and carbon.

It’s usually black in colour and sticky to the touch. Weed resin can be scraped from a glass pipe or bong and reheated for smoking. 

However, since it contains ash, tar, and carbon, it can be harmful to the respiratory system, and therefore smoking weed resin is not advised.

Not only that, but the taste is awful at best, and the smoke is rough and harsh. Also, it delivers multiple adverse side effects that regular weed is intended to soothe. 

All in all, smoking weed resin is not something that we would ever recommend. 

Can Weed Resin Get you High?

It may come as a surprise since weed resin is essentially the byproduct of smoked cannabis, but weed resin can actually get you high if smoked in large quantities. 

Compared to fresh cannabis, weed resin is severely lacking in cannabinoids. However, it does contain tiny trace amounts that may deliver a slight buzz.

That said, as we just explained, the initial flavour of the cannabis at hand will be long gone and replaced by a foul and bitter taste that most would find incredibly off-putting. 

Coupled with the fact that weed resin contains less than optimal amounts of cannabinoids, you’ll have to scrape up a decent amount to achieve any sort of significant high. 

In this sense, most tokers would simply seek out cheap weed options rather than resort to smoking their leftover weed resin, ourselves included.

Is Smoking Resin Bad?

If you’re wondering why anyone would bother smoking resin, you’re not alone. Because weed resin contains loads of ash, tar, and carbon, one could only imagine what havoc they would wreak on your lungs and health. 

Since we all know that smoking already is harmful to our respiratory health, there isn’t a shadow of a doubt that smoking weed resin would possibly be any better.

In fact, the act of smoking resin is likely much worse. That said, while it is undoubtedly one of the most unhealthy ways to ingest cannabis, a single skirmish with it has a low chance to cause any significant health issues. However, more severe health complications can and will arise when smoking resin becomes a habit or daily routine.

As we’ve touched on multiple times, weed resin contains ash, tar, and carbon, three ingredients that can be incredibly harmful to the respiratory system, especially after long-term exposure. 

If you’re going to dabble with weed resin, make sure you space your use far apart if you’re at all concerned with maintaining good health. 

How to Scrape Weed Resin

When worst comes to worst, and you’re all out of weed, and you feel that you have to get your cannabinoid fix, sometimes smoking resin is your only option. After all, sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. 

That said, we’d still recommend seeking cheaper options before resorting to smoking weed resin.

However, if you find yourself in this sticky situation – pun intended – then follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to smoking a bowl full of resin.

CAUTION: Scraping resin should only be performed on a glass pipe or bong.

Equipment Needed:

  • A paper clip, bobby pin, or any other item that can be used as a tool to scrape the resin
  • A lighter or mini torch
  • Some parchment paper
  • A glass pipe or glass bong with some resin in it


  1. Grab your pipe or bong and ensure that it is dry before attempting to remove any resin. Spread out some parchment paper on a flat surface. The parchment paper will serve as a non-stick surface to store the resin after it’s been scrapped.
  2. Grab your lighter or mini torch and begin heating the pipe or bong areas that are caked with resin. You’ll want to make sure that you’re not heating it too hot as this will burn off any of the remaining cannabinoids. Just ensure that the pipe or bong is warm.
  3. After heating your pipe or bong, grab your scraping tool and begin removing the warm resin to the parchment paper you laid out earlier.
  4. Once you’ve scraped all of the resin out of your device, either store it for use or prepare it for smoking.

How to Use Weed Resin

how to use weed resin

With a good idea of how you can scrape and collect resin, now it’s time for the “fun” part. 

We’re going to show you some of the most effective ways of using weed resin. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Smoke it Outright in a Pipe

Although this will be straight-up nasty and foul-tasting, if you don’t have any extra bud laying around, this will be one of your only options. 

Simply load your weed resin into a bowl and spark it up to smoke. When smoking resin, it’s important to keep in mind that it may require a more extended heating period compared to regular cannabis.

Load the Resin in a Joint

If you need some filler for your joints, the resin can act as an effective one.

Simply create the joint as you normally would, and sprinkle in some weed resin along with your ground bud. This method is the optimal way of masking the nasty taste of resin by using regular cannabis, as well.

For more information on how to roll the perfect joint, check out our guide here

Weed Resin – Pot in a Pinch

Weed resin is the leftover residue that comes from smoking cannabis through a pipe or bong. However, we cannot stress enough how much you should avoid smoking it.

While weed resin can get you high, it comes at the price of your respiratory health and well-being. Not only that but it straight-up tastes terrible, and the smoking experience itself is not a pleasant one at all. 

We’ve said it multiple times, but it bears repeating, smoking resin should only be left as a last resort when you absolutely need to. That said, there isn’t really a reason that you would need to. 

Most dispensaries these days offer deals or discount prices for cheaper products that pose alternatives leaps and bounds healthier and higher in quality than weed resin, meaning there are safer options out there for any price point. 

Do yourself, your lungs and your tastebuds a favour and opt for a cheaper alternative and spare yourself the unsavoury experience of smoking weed resin. 

You’ll thank us later!

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