Kief 101 – 6 Awesome Ways To Consume The Magical Powder

15 Sep 2019
Adding kief to coffee

Kief is a very powerful and concentrated form of marijuana. You can use it in many ways to get a better, more intense high. On the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant there are trichomes which are packed with cannabinoids. These trichomes, also referred to as resin glands, come in a form of a powdery and fine substance called kief.

Although kief is less potent than cannabis wax, oil or shatter, it is definitely more powerful than marijuana flowers. When collecting it, you should focus on its color and smell. The top-notch quality product comes in a very light colour with a pleasant aroma. It’s also very diverse, even being used for making potent edible weed treats.

Kief 101

Source: Leafly

How do you collect and store kief?

When it comes to collecting kief, there is a wide range of methods you can choose from. But the easiest way is to use a three-chamber weed grinder. This will allow you to finely ground your weed while the kief is collected in the bottom chamber of the grinder.

However, if you want to get larger quantities of kief, you can separate it from the cannabis with simple silk screening materials. Many kief enthusiasts make their own makeshift sifters from layered screens. Whether you choose to collect kief with a herb grinder or a sifter, it’s important to extract the purest kief with as little unwanted green plant matter as possible.

If you’re lucky enough to collect a large amount of kief, remember to store it in a dark, dry and cool space in an airtight container. It’s recommended to mix and stir the kief every few days. That will help to prevent it from sticking together.

What do you do with kief?

Now that you know how to extract, collect and store your kief, it’s time to learn how to use this magical ingredient.

1. Add kief to a joint

Adding kief to a joint

Source: The Grow Pro Blog

This is probably one of the most popular method of using kief. Many stoners smoke it in a joint, but keep in mind that rolling a joint with kief can be a little messy. Kief is a powdery substance, so it’s good to mix it with your ground buds, as it will have something to stick to. Another way is to put your kief between two layers of your ground buds before wrapping it in a rolling paper.

2. Put kief in your pipe

Another common way of smoking kief is putting it in a pipe; however, it may be a bit  tricky for an inexperienced smoker. Keep in mind that it’s more potent than your usual buds, so you should be careful with the amount used in a pipe. Also, it’s important to pay attention when smoking kief in a pipe. It keeps burning so you must keep toking away if you don’t want to lose it.

3. Make a hash brick with kief

It’s also possible to press the kief into a brick of hash. It won’t match the quality of true has, but it’s still a decent way to process your powder.

In order to make a hash brick, you’ll need to prepare a sheet of parchment paper and, an iron or hair straightener. Now, fold the piece of paper, put it inside and place your iron over the top of the paper.

Alternatively, if you’re using a hair straightener, press your filled paper between the plates of your gear. Be careful not to keep it too long, as you may burn the paper. On the other hand, you should hold it long enough to compress and heat up your kief.

Now that it has been decarboxylated, it’s ready to use. You can add it to your pizza, tea or anything you want. Another way is, of course, hash smoking – whether you want to roll it with your joint or use it in a pipe. It’s up to you!

4. A twist on wake and bake

Adding kief to edibles

Source: Cannabis Culture

For those of you who love to wake and bake, here is a great idea. Try adding it to your morning cup of tea or coffee. The heat will activate the cannabinoids, and thus you’re going to enjoy the morning high with a decent kick of energy.

You’ll only need a gram for 24 oz of coffee or tea to make an intense and powerful morning drink. You’ll get high within 30 minutes after drinking your tea and the effect will last longer than it would if you smoked a blunt.

5. Make butter

If you’re more into weed edibles, you can easily whip up some butter using your kief. The procedure is similar to making cannabis-infused butter with hash oil or weed buds. Using kief will allow you to make a stronger end-product.

Start by melting the butter in a crock pot over medium heat before you add kief. Once you have it in your melted butter, it’s time to stir the mix every 10 minutes for the next 5 hours. Then, place your butter in a heatproof container until it cools completely before putting the butter in the refrigerator.

For those of you who don’t like to wait for hours until the kief butter is ready, here is the quick option for making edibles. Simply throw a gram or two of kief into your next brownies or cookies. But keep in mind that it may change the aroma and taste of your edibles. It’s best to mix it with other ingredients first when making cookies, brownies or cakes, as it will allow you to mix the whole thing evenly.

6. Make Moonrocks


Source: My Green Van

Kief is one of the of the most important ingredients in moonrocks. You may think that making moonrocks is not easy, but guess what? It is! All you need is kief, nugs, and cannabis concentrates, such as oil or shatter.

First of all, cover your nug with a thin layer of oil or shatter and coat the whole thing with kief. Now, you must let the moonrock dry before you can grind it and enjoy this extremely potent substance.

Skip the process, buy moonrocks online from Cannabismo.

Now that you know how to collect, store and use kief, you can make the most of your smoking sessions. Or you can even bake some edibles whose tales of power will be shared between those who dare eat them. Consider purchasing a grinder with a kief catcher – it will be the easiest option for beginning your adventure with infused goods.

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