Dime Bag – An Old-School Weed Measurement

4 Feb 2021
Dime Bag

Do you know what “dime bag” is? Most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs will likely know the answer. 

However, for all you newbies out there, no, it’s not a new cannabis concentrate. It’s also not another synonym used to name weed. 

While you might be familiar with terms like dabbing, reefer, terpenes, and kief, we can almost guarantee that many of the younger generations of tokers have no idea about the storied history weed used to have back in the day.

For those of us that do, we’re officially old now. Yay for us! 

Gather around, youngins, because we’re about to give you a flash-lecture on an old-school cool way to measure and portion out your weed! 

We are, of course, going to be talking about dime bags. 

What is a Dime Bag?

What Is A Dime Bag

Let us take you back in time to the early days of weed prohibition. During these times, if you wanted pot, you had to buy it under the table, on the street, and certainly out of view of the public eye.

Even though weed had experienced a surge in popularity partly thanks to the hippy counter-culture movement, it was still believed by the general population to be a dangerous substance. 

Unfortunately, many outside of Canada today still believe that weed is a “hard drug.” It’s all good, though. It just means more for us! 

To remain under the radar, weed lovers had to develop a recognizable slang system to refer to their favourite green. From reefer to grass to Mary Jane and jazz leaf, weed has had its fair share of unique and unusual nicknames. 

Up until then, there was no term that street dealers could easily refer to when detailing what they were selling and how much.

Enter dime bags.

A dime, a shorthand slang term used to describe $10, was used as the standard price for a single ‘unit’ of weed. 

However, how much weed a dime bag actually possessed would vary across dealers, cities, and even states and provinces. Still, it quickly became the gold standard for how dealers wanted to push their product. 

However, one thing remained standard across the 420 cannabis community at the time – a dime bag would always have enough weed inside to roll a sizable joint perfect for personal consumption.

Time is relative, so it’s critical to keep in mind that, at the time, a $10 bill was worth slightly more than it was today. 

So, while you can get your hands on some pretty dank product at an online dispensary Canada for only $10, it would’ve stretched a lot further back in the day. 

Gotta love inflation! 

Interestingly enough, the term “dime bag” is also used to describe any box, bag, or container designed to hold and store weed. 

Crazy how language evolves, right? The more you know! 

Modern Dime Bags – Influencing Factors

Today, modern dime bags have faded away to make room for easy-to-smoke pre-rolls and cheap, popcorn-sized nugs. 

The modern toker has changed, too. For example, shatter, once an exotic extract reserved for the green community’s boujee elite, is now widely available at dispensaries across the country. 

Big Business and private craft growers have driven the price of weed continuously lower and lower. 

So, that said, can a dime bag still get you a decent amount of weed? 

Let’s look at what’s changed from then to now.


Modern Dime Bags

A dime bag is worth $10, so how much grass could a tenner get you today? 

Spoiler alert: a lot. 

Many dispensaries, private growers, and corporate cultivators are pushing the envelope more and more in terms of cannabis innovation. Depending on where you get your weed from, a dime bag could amount to just a little over 2 grams! 

However, proximity to a reliable source plays a significant role. 

If you’re not fortunate enough to live near a dispensary, and you aren’t in a location where you can receive deliveries from sites where you can buy weed online, your options are more limited. 

In these instances, you’ll likely have to rely on your local gro-op budtender for your grass. 

In which case, you could be paying upwards of $10 for just a single gram of ditch weed that’s mostly stems and leaves! 

So, location is a crucial factor. If you’re in a “dry” place, local dime bag prices will undoubtedly capitalize on the low supply and high demand. 

Weed Quality

Quality reflects the price, so it’s no surprise that the higher the weed’s grade, the higher the price will be. 

If the weed has been properly dried, cured, and flushed, you can expect to pay a pretty penny to enjoy that righteous bud. 

On the other hand, if the weed is grown in a grow op by a bunch of guys who don’t even know how to trim their weed properly, then a dime bag will get you more than your fair share of grass – as well as seeds and stems!

Ultimately, you get what you pay for. 

Growing Season

Growing Marijuana

Why is summer one of the best times to smoke weed and have summer fun with cannabis? Aside from the abundant BBQs and hot, balmy weather, it’s also when weed is the cheapest! 

Indoor hydroponics isn’t cheap to keep running. Ensuring all of the weed plants get the proper nutrition, water, and sunlight they need to grow big and dank also requires a lot of work and money.

When it’s summertime, growing dank weed is a lot easier. Not only can you grow it outdoors, but you also don’t have to worry about maintaining expensive electricity bills or running fans to circulate your grow-op’s air quality. 

However, that said, indoor weed is, of course, superior to outdoor weed. Growing anything with precisely measured inputs, temperature control, and optimal growing conditions will obviously yield a higher quality product. 

But that isn’t to say that outdoor growing weed is bad! 

Want to crop the cheapest dime bags? Summer is your best bet. 

Dime Bag – An Ever-Evolving Term

A dime bag is $10 worth of weed, but the amount of weed that $10 will get you will vary across locations, qualities, and seasons. 

Multiple factors play into the fact that this term is ever-changing. However, its core concept has remained the same for decades. Proximity is probably one of the most significant influences regarding the quality of your dime bag experience. 

Of course, the closer you are to a registered dispensary or trustworthy source, the more likely you are to get more bang for your buck and receive high-quality weed. 

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