How to Buy Marijuana While on Vacation in Canada

8 Sep 2019
How To Buy Marijuana In Canada

It’s official, folks! Weed is legal in Canada, with recreational sales to be opened on 17th October 2018. So, use for your order today! As you might guess, the country will now become a target for all cannabis tourists who want to revel in the true freedom provided by nationwide legalization of the plant. When they arrive to kick off their vacation, they’ll be ready to buy marijuana – they might need some help learning how.

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Maybe you booked tickets to Canada before the government announced the legalization (how would you even know about it?!). So if that’s the case, you might consider yourself one lucky duck!

Needless to say, you will be looking for places to buy marijuana in Canada while you’re on vacation. The country has been very friendly to weed consumers long before legalization. Not surprisingly, there are now several ways to purchase some pungent nuggets of marijuana once you arrive.

In this article, we will highlight the best methods to find weed on vacation in Canada; however, we would like to elaborate on the exact legal status of marijuana in the country to begin with.

Is Marijuana Legal in Canada Now?

Yes! The Cannabis Act received royal assent on 21st June 2018, legalizing the possession, cultivation, and distribution of marijuana by adults. The legislation went into effect on 17th October 2018. You can find out all the details of the legalization process in our article here.

Whenever you arrive in our beautiful country, we’ve got you covered here at Cannabismo. For your convenience, we provide professional online mail order marijuana delivery services to anyone within the country’s borders.

Let’s go over what you’ll need to do to buy marijuana while you’re on vacation in Canada.

How to Buy Marijuana on Vacation in Canada

It’s actually pretty simple. Our country was friendly toward marijuana lovers long before the legalization. Now, we can openly express this friendliness by giving its residents and tourist access to cannabis for recreational purposes.

If you’re looking for weed on your vacation in Canada, here’s a brief cheat sheet that you may find handy.

Buy Cannabis Online from Cannabismo

If you are coming in from out of the country, you can order from us ahead of time or while you are here. Here is what you will need to buy our awesome products while on vacation:

  1. Access to a Canadian shipping address.
  2. Ability to send an e-transfer to us with a Canadian bank account.
  3. You’ll need to be 19+ and have an active account with us.
  4. You can ask your Canadian friend to help you out! We are quite accommodating.
  5. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Buy Marijuana From Cannabismo While On Vacation In CanadaCLICK TO ORDER

The fastest way to buy marijuana while on vacation in Canada is to use the Canadian mail order marijuana delivery. Online dispensaries are also the most legitimate source of marijuana, offering customers a wide range of weed products. From dried flowers and concentrates to a myriad of other goods, we give you lots of options.

For example, here at Cannabismo, we provide our customers with a large selection of marijuana and its derivatives, including:

  • Flowers – Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Strains
  • Concentrates – Shatter, Budder, Hash and Oils
  • Edibles – Marijuana-Infused Candies and Chocolate
  • Topicals – Ointments and Creams

We also appreciate how women are contributing to the cannabis community. That’s why we have come up with a selection of products that is dedicated exclusively for ladies. Let’s face it, weed was never just for the fellas, and we strongly believe in equality.

One of the unquestionable advantages of buying weed online is the fast delivery time. Marijuana orders are usually shipped out within one business day after your payment is received. This means that you can get your cannabis delivered in about 3 business days – right to your doorstep.

Try the Medical Way

How To Buy Marijuana From A Dispensary In Canada

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When you need to get weed on vacation in Canada, it might take some time to get acquainted with those online mail delivery services. Initially, you will be looking for a place to buy marijuana somewhere near you.

There are medical marijuana dispensaries in some of the most weed-friendly cities – such as Vancouver or Victoria British Columbia – that could give you a hand filling your medical marijuana needs.  All you need is a prescription for a drug (say, an anti-anxiety medication) or a medical Marijuana prescription from another city.

There are some dispensaries that have doctors available to consult your ailments and write a prescription on the spot. So, if you’re a Canadian who’s on a road trip around the provinces, keep that in mind when you arrive at your destination with empty pockets.

Ask People to Help You Out

How To Buy Marijuana In Canada When On Vacation


People can say what they want about the weed community. But one simply cannot deny that we, marijuana lovers, are always willing to help our friends in need. Because hey, you know what they say: a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Don’t be afraid to ask people to help you with getting your weed on vacation in Canada. It may happen that you use AirBnB services and the person you’re renting the flat from has a weed-friendly attitude. Maybe they even grow their own weed and won’t mind supplying you with a fair tip to their standard accommodation price! Who knows?

Even if you’re not that lucky, finding a well-informed person who will guide you on finding weed in Canada is like a walk in the park. Nevertheless, when you ask people about how to buy marijuana on vacation, the vast majority will probably recommend you try the before mentioned weed delivery services.

A Final Hit on Getting Weed on Vacation in Canada

As you can see, there are several ways to buy marijuana when in Canada. Since offline sales became legal, all provinces can now welcome private-run and province-operated cannabis dispensaries for all adults who want to enjoy weed.

Are there any experienced travelers who have tried getting their green goodies in the country? What were your methods?

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