What is Weed Crumble? How do You Smoke it?

30 Jul 2021
weed crumble concentrate

The cannabis world is filled with wacky strain names and lingo, with weed crumble being one of them. 

Also known as crumble wax, honeycomb wax, or just straight up crumble, weed crumble is a cannabis concentrate rising in popularity for new and experienced blazers alike.

Known for its unique appearance, crumbly texture, and engaging experience, weed crumble stands at the apex of cannabis concentrates.

Despite its growing popularity, yet many tokers remain unaware of what crumble wax actually is. While cannabis flower, vapes and edibles gain more and more followers, cannabis concentrates are more or less falling to the wayside. 

This is a shame because cannabis concentrates offer so much more than just a high dose of THC!

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the wonderful world of concentrates and crumble wax, you’ve come to the right place. To learn all there is to know about this crumbly, potent and versatile concentrate, stay tuned!

What is Weed Crumble?


As the name implies, it’s a cannabis concentrate with an extremely crumbly texture. Its appearance has been likened to that of a honeycomb, hence its pseudonym name – honeycomb wax. 

Crumble wax has a reputation for being extremely flavourful and tasty due to its high terpene content.

As a cannabis concentrate, weed crumble is produced through an extraction process that removes, filters and concentrates the desirable elements of weed out of the plant using a solvent.

Most often, the solvent used in the extraction process is butane. From here is the term BHO (butane hash oil), which is used to describe cannabis extracts created using butane as the primary solvent.

The solvent removes everything from the cannabis plant and can include the plant’s lipids, fats, chlorophyll and even cannabinoids.

In crumble’s case, the cannabis plants used are either cured, dried plants or fresh, flash-frozen ones. If it’s the latter, the final product is known as “live resin.” If cured and dried cannabis flower is used, the end result is “crumble.”

After everything is removed from the plant, the slurry of plant matter and cannabinoids is run through a filtration and vacuum purging process. This vacuum purging process filters out the fats, lipids, and chlorophyll from the terpenes and cannabinoids.

Once separated, the plant matter is thrown away, and the cannabinoid, terpene and solvent slurry is run through a purging process again to remove all of the butane and leftover solvent. With a few more mechanically involved processing steps, the final product is made!

How to Use Weed Crumble

Unlike other cannabis extracts, crumble wax is a lot more viscous in texture. 

Depending on the producer, some varieties might even be “wet’ or “dry” due to the high amount of terpenes present within the plant. 

With that being said, crumble tends to, well, crumble. Some might think of this as a negative, but its crumbly texture actually adds to its versatility.

Now, three ways you can use crumble wax!


Dabbing is hands-down the easiest and most popular way to consume concentrates. 

All you need to get started is a dab rig, some crumble, and some patience! A dab rig is a smoking apparatus that’s similar to a bong but designed for cannabis extracts. 

To get started, apply a small amount of crumble wax to a dab pick, heat up the dab nail with a torch, and vape away!

If you’re dabbing crumble, lower temperatures are recommended in order to extract the most THC, potency, and terpenes from the dabbing experience!


vaping weed crumble

Vaping is the second most popular way to enjoy crumble wax, and it’s also the easiest. 

However, you can’t just load up a regular dry flower vape with your crumble. Instead, you’ll need to source a vape that can handle concentrates or an extracts adapter for your existing vape pen.

If you know how to vape cannabis flower, then you’ll know how to vape concentrates. 

The same rules applied here- maintain a low temperature, don’t pack the bowl too much, and take small, controlled hits to control the THC you’re intaking.  

The THC potency can hit hard and fast, especially if you’re vaping! 


Smoking is probably the least popular and most difficult way to enjoy any concentrate, not just crumble, but we’ll teach you anyway. Unlike regular flower, crumble doesn’t burn nicely all by itself.

Forget about the extreme temperatures that smoking usually delivers. Crumble will literally crumble and melt all over your smoking device.

To smoke crumble,  you will need to make a nice bed of regular weed flower on which you will put the crumble on top. This applies to joints, bongs, and smoking devices such as pipes. 

Don’t smoke a big bowl of plain crumble. Otherwise, you’re going to waste your time and money.

How to Store Weed Crumble

Like many marijuana flower and other cannabis concentrates, crumble must follow strict storage protocols to stay fresh.

Storage Protocols: How to Store Weed

To properly store crumble, you need to keep it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place away from the sun. If exposed to extreme temperature ranges or the open air for a long time, your crumble can lose potency and flavour.

If you’re not using your crumble, keep it stashed away in the container it came in inside a cupboard or a drawer.

Weed Crumble Alternatives

Not a fan of crumble? Looking for something a bit more solid? Don’t sweat it! 

Cannabis comes in all shapes and sizes to fit your unique smoking needs. If you want something a bit more manageable or something less potent, here are a few alternatives to consider:


Edibles deliver a comparably potent high and are easier to dose. 

Unlike THC-packed crumble, edibles convert into 11-Hydroxy-THC, a metabolite of THC that can better bypass the brain-blood barrier to produce a more potent effect.  

If you don’t enjoy the taste of concentrates but still want a potent experience, edibles are the product for you.


Shatter is another weed concentrate in the same BHO family as crumble wax. Shatter is equally as tasty with a beautiful, translucent appearance and a solid, snappy texture. 

If using crumble is too tricky for you, shatter is a great alternative!


Cannabis oil, whether it’s in distillate form or tincture form, is another cannabis concentrate that delivers a potent THC kick without being too harsh or arduous to use.

Cannabis oils can be vaped as part of a vape pen for easy medication. 

Additionally, cannabis oils come in tincture form and can be applied sublingually underneath the tongue for fast onset of effects. 

If you fancy yourself a chef, you can even cook with cannabis oils, too!

Final Thoughts

And, you’ve reached the end! 

Now, you are ready to explore the wonderful world of concentrates and try new products such as crumble wax.

Crumble wax is gaining popularity for a reason! Its unique viscous texture, versatility and potency are what users enjoy so much about this concentrate.

Next time you are shopping for new products at an online dispensary, check out crumble! And, if weed crumble is not your cup of tea, there are other alternatives to consider, such as edibles, cannabis oils and shatter.

Happy toking!

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