Benefits of Weed for Beauty

10 Sep 2019
The Benefits Of Smoking Weed

As cannabis legalization traction pace, we learn more and more about the many positive effects pot can have. We’ve seen new benefits of smoking weed get traction in numerous ways. The beauty industry is no exception. Women have been a given great opportunity to treat themselves and beautify in a natural and safe way.

Cannabis-infused beauty products are becoming popular among everyone, from A-list celebrities to regular users. Many experts say that cannabis may benefit not only your health but also your skin. In fact, marijuana has a wide range of beneficial compounds that may improve your skin.

Here is everything you need to know about cannabis, your beauty, and your skin.

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Cannabis For Your Beauty

Many women wonder whether or not weed is good for their beauty. With its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, cannabis can protect your skin against all sorts of damage, from aging to cancer.

Benefits Of Weed In Skincare And Beauty

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It’s been 20 years since the National Academy of Sciences published a study confirming that THC has antioxidant properties, and CBD as an antioxidant is more powerful than both Vitamins C and E.

Why antioxidants are so important for our beauty and how they protect our body and skin? They neutralize free radicals that harm your cells causing damage. Therefore, CBD may be helpful in fighting aging by protecting your skin and body cells.

As it turns out, cannabis-infused beauty products can be used to treat dry skin and rashes. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis, these products may be beneficial when it comes to more complicated conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema.

Health And Beauty Benefits Of Weed

Helps with dry skin

When it comes to dehydrated or withered skin, cannabis is amazingly beneficial. Whether you choose a cannabis-infused skin cream or cannabis oil, the active compounds of weed will promote the growth of new cells, making your skin more smooth and effulgent. If you have delicate lips that need a bit of nutrition and medication, there are many wonderful products, like cannabis-infused lip balms, to take care of the delicate lip skin in a more natural way.

Benefits Of Weed


Anti-aging properties

Cannabis oil and leaves are very powerful in reversing the signs of aging. If you’re looking for something that can give you a younger looking skin, both THC and CBD have anti-inflammatory properties and may reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, weed is an antioxidant, which means it will counteract free radicals and lighten the complexion of your skin. Be careful though, because smoking cannabis may actually speed up the aging process. On the other hand, if you apply weed topically, THC will reveal its anti-aging properties.

Boosts hair growth and nourishes the scalp

I bet all of us want to have beautiful and strong hair; after all, it’s our best calling card. As it turns out, cannabis oil may be perfect for nourishing both your scalp and hair, as it contains essential fatty acids, such as omega-6, and vitamin E. These active compounds promote hair growth and make your hair look healthier and stronger. Moreover, if you constantly fight dryness of your scalp, you must know how irritating it is. With so many beauty benefits, cannabis seems to be a great choice for dry scalp as well. Hemp seed oil contains a gamma-linolenic acid, which has moisturizing properties and can noticeably improve the health of your scalp and hair.

If you want to include weed in your hair care, consider purchasing marijuana topicals or oils and add some to your shampoo to give it an upgrade. It will boost hair regeneration and keep both your skin and hair moisturized. You’ll forget about your conditioner sooner than you think!

Marijuana Salve


Makes your strands stronger

With the amount of protein found in cannabis, it’s recommended to use the plant’s full potential. Keep in mind that your hair is built of protein, which is why using or consuming weed will help rebuild or revitalize your strands. Moreover, weed increases the elasticity and smoothness of your strands. You can use marijuana both in a beauty product and in your diet, adding cannabis oils to it or choosing cannabis-infused food. Can you imagine a peaceful evening with a cup of cannabis-infused hot cocoa that works perfectly for your beauty?

Boosts the protective shield and treats skin conditions

Cannabinoids found in marijuana contribute to your skin’s natural protective shield by hydrating your cells and stimulating their regeneration. You can easily fight pimples or blackhead by using cannabis-infused beauty products or hydrating oils in order to get a more shining and healthy skin.

How To Use Weed For Beauty

When it comes to using pot to improve your skin and overall beauty, the method of consumption is actually crucial.

Making Cannabis Cosmetics


You’ve probably heard about vaporizing, which means heating pot to the optimal temperature to get the most beneficial ingredients to inhale. It’s actually the healthiest method of consumption, where you can avoid many harmful toxins.

If vaporizing is not an option, how about a weed-infused brownie? I mean, who doesn’t love edibles, especially if they can be beneficial for our health?


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Consuming edibles is another smokeless option of getting the most of health-promoting marijuana compounds, so if you have a bad hair day and you’re in need of some chocolate guilty pleasure, why not make it less guilty with cannabis? Just like vaporizing weed, consuming edibles will help you avoid damaging, toxic or harmful byproducts found in smoke.

Among other skin care products, cannabis-infused topicals are the most popular way to give your body a sensual pleasure. You can found them in a good dispensary, where you can choose from a selection or weed-infused oils and creams manufactured by licensed brands. Another idea is to purchase the simplest cannabis oil which you can add to any product you desire, making it more beneficial for your beauty.

Benefits of Weed For Your Beauty: Final Hit

When it comes to your beauty, marijuana is extremely beneficial. Antioxidants and cannabinoids found in the plant seem to have protective effects on the skin. Moreover, if you consume it in a healthy way, you can get healthier and stronger hair, youthful-looking and shiny skin, and fewer problems with skin conditions, such as acne or eczema.

As you can see, adding weed to your everyday beauty routine may be extremely beneficial. With no harm to your beauty, you can enjoy marijuana-infused products that work for both your body and mind.

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