7 Reasons Why You Should Get Yourself A Stoner Girlfriend

10 Sep 2019
Why You Should Get Yourself A Stoner Girlfriend

Now, we aren’t saying that there is anything wrong with girls that don’t smoke. But we wanted to shed some light on girls that do! Not all girls that smoke weed are daft and ditsy. In fact, there are many women in the cannabis industry who are killing it, like @WolfieMemes, the stoned-up comedian and cannactivist! If you’ve ever been curious about what it’d be like to date a stoner chick, here are 7 reasons why you should get yourself a stoner girlfriend.

She Has Great Taste In Music


Photo Credit: HERB

Girls who smoke weed tend to listen to artists that sing about weed. We know for sure she is a Bob Marley fan. And even though that’s cliche, you’d be surprised about the other artists she listens to. Stoner girls like to party and have fun and they LOVE to dance. So anything with a dope beat is for sure on their playlist.

You can usually find these types of girls at a rave or music festivals. She doesn’t look like all the other girls running around with tons of glitter and booty shorts. You can enjoy concerts together and tailgate with some reefer.

There’s Never A Dull Moment


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Some girls just smoke and others do wild smoke tricks that she can show off to your friends. This is usually how you can tell a REAL stoner chick apart from a girl who is just trying to impress you. Wouldn’t it be nice if she could teach you a thing or two instead of it being the other way around?

She’ll surprise you with how much she knows about marijuana and how much she loves it. You might be turned on by the fact that she can smoke you under the table. Unless you’re the competitive type, then the real fun begins!

No More Stupid Arguments!


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They say couples that smoke together often last longer. We think it’s because you end up getting closer to one another on a higher level, literally!  Stoner chicks are lovers not fighters. They seek fun and adventure and steer clear from any negative vibes. Your conversations with this one will get fun and exciting. It may even lead to a video game match for who’s best!

If you were to get into any arguments, it would probably be over who smoked all the weed. But you’d resolve it over a nice blunt. We’re not saying you wouldn’t ever argue, but she’s not here to play games. So the stupid arguments are out the door!

She’ll Share Her Weed & Roll It Too!4

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What’s awesome about having a partner that smokes weed with you is that when you run out, she’s got your back! She’ll probably even roll a joint better than you can! Stoner chicks are very independent and will gladly do things on their own. She might even roll better blunts than you. But that’s because her fingers are smaller and well, she knows what she’s doing.

A stoner girlfriend always comes prepared and makes your smoking experience fun and memorable. It’s like having your best friend and girlfriend packed into one person!

Chill & Laid Back


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We know for a fact that she is not high maintenance. At least not with materialistic things. A stoner girlfriend is pretty chill and down to earth; all she needs is her weed, her partner, and her food. She’s not picky either, she loves all the same foods you do. Unless she’s vegan, but even with that, she’s still pretty chill. She won’t try and convert you. But do know, that she will educate you on her choices in life. Just be supportive and you’ll get the same respect.

Buying gifts for girls that smoke are so much easier too! She’ll love any little smoking accessory you get her and of course a big bag of weed! You could also get her some clothing from her favorite cannabis brands. She’ll appreciate it and your money won’t go to waste!

She’s Great At Multi-tasking

Why You Should Get A Stoner Girlfriend

Photo Credit: Third Monk

Though lazy stoner chicks can be quite a mess, the functional stoner chick is quite OCD. She loves to clean and organize when she’s high. That way she feels productive and accomplished. You won’t worry about having to come home to a mess, in fact, she might even go out of her way to organize some of your things! How can you tell the difference between a lazy stoner chick and a functional one? Check out how clean the inside of her car is…

Best believe your girl can party hard too. Don’t underestimate a stoner chick, she’s got more balls than you do. She’s not a sloppy drunk/pothead either, she knows her limits and can hold her own. You won’t ever feel like you’re babysitting her.

…& She Cooks?

Why You Should Get A Stoner Girlfriend

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

How about finding yourself a woman like Vancouver’s smokin’ hot cannabis chef, Mary Jean Dudson a.k.a. Watermelon? She began her career on YouTube! There are many women diving into the cannabis industry right now and they’re really starting to outshine men, especially in the edibles department.

Regardless of whether she can make edibles or not, we guarantee you she can cook, well at least for the most part. Some stoner chicks can be a bit lazy while others are quite creative! Don’t be surprised if she ends up making the most amazing treats or bomb ass meals. If you find a stoner girlfriend who will do that, she’s a keeper for sure!

Even if you don’t smoke, stoner chicks are very respectful as long as you give them their respect. We shouldn’t judge people based on their lifestyles but more so how they treat us and others. We hope these reasons gave you a push in the right direction when trying to find your dream girl. Do you know any cool stoner girls? Ask them to join you for a sesh, it’s the perfect ice breaker!

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